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Steel Grid Structure

Steel grid structure is a spatial structure composed of multiple steel rods through nods in a certain form. It has a variety of advantages, including small space force, light weight, large stiffness and good seismic performance. Grid steel structure is widely used as stadiums, theaters, gas stations, greenhouses, hangars and exhibition halls, etc.

Steel Grid Structure for sale
Steel Grid Structure

Steel Grid Structure Projects In Different Countries

Aicrane has exported so many steel structures to many countries. Aicrane adheres to the principle of “pragmatic, innovation, integrity-based, quality first and service contered”, and takes designing appropriate steel structure scheme for customers as the ultimate.

Hanger Steel Grid Steel Structure Installation In Somalia

Aicrane delivered the hanger stee grid structure to Somalia. The dimension of the hanger is 60m x 66m x 25m, and it is equipped with single layer colored steel tile and lighting plate design. The installation process of the steel structure was smooth under the help of our engineers.

steel grid structure
Steel Grid Structure In Somalia

Installation Of Steel Grid Structure
Installation Of Steel Grid Structure

Aicrane Installation Tea
Aicrane Installation Team

Other Grid Steel Structure Projects

Grid Steel Structure To Australia
Grid Steel Structure In Australia

steel grid structure provided by Aicrane
Steel Grid Structure In Algeria

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What Are The Types Of Steel Grid Structure?

The steel grid structure produced by our company has various types. We can manufacture different types of grid structures to meet your specific demands. Because of its kinds of applications, choosing an ideal grid steel structure is vital. Therefore, when you communicate with our experts, the application of the product you need should be provided.

  • In accordance with different structures of the grid, it can be divided into single layer grid space frame, double layer grid space frame and triple layer grid space frame. What’s more, single layer grid grid space frame is suitable for small span buildings while triple grid steel structure is more fit for large span buildings.
  • According to the supporting condition, it can be classified into peripheral supporting, three-side supporting, opposite-side supporting, four-point supporting, multi-point supporting and mixed supporting.
  • In line with different ways it is formed, there are cross-truss system, triangular pyramid system, quadrangular pyramid system and hexagonal cone system grid steel structure.

Grid Structure For Sale
Grid Structure For Sale

Grid Frame Steel Structure for sale
Grid Frame Steel Structure

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Production Process Of Grid Steel Structure

As a professional heavy machine manufacturer & exporter, our company has strict control system during production process. In addition, we have professional production plant and advanced equipment, which can produce high-quality products. Please put in touch with if you are interested in our products.

Bolt Ball Processing
Bolt Ball Processing


Pained Products
Pained Products

Production Plant
Production Plant

Positioning Hole Machining
Positioning Hole Machining

Bolt Ball Production Machine
Bolt Ball Production Machine


Support Connection
Support Connection

Gutter Support
Gutter Support

Special Benefits Of Steel Grid Structure

  • Easy installation, flexible structure, less maintenance, and long service life.
  • Compared with steel structure, steel grid structure has relatively low price.
  • Light weight, large stiffness and good seismic performance.
  • Energy saving and environmental protection, green building.
  • Good snow, wind, earthquake resistance.
  • High safety and durability, high utilization, and solid construction.
  • Easy to move and relocate steel structure, which can also be cycled without pollution.
  • It is cost-effective, which is your top choice.

About Grid Rod And Node Structure

The cross sections of the rods should be calculated and determined according to the strength and stability. In order to reduce the the calculated length of the pressure rod and increase its stability, measures such as adding a re-split rod and a supporting rod can be adopted. The node of plate type and double shell type type grid structure mainly have three forms: cross plate node, welded hollow ball node and bolt ball node. About cross plate node, the connection between the rod and the node plate is made by welding or high strength bolt.

What Is Bolt Ball?

Most of the bolt balls are used for grid structure. The main structural features of bolt ball are: a ball opens a plurality of holes with inner wire, which is used to connect many rods at a point. The bolt balls are made of 45# high-quality steel.

Bolt Ball
Bolt Ball

Bolt Ball Production Process
Bolt Ball Production Process

The Roof Protection Material Of Steel Grid Structure

  • 1. Commonly, steel grid structure uses colored steel tile as the roof protection material. Colored steel tile sandwich board is not suitable for this kind of product, because the colored steel tile sandwich is relatively harder. When you need steel structure like steel structure workshop, crane steel structure or steel structure factory, you can choose the colored steel tile sandwich board.
  • 2. Colored steel tile is made of coated steel plate, and it is rolled into a variety of wave shaped plate. This kind of tile is fit for the roof, wall and interior and exterior wall decoration of steel structure workshops, steel grid structures and other steel structures.
  • 3. Colored steel tile is popular and it is widely used, because of its plenty of advantages including light weight, convenient construction, high strength, rain proof, earthquake resistance and fire prevention, etc. After that, the thickness of common colored steel tile is less than 0.8mm.

Colored Steel Tile
Colored Steel Tile

Steel Tile
Steel Tile

How Do You Choose An Ideal Steel Grid Structure?

There are various types of the grid structure, and different designs have great discrepancy. How do you choose one fit for your project? First, you should provide some technical specification when you communicate with our staffs, so that they can provide you with accurate preliminary design.

  • The appearance, size and height should be offered.
  • We need to know the purpose of the building. In line of this, we can know what material to use for the roof.
  • The load under normal circumstances should be considered, so that we can determine the size of various load values. If you have other specific demands for a certain load, or what standard the design adopts, welcome to talk to our experts. We will provide an ideal steel building in accordance with your needs.

Grid Steel Structure

steel structure grid

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Why Aicrane Steel Structure Is Popular With Customers?

Customized Design Service: Aicrane can provide suitable steel structure design and solutions for all kinds of applications.

Installation Guidance: There are two installation services for your choices: installation guidance online (free), and Aicrane dispatches engineers.

Quality Assurance: From the selection of raw materials to the production, we strictly guarantee the quality. Providing products with high quality is our aim.

Competitive Price: Aicrane has own factory, and our steel structures are with factory price. The price of Aicrane steel structure is competitive in the market.


Why Grid Steel Structure Is Popular In The Market?
Grid steel structure is able to reduce the pollution caused by waste to the environment during the construction process. All the steel structure materials can be recycled, and most of the other materials can also be recycled, which conforms to the current environmental awareness. All the materials are green building materials, which meet the requirements of ecological environment and are beneficial to health. Therefore, this kind of product is popular in the market.
How To Install The Grid Structure?

Each installation method has its own characteristics, you should choose a method according to the construction environment and other factors. Our company will provide you with suitable installation method and installation guidance.


  • High-altitude bulk method is the method of assembling small units or parts directly in the design position.
  • Block installation method refers to the grid steel structure is divided into strip or block units respectively by the lifting equipment hoisting to the upper design position in place, and then into the whole installation method.
  • High-altitude slip method refers to the slippage of the segmented grid unit on the pre-set slide single (or strip by strip) to the design position and splice together as a whole.
  • The overall lifting method is to install lifting equipment on the structural column to lift the mesh steel structure on the ground in place.
  • Overall jacking method is that assembling the grid structure as a whole on the ground of the design position, and then jacking the steel grid structure to the design height with jacks.

What Is The Steel Grid Structure Design?
  • As a powerful and professional supplier & exporter, our company has skilled design team and production team. Therefore, the products designed by our group are all with special design and high quality, which can meet different customers’ needs. The steel grid structure is usually designed into single layer type, double layer type and triple layer type according your working additions. If you have other requirements, the customized service can be provided for you. Making our customers satisfied is our aim.
  • Grid Steel structure is a kind of space structure composed of multiple rods, and the rods are connected by nodes according to certain rules. The joints are generally designed to be hinged, and the rod with a relatively small section size is mainly subjected to axial force. These intersecting rods support each other, then the force rod and the supporting system are combined, which can economize materials. Because the structure combination is regular, the shape and size of rods are the same, it is convenient for factory production and installation.
  • Generally, the steel grid structure is high order statically indeterminate structure, which can bear concentrated load, dynamic load and asymmetric load well, and has good seismic performance. The grid structure can adapt to the requirements of public buildings and factories with different spans and different supporting conditions.
What About Grid Steel Structure Price?

We are a powerful and trustworthy manufacturer, and we can provide reasonable price for our customers. After that, you should know that the quality of the product is vital. The grid steel structure manufactured by our company has high quality and it can improve your efficiency. If you want to to buy the product, please contact us.

Grid Structure For Sale
Grid Structure For Sale

Internal & External Factors

  • Though the grid steel structure has longer installation period than other steel structure buildings like steel structure workshop, the price of the product is still lower than steel structures.
    Steel grid structure is with advanced technology and specific design, which can save materials.
  • In addition to these internal factors, the price of the product is also affected by external factors.
    The transportation costs will change the grid steel frame price. If the ocean fright increases, we will also adjust our quotation. Besides, the price of row materials can also influence the price of the product.

What Is The Design Drawing Of Steel Grid Structure?

Grid steel structure has become more and more popular because of its lots of advantages like light weight, easy installation, excellent wind, snow and earthquake resistance. Therefore, many customers prefer to choose the grid structure buildings to meet their needs like saving costs. When you determine to select the product for your business, the drawing design should be considered before producing the product. It is the most important thing which can make sure that you will get an ideal buildings.

The design drawing of the grid structure is supposed to include many details like design instructions, material table of rods, material table of bolt ball, and detailed drawing of bolt ball processing, and other requirements, etc.

How Can We Guarantee The Quality?

Our company has produced heavy machines for many years, which is a trusted and popular brand in the market. A variety of our products are delivered to different countries all over the world like Pakistan, Indonesia, and UAE, etc. Our clients all give positive feed back on the high-quality products and our excellent service.

Why can we make our customers satisfied? The quality of the products is vital. When you purchase a machine from a supplier, the first factor you need to consider is the production quality. Our group has strict quality control system during production process, and then we always have final inspection before shipment. After a series of workings, the products will have no problem when you use them. If you want to choose a producer with high-quality products, our company is a good choice for you.

What Services Can We Provide?

After many years of accumulated operating, we have had outstanding service team, which can offer excellent pre-sale service and after-sales for our customers. Our aim is that the clients can have a good shopping experience.

About Pre-sale service, we have patient staffs to communicate with you, and the technical consulting service will help you choose a product suitable for you. If you have your own requirements, they can also give you some advice. The customized design is also welcomed.

About after-sales service, our company can provide remote installation and maintenance guidance. We can also provide staff training. We have accepted delivery terms, payment currency, and payment type. In addition, there are various of products in our company for you reference. You will choose a good product for your project. Welcome to put in touch with us.

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