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Marine Winch

Marine winch is an essential equipment used in maritime and offshore industries for various tasks such as anchoring, towing, and mooring. This specialized device is designed to withstand harsh marine environments and provide reliable and efficient performance. With its pivotal role in maritime operations, marine winch plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety, efficiency, and seamless functioning of vessels and offshore installations.

Marine Winch
Marine Winch

Marine Winch Solutions

Marine winch plays a critical role in maritime and offshore operations, facilitating tasks such as anchoring, towing, and cargo handling. These winches are classified based on their drive modes, the main categories being marine electric winch and marine hydraulic winch, marine diesel winch and marine pneumatic winch.

Marine Electric Winch

Marine electric winch is widely used in marine applications due to its efficiency, reliability, and ease of operation. It is powered by electric motors, making it suitable for various tasks on ships, barges, and offshore platforms. Electric marine winch is known for its precise control, allowing operators to handle loads with accuracy. It is equipped with advanced safety features such as overload protection and emergency stop systems. Electric marine winch is favored for its eco-friendly operation, lower maintenance requirements, and quiet operation. It is commonly used in mooring operations, loading and unloading cargo, and other tasks where controlled pulling or lifting is necessary.

electric mooring winch for Singapore
electric mooring winch for Singapore
double drum electric winch
double drum electric winch

Marine Hydraulic Winch

Marine hydraulic winch is another popular choice in marine environments. These winches utilize hydraulic power to operate, making them capable of handling heavy loads with high torque. It is well-suited for tasks that require consistent power over an extended duration. Hydraulic marine winch is known for its robustness and durability, making it suitable for demanding offshore applications. It is often used in situations where electric power may not be readily available or where the winch needs to operate in extreme conditions. Marine hydraulic winch offers reliable performance and can be integrated into existing hydraulic systems on ships and offshore installations.

hydraulic single drum mooring winch
hydraulic single drum mooring winch
single drum hydraulic mooring winch
single drum hydraulic mooring winch

When choosing between marine electric winch and marine hydraulic winch, several factors come into play. Considerations include the specific application, load capacity, available power sources, operating environment, and maintenance requirements. Each type of winch has its advantages, and the choice depends on the unique needs of the maritime operation.

Both electric marine winches and hydraulic marine winches offer distinct advantages and are suitable for different scenarios. A thorough assessment of the requirements will help in selecting the most suitable winch solution to ensure smooth and efficient maritime operations.

Marine Diesel & Pneumatic Winch

Aicrane offers a range of robust marine winches designed for various applications, including marine diesel winch and marine pneumatic winch. Our marine diesel winch is powered by efficient diesel engines, providing reliable and consistent power for demanding marine operations. On the other hand, our marine pneumatic winch utilizes compressed air for operation, making it ideal for environments where electricity or hydraulics may not be feasible. Both options are built to withstand the challenges of marine settings, ensuring durability, efficiency, and optimal performance for your marine tasks.

diesel winch for mooring
diesel winch for mooring
diesel mooring winch
diesel mooring winch

Applications of Marine Winch

Marine winch is an indispensable tool in the maritime industry, serving a wide range of crucial applications that contribute to the safe and efficient operation of vessels, offshore platforms, and maritime infrastructure. Some of the key applications of marine winch include:

Used for Anchoring Application

Marine anchor winch is utilized to handle the anchoring process of ships and vessels. This anchor winch is responsible for deploying and retrieving anchors, ensuring the vessel remains securely positioned, especially in adverse weather conditions. Marine anchor winch offers precise control and reliable performance to guarantee safe anchoring and prevent drifting.

Anchor Winch
Anchor Winch

Used for Mooring Application

Marine mooring winch is essential for securing vessels alongside docks or other structures. This mooring winch assists in the precise maneuvering and docking of ships, preventing collisions and ensuring a smooth mooring process. Marine mooring winch is vital for maintaining port operations and facilitating efficient loading and unloading of cargo.

hydraulic mooring winch 3D
hydraulic mooring winch solution

Used for Towing Application

Marine towing winch is designed to provide controlled pulling force for towing vessels or objects. This towing winch is commonly used by tugboats to assist larger vessels, barges, or floating structures. Marine towing winch ensures safe and effective towing operations, especially during emergencies or navigational challenges.

hydraulic towing winch 3D
hydraulic towing winch solution

Used for Positioning Application

Positioning winch is employed to precisely position equipment, components, or tools on offshore platforms or vessels. This winch plays a critical role in various tasks, such as installation, maintenance, and repairs, where accurate placement is essential for operational efficiency and safety.

Hydraulic positioning winch solution
Hydraulic positioning winch solution

Used for Ship Handling

Slipway winch is used in shipyards and marine facilities to haul vessels onto dry land for maintenance, repairs, or inspections. This slipway winch provides the necessary pulling force to gradually move vessels out of the water onto slipways. Slipway winch facilitates efficient vessel maintenance and allow for easy access to different parts of the hull.

Slipway Winches
Slipway Winches
Slipway Winch Solution
Slipway Winch Solution

Hauling Ship Ashore with Airbag

This slipway winch solution is designed to work in conjunction with airbags, also known as marine airbags or ship launching airbags. These airbags are positioned underneath the hull of the vessel and are inflated to lift the vessel off the water and onto the slipway. It plays a crucial role in controlling the movement and positioning of the vessel during the hauling process.

The winch is responsible for controlling the tension and movement of the ropes connected to the airbags. By controlling the winch, operators can ensure a controlled and gradual hauling process, avoiding sudden movements that could potentially damage the vessel or the slipway.

Airbag Slipway Winch
Hauling Ship Ashore with Airbag

Hauling Ship Ashore with Track-Mounted Trolley

The slipway winch with track-mounted trolley employs a different mechanism for hauling vessels onto the slipway. This type of winch is mounted on a track system that is positioned alongside the slipway. The winch is equipped with a trolley that runs along the track, providing lateral movement.

To haul a vessel onto the slipway, the trolley is first positioned to align with the vessel’s position in the water. The winch then uses cables or ropes to pull the vessel gradually and evenly onto the slipway. The track-mounted trolley system ensures precise alignment and controlled movement during the hauling process.

Track Mounted Trolley Slipway Winch
Hauling Ship Ashore with Track-Mounted Trolley

Both types of slipway winches are designed to provide controlled and secure hauling of vessels onto dry land. They ensure that vessels are positioned correctly on the slipway for maintenance tasks such as painting, cleaning, repairs, and inspections.

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Marine Winch Cases- Tailored Solutions For Customers

As a professional marine winch manufacturer, Aicrane has different types of marine winch for sale. Our clients are from all over the world. Here are some previous cases of customers purchased our marine winch for sale.

30 Ton Mooring Winch for Vietnam

Our company has successfully exported 6 hydraulic mooring winches to Vietnam in recent days. Mooring winches are one of our top-selling products, designed to facilitate efficient mooring operations during the berthing process of ships. All the 6 hydraulic mooring winches combined as a six-point mooring system to help stabilized the our clients’ ship on the ocean.

The hydraulic mooring winch, which we provided for this export, incorporates a hydraulic pump station and a hydraulic motor. This hydraulic configuration is particularly well-suited for heavier-duty operations, offering enhanced power and performance for this 30 ton winch.

Mooring winch for Vietnam
Mooring winch for Vietnam

The functionality of this mooring winch for Vietnam is reliant on a hydraulic system that encompasses various components, including a hydraulic pump station and a hydraulic motor. Both of these critical elements are sourced from reputable and trusted manufacturers, ensuring the reliability and durability of the winch. This hydraulic system empowers the winch to carry out its mooring tasks with precision and efficiency.

12 Ton Waterfall Hydraulic Winch for the Philippines

A highly efficient 12-ton waterfall hydraulic winch has been successfully installed at Manila Port in the Philippines. Equipped with a double drum winch and powered by a hydraulic pump station, this warterfall winch serves the crucial purpose of accurate sea positioning. The numerous advantages of this winch significantly enhance our customer’s operational efficiency.

In our ongoing commitment to offer great client service, we have established a branch office in the Philippines. With the invaluable support of our local engineers, the installation process proceeded seamlessly. Following the successful installation and thorough debugging, the hydraulic winch in the Philippines has been performing exceptionally well. Delighted with both the winch’s performance and our top-notch service, our customer expressed their satisfaction.

Waterfall Hydraulic Winch
Waterfall Hydraulic Winch

This advanced hydraulic winch for the Phlippines comes equipped with a rope arranging device, further streamlining its operation. Driven by a hydraulic pump station, it offers a potent power source that ensures reliable and consistent performance. The incorporation of remote control operation control adds a layer of convenience, enabling operators to manage the winch from a distance. To reinforce safety during operations, the machine is fitted with a robust safety operation system.

10 Ton Hydraulic Winch For Indonesia

Our 10-ton winch stands out for its exceptional quality structure and impressive performance and gained the favor of our clients in Indonesia. Our commitment to excellence extends to after-sales support, where our specialized overseas branch offices ready to assist customers with any inquiries or challenges they may encounter.

Hydraulic Mooring Winch For Indonesia
Hydraulic Mooring Winch For Indonesia

The 10-ton winch on offer is tailored to various application conditions, ensuring its versatility in addressing diverse needs. This particular winch for Indonesia has garnered significant popularity in Indonesia, a testament to its reliability and utility. The added benefit of a hydraulic winch lies in its lightweight nature and user-friendly operation, making it an efficient choice for various applications.

Factors Which Influence the Price of Marine Winch

When considering marine winch for various maritime applications, understanding its price range is a crucial aspect of making an informed decision. The cost of marine winch can vary significantly based on multiple factors, each contributing to the overall value and suitability for specific tasks.

  • Load Capacity and Size: One of the primary factors influencing the price of a marine winch is its load capacity. Larger winches capable of handling heavier loads generally come at a higher price point due to the engineering required to ensure their strength and durability. Similarly, the physical size of the winch can impact manufacturing complexity and materials used, influencing the cost. For example, 100 ton winch price is much higher than 10 ton winch price.
  • Technology and Features: Marine winch today comes equipped with advanced technologies and features that enhance its functionality and safety. The marine winch with remote control, automatic tension control, load monitoring systems, and variable speed settings tends to be priced higher due to the integration of these sophisticated features.
  • Construction and Materials: The construction of a marine winch greatly affects its price. The marine winch constructed with high-quality, corrosion-resistant materials designed to withstand the harsh marine environment is likely to have a higher price tag. Such materials ensure longevity and reduce maintenance costs in the long run.
  • Customization Options: The ability to customize a marine winch to suit specific operational needs can impact its price. Winches with additional customization, such as specific drum sizes, mounting options, and specialized controls, may come at a premium.
  • Brand Reputation and Quality: Reputable manufacturers known for their quality engineering and reliability often offer marine winch at a slightly higher price. While this may seem like a higher upfront cost, it can result in reduced maintenance expenses and enhanced operational efficiency over time.
  • After-Sales Support: Some marine winch suppliers include comprehensive after-sales support, including maintenance services and technical assistance. This added value may influence the price but can be invaluable in ensuring the longevity and optimal performance of the winch.
  • Long-Term Value: When evaluating the price of a marine winch, it’s essential to consider the long-term value it offers. A marine winch that meets your specific requirements and performs reliably can provide a higher return on investment over its operational lifespan.

In conclusion, the price of marine winches varies based on factors such as load capacity, technology, construction, customization, and brand reputation.
While the initial cost is a significant consideration, the focus should be on selecting a winch that aligns with the operational needs, offers the necessary features, and is built to withstand the demands of marine environments. Working with a knowledgeable marine winch manufacturer who can guide you through these considerations ensures you make a well-informed choice that balances quality, functionality, and budget.

What Is Marine Capstan?

A marine capstan is a type of machinery commonly used on ships and vessels for various tasks related to anchoring, mooring, and towing. It is a vertical or horizontal drum-like device equipped with a motor or other power source, designed to wind and unwind ropes or cables. The primary purpose of a marine capstan is to provide a mechanical advantage in tasks that require heavy pulling, lifting, or securing, particularly in maritime operations.

Marine capstans are essential equipment for ships and boats, offering efficient and controlled handling of ropes, chains, and cables. They are widely used in activities such as anchoring the vessel, mooring to docks or other ships, adjusting tension on lines, and maneuvering objects onboard. Capstans come in various sizes and configurations to accommodate different ship sizes and specific operational needs.

Electric Capstan

An electric capstan is powered by electricity and provides reliable and efficient performance for anchoring, mooring, towing, and cargo handling operations. Electric capstan is equipped with powerful motors that drive the rotation of the drum, allowing for controlled winding and unwinding of ropes, cables, and lines.

electric anchor winch capstan
electric anchor winch capstan
electric vertical capstan
electric vertical capstan

It offers precise control, enabling operators to adjust tension and positioning accurately. Electric capstan is favored for their ease of operation, consistent performance, and ability to handle different load capacities. It contributes to enhanced safety and productivity during maritime activities.

Hydraulic Capstan

Hydraulic capstan is hydraulic-powered marine devices designed to provide robust and controlled lifting and pulling capabilities. This capstan utilizes hydraulic systems to generate the necessary force for various tasks, including anchor handling, mooring, and cargo handling. Hydraulic capstan is known for its exceptional strength and reliability, making it suitable for heavy-duty operations.

The hydraulic power enables smooth and controlled movements, allowing operators to precisely manage the speed and tension of ropes and cables. Hydraulic capstans are often preferred for their ability to handle significant loads while maintaining steady performance. They are widely used in demanding marine environments where power and durability are paramount.

hydraulic vertical mooring capstan
hydraulic vertical mooring capstan
hydraulic mooring capstan
hydraulic mooring capstan

Both electric and hydraulic capstans offer distinct advantages depending on the specific needs and requirements of maritime operations. Electric capstans excel in providing efficient and user-friendly performance, while hydraulic capstans are known for their robustness and ability to handle heavy loads with precision.

Capstan winches are available in two distinct configurations: horizontal and vertical, each serving specific marine needs.

Horizontal Capstan

The horizontal capstan marine winch features a side-mounted drum that offers efficient line handling and controlled pulling power. This design is ideal for applications where limited vertical space is available.

Vertical Capstan

The vertical capstan marine winch boasts a drum situated on the top, providing easy access and enhanced visibility during operations. This configuration is advantageous when vertical space is not a constraint, allowing for efficient line management and anchoring tasks. Aicrane offers both horizontal and vertical capstan marine winches, ensuring versatile solutions tailored to your vessel’s requirements and operational environment.

electric horizontal capstan
electric horizontal capstan
electric vertical capstans
electric vertical capstans

What are the advantages of marine winch?

Marine winches offer several advantages that make them indispensable equipment for ships and maritime operations. These advantages include:

  • Enhanced Safety: Marine winch is designed with safety features such as emergency stop mechanisms, overload protection, and control systems to prevent accidents and ensure the well-being of crew members.
  • Efficient Operations: Marine winch enables efficient handling of heavy loads, such as anchor chains and mooring lines, allowing for smooth and controlled operations during anchoring, towing, and docking.
  • Increased Maneuverability: Marine winch contributes to the vessel’s maneuverability by facilitating precise positioning, adjusting tension, and controlling movements during docking, berthing, and navigation.
  • Time and Labor Savings: The use of marine winches significantly reduces the manual labor required for tasks like lifting, pulling, and securing loads, leading to time savings and improved crew efficiency.
  • Versatility: Marine winch is a versatile tool that can be used for various applications, including anchoring, mooring, towing, and cargo handling, making it valuable assets for different types of vessels.
  • Consistency and Reliability: Marine winch provides consistent and reliable performance, ensuring that tasks are carried out accurately and without interruptions, even in challenging weather conditions.
  • Reduced Physical Strain: By mechanizing heavy lifting and pulling tasks, marine winch helps minimize physical strain on crew members, reducing the risk of fatigue and injuries.
  • Controlled Load Handling: Marine winch offers precise control over the movement of loads, allowing for gradual adjustments and preventing sudden movements that could lead to accidents or damage.
  • Improved Ship Stability: Properly handled anchor and mooring lines contribute to the vessel’s stability by preventing excessive movement while anchored or moored.
  • Adaptability to Conditions: Different types of marine winches, such as electric, hydraulic, and pneumatic, cater to varying operational requirements and environmental conditions, ensuring optimal performance.
  • Remote Operation: Many modern marine winches can be operated remotely, enhancing safety and control by allowing operators to adjust operations from a safe distance.
  • Long Service Life: High-quality marine winch is built to withstand harsh marine environments, ensuring durability and a longer service life.
  • Overall, marine winch plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety, efficiency, and effectiveness of maritime operations. Its ability to handle heavy loads, control movements, and enhance crew productivity makes it an essential component of modern vessels.

Why should you choose Aicrane Marine Winch Manufacturer?

Choosing Aicrane as your marine winch manufacturer is a decision rooted in reliability, quality, and exceptional service. Here’s why you should entrust your marine winch needs to us:

    • Proven Expertise: Aicrane boasts a wealth of experience in the manufacturing of marine winches. With a track record of successful projects, we understand the intricacies of marine operations and can provide tailored solutions that meet your specific requirements.
    • Diverse Range: We offer a wide range of marine winches, from anchor winches to tugger winches, tailored to various maritime applications. Whether it’s mooring, positioning, or towing, we have the right winch to suit your needs.
    • Customization: At Aicrane, we understand that each marine operation is unique. That’s why we offer customization options that allow you to tailor our winches to your specific requirements, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.
    • High-Quality Products: Our marine winches are crafted with precision using top-grade materials and cutting-edge technology. We prioritize quality to ensure that our winches operate seamlessly in demanding marine environments, enhancing your operational efficiency and safety.
    • Compliance and Safety: Our marine winches are designed and manufactured in accordance with international quality and safety standards. With Aicrane products, you can trust in the reliability and safety of your equipment.
    • Efficient After-Sales Support: Our commitment to your success doesn’t end with the sale. We provide efficient and responsive after-sales support to address any inquiries, maintenance needs, or technical issues you may encounter. We’re with you every step of the way.
Project Consultant
Project Consultant
  • Competitive Pricing: Our commitment to offering top-quality marine winches extends to competitive pricing. You’ll get the best value for your investment without compromising on quality.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Our extensive list of satisfied customers stands as a testament to our dedication to delivering excellence. We prioritize customer satisfaction, and your success is our ultimate goal.
  • Industry Recognition: Aicrane has earned a reputation as a trusted manufacturer in the marine industry. Our winches are widely recognized for their performance, reliability, and durability.
  • Global Presence: Aicrane’s presence spans the globe, with a network of offices and service centers. No matter where your marine operation is located, we’re poised to provide timely assistance and support.
Aicrane Subcompany in Uzbekistan
Aicrane Subcompany in Uzbekistan
Aicrane Subcompany in Indonesia
Aicrane Subcompany in Indonesia

In summary, choosing Aicrane as your marine winch manufacturer ensures that you’re partnering with a reliable and reputable company that prioritizes quality, customization, safety, and customer satisfaction. With our expertise and dedication, you can trust that your marine operations will be equipped with high-performance winches that deliver results.


What is winch in ship?
A ship winch is a mechanical device specifically designed for ships to handle various tasks related to towing, mooring, and cargo handling. It consists of a drum or barrel around which a rope or cable is wound, powered by an electric, hydraulic, diesel, or pneumatic drive system. Ship winches play a crucial role in maritime operations, allowing vessels to securely anchor, maneuver, and transfer cargo with precision and efficiency. These winches are essential components that contribute to the safety and effective functioning of ships during docking, loading, unloading, and navigation activities.
What are the two types of mooring winch?
The two main types of mooring winches are electric mooring winches and hydraulic mooring winches. Electric mooring winches are powered by electricity and use an electric motor to drive the drum and wind or unwind the ropes or cables. They are known for their precise control and ease of operation.
On the other hand, hydraulic mooring winches use hydraulic power to operate, with a hydraulic motor driving the drum. These winches are preferred for their high power and reliability, making them suitable for heavy-duty mooring operations. Both types of mooring winches serve the purpose of securing ships to docks or other structures during berthing and docking procedures.
What is a windlass?

A windlass is a type of mechanical device used on ships and boats for raising or lowering heavy anchors, as well as for other tasks involving lifting, hauling, or pulling. It typically consists of a horizontal drum or cylinder around which a rope or chain is wound.
Windlasses are essential for managing anchor systems, allowing the anchor to be lowered into the water for anchoring and then raised back onto the vessel when needed. They provide mechanical advantage, making it easier to handle heavy anchors and cables. Windlasses can be manually operated by turning a handle or crank, or they can be powered by electricity, hydraulics, or other means. They play a crucial role in the navigation and safety of maritime vessels by ensuring efficient and controlled anchoring operations.

What is warping?

Warping, in the context of maritime operations, refers to the process of using ropes or lines to maneuver a ship or vessel within a confined space or to adjust its position alongside a dock, berth, or another vessel. Warping allows ships to move laterally, pivot, or rotate in tight spaces where traditional propulsion methods may not be effective or safe.

This technique involves winding or unwinding ropes around bollards, cleats, capstans, or winches located on the vessel or on the shore. By applying tension to specific points, the crew can control the ship’s movement, enabling it to dock, undock, or reposition itself precisely.

Warping is particularly useful in busy ports, narrow waterways, or when docking in adverse weather conditions. It requires skillful coordination between the crew members, who work together to ensure the ship maneuvers safely and accurately. Additionally, winches or capstans are often employed to provide mechanical advantage, making it easier to apply the necessary force to the lines for effective warping.

Overall, warping is a vital technique in maritime operations, contributing to the safe and efficient maneuvering of vessels in challenging environments.

What is the motor and hydraulic pump station of marine winch motor?
Motor is power system of marine electric winch, it is an important part and also the most expensive part of the winch. If the motor is damaged, then the cost of maintenance or replacement will be high. Therefore, we want to remind our customers to take good care of the motor.
motor for marine winch
motor for marine winch
  • The environment should always be kept dry, the surface of the motor should be kept clean, and the air inlet is supposed to not be hindered by dust and fibers.
  • When the thermal protection of the motor continues to operate, it should be found out whether the fault comes from the motor or overload or the setting value of the protection device is too low. After the fault is eliminated, the motor can be put into operation.
  • Good lubrication of the motor should be ensured during operation. General motor running reaches about 5000 hours, the grease should be replaced. When the bearing is overheating or the lubrication is deteriorated in the operation, the hydraulic pressure should change the grease in time. While replacing the grease, you should remove the old lubricating and clean the oil groove of the bearing and bearing cover with gasoline.
  • When the life of the bearing comes to an end, the vibration and noise of the motor will increase significantly.
  • When replacing the winding, it is necessary to write down the form, size, wire gauge, and number of turns of the original winding, etc. While these data ate lost, you should obtain from the manufacturer. Changing the original design of the winding at will often causes some performance deterioration of the motor, or even cannot be used.

Hydraulic Pump Station

  • The hydraulic pump station usually works with marine hydraulic winches. Hydraulic pump station and motor all belongs to power system of the winch. Hydraulic pump station is also called hydraulic station. The motor drives the oil pump to rotate. The pump pumps oil from the tank and then pumps oil, converting mechanical energy into pressure energy of hydraulic oil. Thus controlling the change of the direction, the force and the speed of the fluid motive.
  • Hydraulic station is independent hydraulic device and it supply oil according to the requirements of driving device and control the flow direction, pressure and flow of the oil. It is suitable for kinds of hydraulic machinery that the host and the hydraulic device separate. The oil pump is driven by motor.
  • Whether you buy marine electric winch or hydraulic marine winch, the motor and hydraulic pump station all should be considered.
hydraulic pump station
Hydraulic Pump Station
hydraulic pump station
Hydraulic Pump System

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