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Slipway Winch

Slipway winch is the important marine winch equipment, which normally is used to move ships and boats out of the water by the slipway. Our company can design and offer various slipway winches for pulling ship off from the water. The winch capacity has different tons according to the customers’ demands. In conclusion, there are hydraulic winch and electric winch for sale. You can choose the right one. Please inquiry us now.

Slipway Winch For Sale
Slipway Winch For Sale

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JMM 60T Friction Slipway Winch In Indonesia

JMM 60T Friction Winch for sale
JMM 60T Friction Winch

JMM Slipway Winch for sale
JMM Slipway Winch

Various Advantages Of Our Slipway Winch

  • The winch is with compact design and high performance.
  • It is easy to install and operate.
  • Our slipway winch has advanced technology and long service life.
  • There are electric type and hydraulic type for your reference.
  • The winch designed by us has less maintenance and reasonable price.
  • It is an ideal winch for moving ships or boats.
  • Customized service is provided.

What Are The Types Of Slipway Winch?

Our company is the professional marine winch manufacturer and supplier. We can offer many types about winches including the customizing the machine depending on the demands. According to the demands, there are electric winch and hydraulic winch, ever diesel winch.

Electric Slipway Winch

Electric winch has large pulling and lifting power. It has strong motor which offer the driven power. It is the small lifting device for pulling the boat off the water. It has the electric control and simple operation. It has strong hauling applications for the compact structure. It is designed specially for boat ramp or slipway applications.

The 240V single phase model is safe and stable. The winch has stainless steel frame and guard and motor cover for superior outdoor protection. The AC motor offers the maximum torque. According to requirements, you can choose the suitable reel structure. The users can choose the wireless remote control or other safety operation ways.


Thermal overload protection offer the standard safety operation.

It has simple operation and easy maintenance.

Various control operation methods can offer the safety and high efficiency.

It has good environment protection design.

Boat Slipway Winch
Boat Slipway Winch

Electric Slipway Winch for sale
Electric Slipway Winch

Hydraulic Slipway Winch

The hydraulic marine winch has a large rated load compared to electric winch types. Generally speaking, it is designed as large tons. It is widely used in marine engineering, construction, water conservancy projects, docks, and other materials lifting and flat frag.

It is designed by the mechanical requirements. It is composed of hydraulic motor, brake, planetary dear box, reel, support shaft, frame, and so on. The hydraulic motor has high mechanical efficiency, larger starting torque. It can be equipped with different flow distributors according to working conditions. The valve block can also be directly integrated into the motor oil distributor according to requirements.


The overall structure is simple and reasonable and has sufficient strength and rigidity.

The winch has compact structure and small size, as well as light weight.

The equipment includes the beautiful appearance and good safety, as well as high efficiency.

It has good low speed stability, low nose and reliable operation.

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What Is A Slipway Winch?

slipway Winch For Sale
slipway Winch For Sale


  • What is a slipway winch? Why to choose a slipway winch? How to get right one?
  • The winch is a marine winch and can be used to move ships and out of the water by the slipway.
  • You can call the winch equipment with ship winch. It is widely used in the shipyard or dockyard.
  • The slipway is usually the inclined surface at a ship or boat about maintenance and building.
  • According to weight and pulling weight of the ships or boats, we can choose the winch tons.

Single Drum Slipway Winch

Single Drum Winch for sale
Single Drum Winch


  • According to the height of the fixed pulley can be made into an upper rope and a lower rope. The slipway winch usually uses a lower rope.
  • The rope arrangement device will be increased while the number of layers of the wire rope is exceed 7 layers or the deflection angle of the wire rope is greater than 3°.
  • The distance from the single drum winch to the fixed pulley is about 10 times the length of the drum.
  • The working speed and tension of each layer of single drum winch are different. The first layer is with the largest tension and the lowest speed while the outermost layer has the least tension and the fastest speed.

What Are The Components Of Slipway Friction Winch?

Slipway friction winch can use the friction of wire rope and drum to produce tension. The rope position is unchanged, which will not produce deflection angle of rope, and will reduce wire rope wear, increase the service life of wire rope. The rope tension and speed is constant, and the machine runs stably, the impact force is small. The following is there main parts of slipway friction winch.

Friction Drum Group

The transmission mechanism is composed of motor/hydraulic motor, reducer, gear plate and brake. Friction drum group needs power system. Besides, friction drum group should set with rope groove to increase the friction between wire rope and drum, and the number of rope groove is generally 6-10.

Pressing-Rope Device

The device is used to prevent the loose and de-grooving of the wire rope in non-working state, the pressing-rope wheel is generally synchronized with the drum group through the transmission of the sprocket chain. The pressing-rope device is composed of pressing-rope wheel and other parts.

Friction Drum
Friction Drum

Pressing-Rope Wheel
Pressing-Rope Wheel

Pressing-Rope Device
Pressing-Rope Device

Drum For Rope Storage

This kind of drum is only used to store the wire rope and does not provide tension. The drum for rope storage can be better synchronized with the friction drum through the torque control driven by the frequency conversion motor. Because the drum is not far away from the friction drum, it is generally equipped with rope arrangement device. Drum for rope storage is driven by a sprocket and powered by friction drum.

Drum For Rope Storage
Drum For Rope Storage


Some Methods For Pulling Your Boat

Pulling Your Boat With Airbag

The plan for pulling a boat is an innovative way, which is safer and more technical than using the railway trolley. The airbag is like an elastic cushion, and it allows the ship to pitch freely during landing so that the structure of the ship will be not damaged. It has simple equipment, low construction cost and convenient maintenance. This method is suitable for different types of ships.

Pulling Boat With Airbag
Pulling Boat With Airbag


Parameters Of Using The Airbag

– Determine the type of winch: electric or hydraulic, single drum or friction type

– The weight of the largest ship pulled

– Ramp angle

– The speed of pulling boat

– The length of pulling boat

– Accessories you may need: wire rope, moving and fixed pulley sets, guide wheels, etc.

Pulling Your Boat With Rail Trolley

Pulling Boat With Rail Trolley
Pulling Boat With Rail Trolley


Parameters Of Using The Rail Trolley

– Determine the type of winch: electric or hydraulic, single drum or friction type

– The weight of the largest ship pulled

– The weight of the rail trolley

– Slope of the slipway track

– The running speed of the rail trolley along the track

– The length of the slipway

Dismantling Old Ships

Dismantle the old ships and pull the old ship out of water. The method is not easy for calculating the amount of tension required. If you purchase a winch for this plan, you are required to provide the tension of the winch and rope capacity.

Why Do You Choose A Winch From Our Company?

Various Winches For Sale

The company’s winch products include the marine hydraulic winch, anchor winch, mooring winch, mine winch, ship winch, electric trailer winch, drum winch, and others. Of course, every type has a variety of different models and specifications, which is widely used in construction, water industry, logging, mine, docks and other applications. If you have needs, it can be as an auxiliary power or transmission equipment on the electronic control product line.

Customized Service For You

As a professional and powerful winch manufacturer in China, we have professional team to design a variety of different types of winches. If you have specific requirements, our designers can also make you satisfied. Therefore, you had better have a deep communication with our staffs, and they will tell the experts to produce a winch suitable for you.

An ideal product will improve your working efficiency, and the customized service can meet our customers’ different needs. Our company has provided the service for many customers, and they all give positive feedback on the good product and perfect service.

About Our Company

As a company in the in industry and market, we constantly develop new products to adopt to the ever-changing market. Our products are widely praised for the stable quality and prompt delivery. We have long-term cooperation with our clients. In addition, we have the group which has a highly skilled and experienced ability in our company. For some customers, they have the ability who customize development and production for winch equipment.

Our company has won the high reputation about manufacturing and selling winch. We have various control options. All of us about winch have the standard certificate. In addition, we have professional winch testing prior to dispatch.

No matter what do you need from our company, we prefer to provide you with the machine in China. If you require a slipway winch or a require winch that is not listed on our website, please email us. We will help you get the professional information and right one.

How To Select The Suitable Winch For Your Shipyard?

AICRANE could provide the complete slipway winch solution for client. The customer only needs to provide the max. Dead weight of vessel they plan to pull, slipway slope, vessel’s move distance during pulling, type of slipway (airbag/rail cart), required pulling speed, etc.

Moreover, we can provide related equipment such as wire rope, pulley blocks, wire rope slings, airbags and so on. Making our customers satisfied is our aim, you will enjoy our services if you purchase the winch from us. Looking forward to cooperating with you.

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