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Lifting Solution for Port

The port industry encompasses a wide range of activities such as cargo handling, ship maintenance, offshore operations, and logistics. To support these operations, various lifting solutions are essential. Aicrane provides different types of heavy lifting equipments for port.

Marine Travel Lift in Yacht Club
Marine Travel Lift in Port

For cargo handling, container gantry cranes are commonly used to efficiently load and unload containers from ships and transport them within the port. Ship maintenance and repair activities require slipway winches and marine travel lifts for lifting vessels out of the water for inspection, maintenance, and repairs. Offshore operations often rely on heavy duty winches and offshore cranes for handling equipment, installing structures, and supporting offshore construction projects.

Marine Travel Lift Solution

A marine travel lift, also known as a boat hoist or boat lift, is used for lifting and transporting boats and other watercraft in marine environments. It plays a crucial role in the maintenance, repair, and storage of boats in ports and marinas.

32 Wheels Marine Travel Lift Solution
32 Wheels Marine Travel Lift Solution
  • Design and Capacity: Marine travel lifts are designed to lift boats of varying sizes and weights, ranging from small pleasure boats to large yachts and commercial vessels. The marine travel lifts come in different capacities, often measured in tons, such as 200 ton, 500 ton, 1000 ton, depending on the specific needs of the port or marina.
  • Structure and Components: A typical marine travel lift consists of a sturdy steel frame with multiple lifting points, usually equipped with slings or straps for lifting boats. It is mounted on wheels or tracks for mobility and maneuverability within the port area. The marine boat hoist is powered by hydraulic systems for smooth and controlled lifting operations.
8 Wheels Marine Travel Lift Solution
8 Wheels Marine Travel Lift Solution

Applications of Marine Travel Lift in Ports

  • Boat Handling and Launching: Marine travel lifts are used in ports for handling boats during launch and retrieval operations. They can lift boats out of the water for maintenance, repair, or inspection, and then safely lower them back into the water when the work is completed.
  • Storage and Stacking: Ports and marinas often use marine travel lifts for boat storage and stacking. The travel lifts can transport boats to designated storage areas on land, stack them in racks or on storage pads, and retrieve them as needed for launching or service.
  • Maintenance and Repair: Marine travel lifts facilitate maintenance and repair activities for boats and watercraft. They can lift boats to access hulls, propellers, engines, and other components for cleaning, maintenance, painting, or repairs.
  • Emergency Response: In emergency situations such as salvage operations or vessel recovery, marine travel lifts can be instrumental in quickly lifting and moving boats to safety or to perform necessary repairs.

Marine Winch Solution

Marine winches play a crucial role in various maritime operations within ports, including mooring, towing, anchoring, and slipway vessel handling. These marine winches are specially designed to withstand the harsh marine environment while providing reliable and efficient performance. Let’s explore the key features and applications of different marine winch solutions in port operations:

Mooring Winch Solution

Mooring winches are designed to secure vessels in place while docked at the port. They feature robust drum configurations and high pulling capacities to handle the forces exerted by large ships.

Mooring Winch Solution
Hydraulic Mooring Winch Solution
  • Drum Capacity: Mooring winches are equipped with large drum capacities to accommodate mooring lines of varying lengths. They are single drum and double drum mooring winch.
  • YBMJ 5T Hydrualic Single Drum Anchor Mooring Winch
    Single Drum Mooring Winch
    double drum hydraulic mooring
    Double Drum Hydraulic Mooring Winch
  • Auto-Tensioning Systems: Some advanced mooring winches feature auto-tensioning systems that maintain optimal line tension to secure vessels safely.
  • Remote Control: Many modern mooring winches come with remote control capabilities for convenient operation from a safe distance.
  • Applications: Mooring winches are used during vessel berthing and departure processes, ensuring safe and secure mooring of ships at the port.

Towing Winch Solution

Towing winches are essential for assisting vessels in maneuvering within the port area or during towing operations at sea.

hydraulic towing winch
Hydraulic Towing Winch
  • Pulling Capacity: Towing winches have significant pulling capacities to handle the towing of large vessels or barges.
  • Multiple Drum Configurations: Some towing winches feature single or double drum configurations to handle different towing scenarios effectively. The double drum tugger winch usually has higher load capacity.
  • Emergency Release Systems: Advanced towing winches may incorporate emergency release systems for quick disengagement during emergency situations.
  • Applications: Towing winches are used during vessel towing operations within the port area, assisting ships in docking, undocking, and navigating through narrow channels.
hydraulic towing winch solution
Hydrualic Towing Winch With Hydraulic Pump Station

Anchor Winch Solution

Anchor winches are designed to deploy and retrieve anchors during vessel anchoring operations. They ensure precise control over anchor deployment and retrieval processes.

Hydraulic Anchor Mooring Winch
Heavy Duty Hydraulic Anchor Winch
  • Anchor Handling Capability: Anchor winches are equipped with strong drums and anchoring systems capable of handling heavy anchors.
  • Chain Stopper: Some anchor winches feature integrated chain stoppers to secure the anchor chain and prevent unintentional movement.
  • Applications: Anchor winches are essential for anchoring vessels securely in port areas and offshore locations, ensuring stability and safety during vessel operations.
electric double chain wheel anchor winch
Electric Windlass Anchor Winch
Three-in-one Gear For Electric Anchor Winch
Three-in-one Gear For Electric Anchor Windlass

Slipway Winch

Slipway winches are specialized winches used in slipway facilities for launching and retrieving vessels from the water. They feature precise control and maneuverability to handle vessels of varying sizes.

Airbag Slipway Winch
Slipway Winch Hauling Boat With Airbags
  • Slipway Configuration: Slipway winches are configured to operate along slipway rails or tracks for controlled vessel movement. They can be equipped with airbags or rail trolley to move the vessel.
  • Applications: Slipway winches are crucial for launching new vessels into the water and retrieving vessels for maintenance or repairs, supporting efficient shipyard operations within the port.

slipway winch for Indonesia
Slipway Winch For Indonesia

In conclusion, marine winch solutions, including mooring, towing, anchor, and slipway winches, are integral components of port operations, ensuring safe, efficient, and reliable vessel handling processes. Each type of marine winch is tailored to specific applications, providing essential functionality for maintaining port infrastructure, facilitating vessel movements, and supporting maritime activities within the port environment.

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Container Handling Solution

A gantry crane, particularly a container gantry crane, is a specialized lifting equipment commonly used in ports and container terminals for handling shipping containers. It plays a pivotal role in cargo handling, loading and unloading containers from ships, transferring containers between different areas within the port, and stacking containers in storage yards.

Container Gantry Cranes Solution
Container Gantry Cranes
  • Design and Structure: A container gantry crane typically features horizontal and vertical beams forming a gantry structure. It is equipped with a trolley system that travels along the gantry beams and a spreader for lifting and securing containers. The container gantry crane may have multiple hoisting mechanisms and a cabin for operators.
  • Power Source: Gantry cranes can be powered by electricity or diesel engines, with electric-powered cranes being more common due to their environmental friendliness and ease of operation. They may also feature advanced automation and control systems for efficient and precise cargo handling.
  • Configuration: There are rail mounted gantry crane and rubber tyred gantry crane. The rail mounted gantry crane moves along the existing rails. The rubber tyred container gantry crane moves on tires which provides higher mobility.
rail mounted gantry crane for containers
Rail-mounted Container Gantry Crane
Aicrane Container Gantry Crane
Container Gantry Crane

Applications of Gantry Crane in Port

  • Container Handling: The primary application of a container gantry crane in a port is for handling shipping containers. The crane is used to lift containers from ships onto the dock (discharging) and load containers from the dock onto ships (loading). It plays a critical role in the transfer of containers between ships, trucks, and storage yards.
  • Stacking and Storage: Container gantry cranes are used to stack containers in storage yards or stacking areas within the port. The rubber tired gantry crane can stack containers vertically to optimize storage space and facilitate efficient retrieval when needed for transportation or further handling.
  • Intermodal Operations: Gantry cranes facilitate intermodal operations by transferring containers between different modes of transport, such as ships, trucks, and rail. They ensure smooth and seamless transfer of cargo containers, contributing to the port’s logistical operations.
  • Container Yard Management: Gantry cranes contribute to effective container yard management by organizing containers based on their destination, type, or status (e.g., import, export, empty, full). They can retrieve specific containers from storage stacks for onward transportation or distribution.

Customer Cases of Port Lifting Solution

There are three customer cases of port lifting solution. They encompass slipway winch, marine travel lift and container gantry crane. These customer cases around the world can help you learn more about our products and services.

12.5 Ton Slipway Winch with Rail Trolley for Maldive

Aicrane provides a 12.5 ton AQ-JM slipway winch with a rail trolley system designed for Maldive’s marine vessel launching and retrieval operations.

JM 12.5 Ton Slipway Winch
JM 12.5 Ton Slipway Winch

The primary feature of the slipway winch with a rail trolley is its rail-based hauling system, where the 12.5 ton slipway winch for Maldive is mounted on a sturdy platform alongside the slipway, allowing the rail trolley equipped with wheels or rollers to move along the rails for boat transport to and from the water.

Hauling Boat with Rail Trolley
Hauling Boat with Rail Trolley
Rail Trolley
Rail Trolley

Equipped with variable speed control systems, operators can adjust the trolley’s speed to match the boat’s size and weight during hauling, ensuring smooth and precise handling. The rail trolleys are designed for high traction and stability, featuring robust braking systems to prevent slippage and ensure secure boat transport even on steep inclines or slippery surfaces.

Aicrane offers expert installation and commissioning support, ensures that our clients in Maldive experience seamless and efficient marine vessel handling operations.

500 Ton Marine Travel Lift for Nigeria

Aicrane delivered a 500 ton marine travel lift to our clients in Nigeria. This travel lift for Nigeria is specifically tailored to meet the demanding requirements of boat maintenance and repair.

The Main Structure of Travel Lift
The Main Structure of Travel Lift

Our customers reached out to us through our website, articulating their need for a high-load capacity travel lift. Through thorough discussions between Aicrane’s engineers and our clients, we recommended the 500 ton boat travel lift, providing a free quote tailored to their specifications.

Front View of The Travel Lift
Front View of The Travel Lift
Side View of The Travel Lift
Side View of The Travel Lift

Throughout the production phase, our customer service team facilitated regular updates, offering images and videos showcasing the travel lift’s fabrication process in our factory. Travel lift parts were expertly wrapped in plastic to prevent any damage from scratching or moisture. The components were then securely loaded onto trucks and fastened with ropes for safe transportation to Nigeria.

Upon arrival, our team of engineers was dispatched to oversee the installation and debugging of the travel lift on-site. Our clients have expressed high satisfaction with the performance of the travel lift, noting its significant contribution to enhancing their operational efficiency in boat maintenance and repair tasks.

45 Ton Container Handling Solution for Kazakhstan

Renata, a representative from a logistics company in Kazakhstan, discovered our company online. She needed a gantry crane for efficient container handling.

45 Ton Container Gantry Crane for Kazakhstan
45 Ton Container Gantry Crane for Kazakhstan

After detailed discussions, we proposed the 45 ton rail mounted gantry crane for Kazakhstan, tailored to handle 20-foot, 40-foot, and 45-foot containers with ease. Our production team ensured quality and provided weekly progress updates. Safe delivery and installation were prioritized, with engineers overseeing setup and testing promptly.

Today, the RMG45T-32M operates seamlessly in the logistic company in Kazakhstan, boosting efficiency and productivity.

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Our Advantages as Port Lifting Solution Provider

Aicrane produces many kinds of lifting equipment for port. We are a reliable port lifting solution provider. Here are our advantages as a port lifting solution provider.

  • Customized Solutions and Free Quotations: Aicrane offers fully customized lifting solutions. Our team of experienced project consultants works closely with clients to understand their specific challenges and objectives. We account factors such as the types of cargo being handled, operational constraints, space limitations, and safety considerations to design lifting solutions. Moreover, our free quotations help clients make informed decisions and plan their budgets effectively, leading to a smoother and more successful project implementation.
  • Aicrane Customer Service Team
    Aicrane Project Consultant Team
  • In-House Manufacturing: Aicrane maintains our own manufacturing facility equipped with advanced machinery and technologies. This allows us to have full control over the production process, from design and engineering to fabrication and assembly. Our skilled workforce adheres to strict quality control measures and industry standards throughout the manufacturing process, ensuring that our lifting equipment meets the highest levels of safety, reliability, and performance.
  • Aicrane Factory
    Aicrane Factory
  • Safe Transportation: At Aicrane, safety is our top priority, not only during the operation of our lifting equipment but also during transportation. We understand the importance of securely packaging and safely transporting our lifting solutions to their destination ports or terminals. Our transportation processes are carefully planned and executed to minimize risks and ensure the safe delivery of our lifting solutions.
  • Shipment of 64 Ton Gantry Crane
    Shipment of 64 Ton Gantry Crane
  • Installation, Maintenance, and After-Sales Service: Aicrane provides comprehensive services beyond just delivering lifting equipment. Our team of skilled technicians and engineers offers professional installation and commissioning services. We also provide prompt and responsive after-sales support, addressing any issues or concerns that may arise post-installation. Our commitment to customer satisfaction extends throughout the entire lifecycle of our lifting solutions.
  • Installation of Operator Cabin
    Installation of Operator Cabin
    Travel Lift During Installation
    Travel Lift During Installation
  • Global Presence: Aicrane has a strong global presence with multiple offices strategically located around the world. Our global network of offices allows us to provide localized services and support to our clients in different regions. We understand the importance of being close to our clients, offering on-the-ground assistance. As part of our expansion strategy, Aicrane is continuously investing in establishing more offices in key markets and regions. This expansion enables us to better serve our clients’ needs, adapt to local regulations and standards, and provide timely solutions and support.
  • Aicrane Subcompany in Uzbekistan
    Aicrane Subcompany in Uzbekistan
    Aicrane Subcompany in Indonesia
    Aicrane Subcompany in Indonesia

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