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Metal Smelting Industry

Solutions for Metal Materials Handling

metal smelting

We know the hazards and challenges of the metal smelting industry: open flame, molten metal, severe heat, dangerous loads and continuous production demands. Aicrane lifting solutions are designed to meet the materials handling demands of the metal smelting industry and to help you improve safety and productivity.

foundry crane for metal smelting industry

Materials Handling Solutions For Metal Smelting Industry

Our materials handling solutions for metal smelting industry feature safety first, robust design and high performance. We work with you to lift heavy and dangerous items throughout the operation process, from transporting raw material, to pour hot metal, to lift finished products in the rolling mill.

ladle handling solution

Ladle Handling Solution

A Ladle handling solution refers to using the ladle handling cranes, also known as casting overhead cranes or foundry cranes, to transport ladles of molten metal to the furnace, or molten metal from the furnace to the continuous casting machine, so safety and reliability come first. The ladle handling solution is a critical component that facilitates the safe and efficient movement of ladles containing molten metal throughout the smelting process.

charging material solution

Charging Materials Solution

A charging materials solution adopts charging cranes to feed an electric arc furnace in the charging bay and the cranes should be able to deliver hot metal to the turret station of a continuous casting machine or the ladle furnace. This is a high-duty and continuous operation.

The charging cranes are well suited for the flames, radiated heat and brief, intense heat of the charge itself. Especially when load is molten metal, safety and reliability of the charging overhead cranes are our top priorities.

slab and billet handling solution

Slab And Billet Handling Solution

For a slas and billet handling solution, slad and billet cranes are generally used to take hot slabs, billets or blooms from the continuous casting machine conveyor and transport them to the storage area or feed them to the rolling mill.

To cope with the challenges involved in handling either hot and soft metal or cooler pieces, the cranes use a range of smart features to help operators to perform complex movements easily. We provide tailored solutions to suit all the requirements put forward by the customers.

coil and billet handling

Coil And Plate Handling Solution

A coil and plate handling solution refers to utilizing the coil and plate handling cranes to transport metal bars, plates, and coils during machining processes. The cranes can be designed for both indoor and outdoor use. Due to the wide variety of materials they need to handle, the metal materials handling cranes can be fitted with a variety of lifting devices that change with the nature of the material.

scrap handling

Scrap Handling Solution

The scrap handling solutions are suitable for handling scrap in the yard and load it into buckets or ladles for transport to the melt shop. The scrap handling cranes are high-duty and high-speed cranes to suit the operation needs. These cranes are equipped with lifting magnets, a hydraulic grab or both together to move a load of scrap. Our overhead and gantry cranes can be adapted for any load types and site conditions and equipped with a level of automation that fits your special requirements.

Features of Our Lifting Equipment for Metal Smelting Industry

  • High lifting capacity to handle different types of heavy metal materials and products;
  • Robust construction to withstand heavy loads and harsh operating conditions;
  • Precision and control for accurate materials positioning and handling;
  • Specialized attachments for specific metal smelting industry applications (e.g., ladle hooks, coil lifting devices, scrap grabs and others);
  • Safety features such as overload protection, emergency stop, and anti-sway systems;
  • Customized designs to meet specific metal smelting industry requirements;
  • Advanced control systems for smooth and efficient operations;

Importance Of Lifting Equipment In Metallurgical Industry

Lifting equipment is indispensable in the metallurgical industry. It not only enhances production efficiency and safety but also minimizes equipment wear, improves accuracy and control, supports large-scale projects, adapts to harsh environments, and increases production flexibility. The application of lifting equipment enables metallurgical enterprises to operate more efficiently, safely, and flexibly, providing solid support for industry development.

metallurgical crane

01Enhancing Production Efficiency

Lifting equipment such as overhead cranes, gantry cranes, and electric hoists enables rapid and precise handling and lifting of heavy raw materials, semi-finished products, and finished goods. This significantly boosts production efficiency, reduces manual handling time and labor intensity, and optimizes production processes.

02Improving Safety

The metallurgical industry involves the handling of numerous heavy materials and equipment, where the use of lifting equipment markedly reduces the risk of worker injuries. Modern lifting equipment is equipped with various safety features such as overload protection, limit switches, and emergency stop devices, further ensuring operational safety.

03Minimizing Equipment Wear and Tear

By utilizing specialized lifting equipment, damage to materials and other equipment during handling is minimized. Lifting equipment enables stable lifting and movement of heavy loads, avoiding potential collisions and friction that can occur during manual operations, thereby extending the lifespan of equipment and materials.

04Enhancing Accuracy and Control

Lifting equipment typically includes advanced control systems that facilitate precise positioning and handling. This capability is particularly crucial in the metal smelting industry for operations requiring high precision, such as pouring molten metal into molds and accurately positioning steel.

05Supporting Large and Complex Projects

The metallurgical industry often deals with large-scale and complex projects involving the handling and assembly of large structures and heavy components. Lifting equipment provides essential support, ensuring the smooth execution of these projects and maintaining production continuity and efficiency.

06Adaptability to Harsh Environments

Many operations in the metallurgical industry take place in high-temperature or other harsh conditions. Specially designed lifting equipment can reliably operate in these extreme conditions, ensuring operational safety and stability during production processes.

07Increasing Production Flexibility

The multifunctionality and flexibility of lifting equipment enable metal smelting enterprises to quickly adapt to diverse production tasks. By adjusting the configuration and operation of lifting equipment, companies can efficiently complete various types of lifting and handling tasks, thereby enhancing production flexibility.

Future Outlook Of Metal Smelting Industry

The metallurgy industry is undergoing significant transformation driven by technological innovation, environmental sustainability, and global economic dynamics. In the future, the industry will focus on the application of cleaner and more efficient smelting technologies, enhancing recycling and resource efficiency, and developing advanced materials to meet modern application demands. The industry’s ability to adapt to these changes while maintaining economic viability will be crucial for its long-term success and sustainable development.

metal smelting

01Technological Advancements

The metallurgy industry is optimizing production processes and quality control through smart and digital technologies like Industry 4.0, IoT, AI, and machine learning. Advanced smelting technologies such as hydrogen-based smelting and electric arc furnaces are improving efficiency and reducing carbon emissions. Additionally, additive manufacturing is emerging, enhancing the efficiency of producing complex components and material utilization.

02Environmental Sustainability

With the growing emphasis on environmental protection, the metallurgy industry is accelerating the adoption of green technologies and renewable energy to achieve carbon neutrality. Under stricter emission regulations, the industry is shifting towards cleaner production methods, focusing on metal recycling and reuse to promote a circular economy, and implementing sustainable mining and smelting practices to minimize environmental impact.

03Economic And Market Dynamics

Global metal demand is shifting, with emerging markets, especially in Asia and Africa, experiencing increased demand due to infrastructure development and urbanization. In contrast, developed markets may see stable or declining demand. The metallurgy industry needs to ensure stable raw material supply chains, improve resource efficiency, and adapt to the growth trend in green infrastructure projects.

04Innovation In Alloys And Materials

The metallurgy industry is continuously innovating to develop high-performance alloys for aerospace, automotive, and electronics industries. Additionally, the use of lightweight metals like aluminum and magnesium is increasing in automotive and aerospace sectors to enhance fuel efficiency and reduce emissions, supported by advanced smelting and refining technologies.

05Political And Regulatory Environment

The metallurgy industry is influenced by global trade policies and geopolitical tensions, needing to navigate tariffs and trade wars. The industry must also comply with increasingly stringent environmental and safety regulations, requiring investments in cleaner technologies and improved production practices to meet international standards and ensure safe working conditions.

Services Provided for Our Customers

Customized Service

Technical Support Service

Localization Service

After-sales Service

Customized Service

We have professional technical managers who can provide customized solutions for customers according to the project needs with pictures, videos, brochures, parameters, configurations and 3D drawings of the equipment. We guarantee our tailored solutions are most suitable and cost-effective for the specific operational conditions and requirements.

Technical Support Service

After the equipment arrives at the customer’s site, we will provide remote video or on-site installation and commissioning guidance according to customer needs. In order to ensure the safe use of the lifting equipment and maximize the performance, we provide training services for customers,  includes equipment start-up and shutdown procedures, emergency procedures execution methods, detailed instructions for various configurations, etc.

Localization Service

Aicrane has established local offices and service centers in various regions to provide timely support and services. This ensures quick response times and better understanding of local market needs. We have more than 30 service outlets in different countries and will set up more in the near future in order to serve our customers quicker and better.

After-sales Service

We provide comprehensive after-sales service to ensure long-term customer satisfaction and smooth project operation after equipment delivery. Our after-sales service team is composed of professional technicians who have rich experience and professional knowledge and can promptly and efficiently solve various problems encountered by customers during the use of our lifting equipment.

Lifting Solutions for Other Industries

Cooperate with us to get customized materials handling solutions for your industry! AICRANE will always be there for you!

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