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Double Girder Gantry Crane

Double girder gantry crane is suitable for lifting and moving heavy machinery, containers, precast components, and other bulky items in industrial operations. The design and specifications of a double girder gantry crane can vary widely based on specific application requirements and environmental conditions. Aicrane provides a wide range of double girder crane solutions to suit various work needs. Please read the following parts for detailed information.

Aicrane double girder gantry crane
Aicrane double girder gantry crane

Double Girder Gantry Crane Solutions

Aicrane double girder gantry cranes offer robust carrying capacity and can span significant distances with excellent stability. Compared to single girder gantry cranes, the overall rigidity of the double girder goliath crane design is notably stronger. We provide a range of double girder gantry cranes tailored to diverse customer needs and applications. Customers can select the double gantry crane types that best suit their specific requirements.

  • Aicrane AQ-MG type double girder gantry crane is suitable for use in various settings including precast plants, railway stations, ports, warehouses freight yards and more, enabling efficient handling and lifting of different materials across fixed spans. With a lifting capacity of up to 500 tons, our MG double girder gantry crane can be customized to meet specific requirements. Safety features for the double girder crane include overload and zero protection devices, emergency switches, travel limit switches, bumpers, rail clamps, and other essential security mechanisms.
double girder U-frame gantry crane
standard gantry crane
double girder A-frame Gantry Cranes
  • AQ-BMG type gantry crane: One side of the double girder semi gantry crane is typically supported by a leg or column mounted on the ground, while the other side travels on a runway beam attached to a building structure. This design provides stability and flexibility, especially in facilities where a full gantry setup is not required. Like other gantry cranes, double girder semi cranes can be customized to meet specific lifting requirements, such as lifting capacity, span, and operational features.
AQ-BMG Gantry Crane
AQ-BMG Workshop Gantry Crane
Semi Gantry Crane Design
  • Double girder rubber tyred crane is a kind of mobile gantry crane, widely used for applications require high flexibility and space utilization. The rubber tyred gantry cranes can adopt electric or hydraulic power mode as required. Aicrane provides custom options to suit special work needs.
double girder A-frame rubber tyred crane
double girder U-frame rubber gantry crane
  • Rail mounted gantry crane is generally used to transfer different sizes of containers in container terminals, ports and other settings.
Aicrane Rail-mounted Container Gantry Crane Solution
Aicrane Rail-mounted Container Gantry Crane Solution
  • Double girder straddle carrier gantry crane: This kind of gantry crane is mainly used for heavy prefabricated items handling like bridge beams in precast plant and construction sites. With large load capacity and good performance, the straddle carrier crane can greatly improve work efficiency and save human lobor and cost.
straddle carrier lifting concrete beam
Straddle Carrier Lifting Concrete Beam

Typical Applications of Double Girder Gantry Cranes

For Heavy Industry and Manufacturing

Double girder gantry cranes are usually applied in heavy industries, such as steel mills, foundries, and manufacturing plants, for lifting and moving heavy machinery, raw materials, and finished products within industrial facilities. They make the heavy materials handling operations easier and safer.

gantry crane for manufacturing plant
double girder crane in manufacturing plant

For Construction Sites and Infrastructure Projects

For construction projects, double beam gantry cranes aid a lot in the assembly of large structures like bridges, dams, and buildings. They facilitate the movement of construction materials, equipment, and prefabricated components across the site.

Rubber tyred gantry cranes and straddle carriers are commonly used on construction sites to handle heavy loads. Furthermore, hydraulic platform transporters are also usually used for road and bridge construction projects to tranfer heavy beams and prefab items.

double gantry crane on construction site
gantry crane used for construction project
gantry crane used for construction project

For Shipping and Container Handling

Double girder gantry cranes are essential for container terminals and ports, where they handle loading and unloading of containers from vessels and trucks. The double girder goliath cranes for containers handling offer the necessary lifting capacity and height to efficiently manage containers of various sizes and weights.

Both rubber tyred and rail mounted gantry cranes can be used to handle containers from one place to another on request. Aicrane offers different crane solutions to suit specific work needs.

gantry crane for containers handling
gantry crane for containers handling

For Warehousing and Logistics

In large warehouses and logistics centers, double girder gantry cranes are employed for efficient material handling and storage operations. The double girder cranes contribute a lot to the movement of heavy pallets, machinery, and goods, optimizing warehouse space and workflow.

Rail Mounted Gantry Crane
Gantry Crane For Logistics

For Mining and Resource Extraction

Double girder gantry cranes are often utilized in mining operations to transport bulk materials such as ore, coal, and minerals. They are important and necessary for loading and unloading heavy mining equipment and materials in challenging environments.

mining gantry crane
Gantry Crane for mining industry

For Energy and Power Generation

Power plants and energy facilities use double girder gantry cranes for maintenance and installation of equipment like turbines, generators, and transformers. These double gantry cranes provide the necessary lifting capacity and reach for handling large components in power generation facilities.

gantry crane for new energy industry

In addition to the above applications, double girder gantry cranes can also be used for other applications like shipbuiding and maintenance yard, if you need a gantry crane for your heavy loads handling, just feel free to contact us for a cost-effective recommendation.

Double Girder Gantry Crane Projects and Cases

Our double beam gantry cranes have been exported to many countries and regions, such as Russia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Nigeria, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Chile, Argentina, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, UAS, Canada etc.

Our gantry crane products have been highly recognized by our customers since we only recommend and provide suitable and reliable gantry crane solutions to meet cutomers’ work requirements. We offer both online and on-site installation and commissioning guidance for our customers to ensure the smooth and quick installation of the double gantry crane as they require.
Check the following cases for your reference when you are looking for a double girder goliath crane solution.

Crane in Chile

Double Girder Gantry Crane for Sale in Chile

As one of our reputed customers, the customer from Chile purchased two sets of Aicrane double girder gantry cranes, with the load capacity of 60 ton, and the double girder cranes are used on railway occasions for loading and unloading containers as required. With the two 60 ton gantry cranes, the containers handling work efficiency has been greatly improved.

For the double beam gantry crane installation, in addition to online guidance, we can also send our professional engineers to the work site for installation instruction. Aicrane is committed to providing quality products and excellent service to guarantee the reliable performance of the gantry cranes.

container gantry crane solution for our customer
gantry crane for containers transferrring

Crane in Argentina

70ton Double Girder Gantry Cranes for Sale in Argentina

These two 70 ton double beam gantry cranes are installed and used in Argentina by our customer on construction site, and they are used to handling prefabricated steel items from one work cell to another.

The two 70 ton gantry cranes are rail mounted type gantry crane and adopt A-frame structure. The customer said that he liked our crane design, quality and service and he expressed that he would like to cooperate with Aicrane in the future for his new project.

70ton double beam gantry cranes
Aicrane gantry crane solution for Argentina

Crane in Russia

32t+32t Double Girder Gantry Cranes for Russia

This customer from Russia owns a factory engaging in steel pipes manufacturing and processing business, they required a quality gantry crane to handle the heavy steel pipes in their factory from one place to another. Due to large size of the pipes, we provided the double girder goliath crane 64 ton without cantilevers equipped with customized lifting spreader to suit specific needs.

32t32t gantry crane for Russia
double girder crane for heavy steel pipes handling

The 32t+32t double girder gantry crane has been completely installed and used in the customer’s factory and works efficiently and safely. The customer was very satisfied with our 64 ton gantry crane and service and he said if other customers would like to check the crane operating site, they would be glad to show them this mg double girder gantry crane.

double girder gantry crane for Russia

Crane in Kazakhstan

32 Ton Double Girder Container Crane for Kazakhstan

A customized 32-ton European double girder gantry crane was successfully delivered to Kazakhstan. This specialized machine is designed to efficiently transfer containers within the yard. The entire production cycle for this 32-ton gantry crane for Kazakhstan spanned 75 working days, ensuring its quality and precision to meet the customer’s specific requirements. The European double girder gantry crane was installed and debugged by our engineers who were sent to Kazakhstan to help our clients. The crane runs smoothly and our clients were satisfied.

32 Ton Gantry Crane Production
32 Ton Gantry Crane Production
Beam Production
Beam Production
Kazakhstan Gantry Crane Production
Kazakhstan Gantry Crane Production
European Hoist
European Hoist
Motor Guard
Motor Guard
MGH 32T 30M
MGH 32T 30M

Crane in Saudi Arabia

Double Beam Rubber Gantry Crane for Sale in Saudi Arabia

One of our customers from Saudi Arabia told us the rubber gantry crane provided by our company has been installed and commissioned in their workshop and works reliably. The crane we offered for the Saudi customer is a double beam rubber tyred gantry crane with the lifting capacity of 32 ton, it adopt electric power mode. Due to the limitation of the workshop, the span of crane is 8.3m and the lifting height is 6m. The customer said this rubber tired gantry totally met their work needs in steel coils handing within the workshop from one work cell to another.

rubber tyred gantry crane used in Saudi
rubber tyred gantry crane used in Saudi
rubber gantry crane in Saudi Arabia
rubber gantry crane in Saudi Arabia

Crane in Thailand

5 ton Double Girder Gantry Crane for Sale in Thailand

The 5 ton double girder gantry crane for Thailand is equipped with 2 rope type mechanical grab as its lifting tool for handling heavy loads. Our project consultant and engineer went to the site for guiding the 5 ton gantry crane installation in Thailand. With our professional guidance, the installation process went smoothly and safely.

We have many customers from Thailand and they bought different Aicrane products, mainly including overhead crane, gantry crane, electric hoist, winches and so on. If you need a lifting solution for your business or project, please feel free to contact us without hesitation.

5 Ton Grab Gantry Crane In Thailand
5 Ton Grab Gantry Crane In Thailand
5 Ton Grab Gantry Crane Thailand
5 Ton Grab Gantry Crane Thailand

Crane in UAE

AQ-MG 5 ton Gantry Crane for Sale in UAE

The 5 ton gantry crane UAE has been completely installed and used in our customer’s warehouse for heavy materials lifting and moving from one position to another. With using the double beam gantry crane, the materials handling work becomes easier and faster in the warehouse.

Aicrane 5 Ton Gantry Crane In UAE
5 Ton Gantry Crane In UAE
Aicrane engineer in UAE for inspection
Aicrane engineer in UAE for inspection

We have served many clients from UAE, exported many crane products there and our gantry crane price in UAE is very reasonable and our customers highly recognize our products quality and reasonable price. Aicrane is committed to becoming one of the reputable and famous gantry crane supplier in UAE in order to serve the customers better and better. For more details of our gantry cranes, just get in touch with us now.

Crane in USA

5 ton Double Girder Gantry Crane for USA

One of our customers from USA sent us feedback of Aicrane 5 ton gantry crane, he said the double girder gantry crane 5 ton has been totally installed and used for handling steel accessories in his warehouse. The customer is doing concrete prefabrication business, with the help of the European gantry crane, and the work efficiency and productivity has been greatly improved. We both look forward to more cooperations in the near future.


Click the below video to know the gantry crane test run. For a suitable gantry crane to make your materials handling operations easier and quicker, just get connected with us at any time you need to talk about your specific work requirements.

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Our gantry cranes have been exported to more than 100 countries, we are committed to providing cost-effective and suitable crane solutions for customers and industries.

AICRANE has a professional service team, and has branch offices in the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Russia, Uzbekistan, Nigeria etc., in order to serve customers faster and better.

Our service mainly includes crane solution design, manufacturing, shipping, installation and commissioning, operation training, maintenance and technical support etc.

  • Consultation and Customization: Aicrane’s team of experts works closely with customers to understand their specific needs and requirements. They provide professional advice and recommendations on the most suitable equipment for the intended application. Aicrane offers customization options to tailor the equipment to the customer’s unique demands.
  • Design and Engineering: Aicrane’s experienced engineers develop detailed designs and engineering plans for the equipment, ensuring it meets safety standards, regulations, and operational efficiency.
  • Manufacturing and Quality Control: Aicrane manufactures the equipment in its own production facilities, ensuring strict quality control measures are in place to deliver reliable and high-quality products.
  • Delivery and Installation: Aicrane handles the logistics and delivery of the equipment to the customer’s designated location. They also provide professional installation services to ensure the equipment is set up correctly and safely.
  • Testing and Commissioning: Before handover, Aicrane conducts rigorous testing and commissioning of the equipment to ensure it functions optimally and safely.
  • After-Sales Support: Aicrane offers ongoing after-sales support, including maintenance services, spare parts supply, and technical assistance, to ensure the equipment operates smoothly and efficiently throughout its lifespan.

Advantages of Double Girder Gantry Cranes

High Load Capacity and Stability: Double girder gantry cranes excel in lifting heavy loads due to the double girder structure, providing increased stability and support. They are suitable for industrial applications requiring the handling of heavier materials and goods.

Extended Span and Height: The double beam gantry cranes offer a larger span between the legs and higher hook height, enabling them to cover a wider working area and lift loads to greater heights. They are ideal for tasks requiring extensive reach and vertical clearance, such as loading and unloading large containers or handling large and tall items.

Enhanced Precision and Control: Double girder cranes deliver smoother and more precise movements compared to single girder counterparts. Reduced deflection and sway contribute to improved control during lifting and positioning operations, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Durable Construction and Adaptability:Designed for longevity and durability, double girder gantry cranes have a longer service life under demanding industrial conditions. They can accommodate various hoisting equipment options and be customized with additional features to meet specific materials handling needs.

Cooperation Process With Aicrane

  • Consultation & Communication – Send your inquiry to us and our professional project consultant will contact you for detailed communication.
  • Tailored Design – Aicrane project consultant and technical engineer will recommend and design the suitable and cost-effectice solution according to customer’s needs and budget.
  • Determine The Solution – After comprehensive consideration, the customer is satisfied with our solution, and determines the final solution and order.
  • Processing & Manufacturing – When it comes to the manufacturing, we strictly manage and control the whole production process to guarantee the product quality.
  • Packaging & Shipping – For crane delivery, our shipping department will arrange the whole shipping issues and prepare the document, making sure the products arrive at the destination at the agreed time.
  • Customer Acceptance – Once receiving the products, the customers check the quantity and quality of the products and accessories.
  • Installation & Training – For crane installation and commissioning, we provide on-site or online guidance as the customers need, and we also offer operation training for the operators.
  • After-sales Service – Aicrane provides 7*24 hours online service, lifetime technical support and comprehensive after-sale service for our customers.

Why Purchase Gantry Cranes from Our Company?

  • Quality product: Aicrane gantry crane products meet the stringent quality standards. Our gantry cranes feature stable and reliable performance, long service life and wide applications.
  • Competitive price: As one of the reputable double girder gantry crane manufacturers, we provide reasonable and competitive price and you can get cost-effective crane products from our company since we have own factory for crane manufacturing.
  • Custom design: With our professional technicians team, we provide custom crane designs to meet special business or project requirements.
  • Experience and expertise: Since we have been in crane business for many years, we have enough experience and expertise to help our customers select suitable and economical crane solutions to make the heavy loads handling easier.
  • Comprehensive service: We offer one-stop after-sales service, including maintenance, training, technical support, 12-month warranty and more. We can send our professional engineers to the work site as customers require. Our service is available at 24/7.
consultation service
crane solutions
installation guidance
professional service-team

Get Suitable Gantry Crane Designs To Match Your Requirements

The standardized design of gantry crane can optimize the use of facility space, we recommend suitable crane solutions in according with clients’ requirements and the actual work conditions, different types of gantry cranes are equipped with different hoist system on request and special work needs require custom options.

In order to get the right gantry crane design and solution for your facility, please kindly let us know your specific requirements, including but not limited to:


Load capacity:  ton? Span of the crane:  m?


Max. lifting height of the crane:  m?


Traveling length of the crane:  m?


How many hours will the crane work per day?


Electric power supply: 3 phase 380V 50Hz?


What materials will the crane lift and move?

Main Factors Influencing Double Girder Gantry Crane Price

The price of a double girder gantry crane can vary significantly depending on various factors such as lifting capacity, span, working speed, transportation.

  • Span: The distance between the two runway rails or the width of the working area affects the overall size and complexity of the crane, which can influence the price.
  • Height of Lift: The vertical distance the crane needs to lift the load can impact the crane’s design and components.
  • Working Speed: Higher lifting speeds, trolley travel speeds and bridge travel speed may require more powerful motors and advanced control systems, which can add to the overall cost.
  • Control System: The type of control system, whether basic or sophisticated, can impact the pricing.
  • Additional Features: Additional features such as safety devices, remote control, or automation can add to the cost.
  • Transportation: The farther the destination from the crane manufacturer’s location, the higher the transportation costs will likely be. When importing or exporting a crane across international borders, customs duties and taxes can also influence the final cost.

Due to the varying factors mentioned above, it is challenging to provide a specific price without knowing the exact specifications and requirements of the double girder gantry crane. If you are looking to purchase a double girder gantry crane, feel free to contact us. We can offer you the accurate quotes based on the specific operating needs.

Type Model Load Span Price
Single girder gantry crane AQ-MH 5-20 ton 10.5-31.5M 10,000-50,000 USD
AQ-NMH 5-20 ton 10.5-31.5M 14,000-60,000 USD
double girder gantry crane AQ-MG 10-50 ton 18-35M 44,000-200,000 USD
AQ-RMG 30-50 ton 22-32M 260,000-460,000 USD

double girder gantry crane components

A double girder gantry crane consists of several key components, and they work together to enable efficient lifting, precise positioning, and safe operation of heavy loads in various industrial settings such as manufacturing facilities, precast plants and construction sites etc.

  • Main Beam (Girders): The main beam or girders form the primary structural framework of the gantry crane. In a double girder configuration, there are two main beams running parallel to each other, providing increased stability and lifting capacity compared to single girder designs.
  • Support Legs (End Carriages): Support legs, also known as end carriages or end trucks, are located at each end of the main beam and house the wheels on which the crane travels along the gantry rails. These legs support the entire weight of the crane and its load.
  • Crane Traveling Mechanism: The crane traveling mechanism refers to how the entire crane moves along the length of the gantry structure. This movement allows the crane to position itself over the desired area to lift or move loads. Here are key components and aspects of the crane traveling mechanism.
  • Trolley Traveling Mechanism: The trolley traveling mechanism enables the movement of the trolley along the length of the bridge formed by the double girders. This movement allows the trolley to position the hoist or lifting device precisely above the load.
  • Driver’s Cab (Operator Cabin):The driver’s cab is where the crane operator controls the crane’s movements and operations. It is usually positioned on one of the girders near the top for optimal visibility.
  • Platform and Ladder: A platform and ladder provide access to the driver’s cab and other maintenance points on the crane for inspection, servicing, and repair.
  • Trolley: The trolley is a mechanism that travels across the bridge formed by the two main girders. It carries the hoisting mechanism (often a hoist or winch) and moves horizontally along the girders to position the load.
  • Control Mode: The control mode refers to the system used to operate the crane. This can range from basic pendant controls hanging from the crane to more advanced radio remote controls or even fully automated computerized systems for precise and efficient operation.
  • Electrical System: The electrical system of the gantry crane includes all electrical components such as motors, cables, limit switches, sensors, and control panels. It powers the crane’s movement, lifting, and operational functions.

About Aicrane Factory

When you are looking for a reliable gantry crane manufacturer and supplier, Aicrane can be your ideal choice! Our company specializes in designing and manufacturing gantry cranes, overhead cranes, jib cranes, electric hoists, steel structures, boat cranes, and other lifting equipment. We have own factories for products manufacturing, and read on to know more about Aicrane factory now.

Factory Strength

The factory covers an area of 850,000 square meters, and the production license covers all kinds of cranes, hoists, steel structures and winches, etc.;

Fast production and delivery can be guaranteed; factory direct sales prices are provided.

Industry Recognition

Aicrane is one of the gantry crane manufacturers with strong competitiveness in the crane industry at home and abroad, with good reputation, high product and service recognition, good customer feedback, long-term cooperation with many customers, and some customers have become our partners or agents.

Quality Management System and Innovation

Professional quality inspection reports can be issued to support third-party testing;

We continuously introduce new technologies and conduct experiments; optimize and upgrade equipment functions and configurations, etc.

Aicrane factory

factory conditions

crane factory


How Do We Guarantee the Quality and After-sales Service?

Our products will be tested after completing production and will be shipped after a test certificate is issued. Please check the received goods in time after you receive the goods. Once you find any damage, please take photos and videos and send them in time to us, and our after-sales team will assist you in processing as soon as possible to ensure that your interests are not lost.

Aicrane is an experienced and reliable double girder gantry crane manufacturer, committed to providing one-stop services to guarantee our customers use our lifting equipment reliably and safely. Anytime you need our support, just don’t hesitate to tell us.

How Long Is the Products Warranty Period?

Our warranty period is one year, if any parts damaged or breakdown caused by quality problems within one year , we will provide free replacement parts.
Artificial or damage caused by force majeure is not in the scope of our quality assurance.

What Are the Crane Working Conditions?

✥ The power supply of the crane is three-phase AC (three-phase four-wire system), the frequency is 50Hz / 60Hz, and the voltage is ≤1000V (can also be 3kV, 6kV or 10kV according to your needs). The voltage fluctuation of the power supply system at the access point of the crane feeder should not exceed ± 10% of the rated voltage.

✥ The track installation for the crane shall meet GB / T tolerance requirements.

The grounding resistance of the crane running track should not be greater than 4Ω.

The altitude of the place where the crane is installed and used does not exceed 1000m (if it exceeds 1000m, the capacity of the motor should be checked according to the provisions of GB 755, and when it exceeds 2000m, the capacity of the electrical components should be checked.)

✥ The radiant heat temperature of the hoisted items to the hook of the crane should not exceed 300 ° C.

✥ Climatic conditions when the crane is working indoors:

The ambient temperature does not exceed + 40 ° C, and the average temperature within 24h does not exceed + 35 ° C.

Ambient temperature is not lower than -5 ° C; relative humidity does not exceed 50% at + 40 ° C.

✥ Climatic conditions when the crane is working outdoors:

The ambient temperature does not exceed + 40 ° C, and the average temperature within 24h does not exceed + 35 ° C.

The ambient temperature is not lower than -20 ° C, and the relative humidity is allowed to temporarily reach 100% when the ambient temperature does not exceed + 25 ° C.

The working wind pressure should not be greater than: 150Pa inland (equivalent to class 5 wind) and 250Pa in coastal area (equivalent to class 6 wind); the maximum wind pressure in non-working state: generally 800Pa (equivalent to class 10 wind).

How to Maintaine A Gantry Crane?

It is critical to inspect and maintain gantry crane equipment regularly in order to ensure high work efficiency and safety to extend its service life.

The followings are some crane maintenance tips:

Various crane mechanisms should be lubricated regularly, because the performance and life of these mechanisms depend to a large extent on lubrication.
Wire rope
Check the wire rope to make sure it is in good working condition. When wire breakage occurs or the abrasion reaches the scrap standard, the wire rope should be replaced in time.
Hooks and lifting accessories
The hooks and lifting accessories should be checked regularly to ensure they are in good working condition.
Pulley block
Check the wear of the rope groove, whether the rim is cracked, and whether the pulley is stuck on the shaft.
Regularly check the rim and tread. When part of the rim is worn or chipped to 10% thickness, the wheel should be replaced with a new one. When the diameter difference between the two driving wheels on the tread exceeds D/600, or the tread has serious scars, the ignition should be re-ignited.
Check the brakes every shift. The brakes must be accurate and do not jam the pins. The brake shoe should match the brake wheel correctly, and the clearance should be equal when the brake is released.
What Are the Control Models of Gantry Cranes?

❖ Pendant Control

Easy control, no additional driver necessary.

Two steps push button, with emergency stop.

Independent festoon station or fixed suspened under hoist.

Protection class IP65. Lifespan 500,000 times.

❖ Cabin Control

Sky cabin. Easy operation.

Prefessional chairs, adjustable and fully turning.

Round window, big view.

Two steps push button or joy stick station with emergency stop.

❖ Remote Control

Easy control, no additional driver, remote access.

Flexible frequency selection, total reliable.

Two steps push button or joy stick station with emergency stop.

Protection class IP65. Lifespan 500,000 times.

What Are the Protective Device for the Gantry Crane?
  • Overload limiter; limit switch;
  • Short circuit protection;
  • Interlock protection device; undervoltage protection;
  • Buffer; zero protection;
  • Rail clamp, anchoring device and motor overload protection;
  • Guide rail cleaning and emergency stop system;
  • Protective cover and current overload protection system;
  • Anti-collision device and grounding protection;
  • The bus bar is protected by the prevention board and the safety chain.
What Brand Do We Choose for the Electrical Appliances?

For export products, we generally choose Schneider, Siemens, ABB and other brands. The quality of these brands is guaranteed. It is easy to find an after-sales service center in the local area, and replacement parts are also easy to buy.

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    1.Load capacity: ton?

    2.Span of the crane: m?

    3.Max. lifting height of the crane: m?

    4.What materials will be handled: ?

    5.How many hours will the crane work per day?

    6.Project introduction: project working site, project budget, etc