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shipbuilding and maintenance industry

Shipbuilding & Maintenance

The shipbuilding and maintenance industry requires comprehensive solutions
to ensure optimal performance and longevity of vessels. This process
involves the construction of new ships and the maintenance, regular
inspection, repair, and upgrading of existing vessels. The industry faces several
significant challenges, including the corrosive waterfront environment, the need for
precise assembly and maintenance of ship components, and the high
safety standards required in hazardous conditions.

Aicrane’s shipyard lifting solutions address the diverse needs of shipbuilding
and maintenance. Efficient and reliable lifting solutions are crucial for
overcoming these challenges and achieving safety and precision.

Solutions for Shipbuilding & Maintenance Industry

The shipyard lifting solution can be divided into shipbuilding and maintenance solution. Each part needs different lifting machine. From shipbuilding to maintenance process, the hydraulic transporter or rubber tyred gantry crane can transport the ship components for installation. The shipbuilding gantry crane is in charge of building the ship. The marine travel lift and slipway winch can lift the vessel from water for maintenance or launching the new boat into the water.

Transportation of Ship Components & Assembly Solution

Aicrane provides two options for shipbuilding operation. They are all for transport the ship components and build the ship with them. They are the combination of hyrdaulic transporter or rubber tyred gantry crane with shipbuilding gantry crane.

Option 1: Hydraulic Transporter (for Transferring Large Hull Sections)

Hydraulic transporters are used in the shipbuilding process to transport heavy ship components. They can move parts to specific locations within the shipyard. Shipyard gantry cranes are specialized gantry cranes used to lift components from the hydraulic transporters and assist in ship construction.

Hydraulic Transporter Transporting Ship
Hydraulic Transporter Transporting Ship

Hydraulic flatbed transporters are employed on the ship assembly line for handling ship parts. Besides transporting ship components, they are also used to move heavy machinery and equipment within the shipyard for shipbuilding purposes.

Option 2: Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane (for Transferring Smaller Hull Sections)

Rubber tyred gantry cranes facilitate the efficient movement of shipbuilding materials. Their mobility allows them to move and stack materials in various areas of the shipyard, including safely navigating tight spaces. Once the rubber tyred gantry crane transports materials and components to the designated location, the shipyard gantry crane can utilize these materials for shipbuilding operations.

Shipbuilding Gantry Crane for Ship Components Assembly

Shipyard gantry cranes are used for lifting and positioning hull sections during the assembly process for modular ship construction. They can also assist in installing equipment and other components onto the ship. It can combine with hyraulic transporter or rubber tyred gantry crane for different operation purposes.

Shipbuilding Gantry
Shipbuilding Gantry

Shipbuilding Gantry Crane in Operation
Shipbuilding Gantry Crane in Operation
Shipbuilding Gantry Cranes
Shipbuilding Gantry Cranes
Shipbuilding Gantry Crane in Shipyard
Shipbuilding Gantry Crane in Shipyard

Hauling Boat Ashore for Maintenance Solution

Aicrane also provides two options for ship maintenance tasks. The marine travel lift can lift the boat from the water for maintenance and launch it back to water after maintenance. The slipway winch can haul the boat ashore with airbags or rail trolley.

Option 1: Marine Travel Lift for Lifting and Launching Boat

The marine travel lift is equipped with belts to lift boats out of the water for inspection or repairs, or to launch them back into the water. With the aid of tires, they have different movement modes, allowing them to move freely within shipyards and place vessels in specific areas for maintenance.

Marine Travel Lift
Marine Travel Lift Lifting Boat

Option 2: Slipway Winch for Hauling Boat Ashore

The slipway winch can be equipped with airbags or track trolleys to assist in moving ships in and out of the water. This equipment plays a crucial role in ship maintenance tasks. Winches with airbags provide a flexible, cushion-based support system, ensuring gentle and evenly distributed lifting when hauling ships ashore, making it an ideal choice for protecting the vessel’s hull. On the other hand, winches with track trolleys offer stable and guided traction, enabling efficient movement along designated tracks, ensuring precision and reducing manual handling.

using airbag to haul boat
Using Airbag to Haul Boat
Track Mounted Trolley Slipway Winch
Slipway Winch Hauling Boat With Rail Trolley
Slipway Winch Hauling With Airbags
Slipway Winch Hauling With Airbags
Hauling Boat with Rail Trolley
Slipway Winch Hauling Boat with Rail Trolley

Aicrane has extensive experience in providing comprehensive heavy-duty lifting machinery solutions for clients worldwide. We can customize products to fit each other in terms of size, load capacity, and other specifications. If you need shipbuilding and maintenance lifting solutions, feel free to contact us for a customized shipbuilding and maintenance solution.

main components of airbag slipway winch
Airbag Slipway Winch Solution

Aicrane has experience provide comprehensive heavy lifting machine solution for customer all over the world. We can customize the product and make them suit each other whether in size, load and other specification. If you need a shipbuilding and maintenance lifting solution, feel free to contact us and get a free quote.

Heavy Lifting Equipments For Shipbuilding and Maintenance

Aicrane provides different kinds of shipyard equipment for lifting. There are some types of shipyard cranes, slipway winch, marine travel lift and hydraulic transporter. These advanced shipyard equipments for lifting are designed to optimize the lifting and transportation of heavy ship components and vessels within shipyards. They can be combined with each other to transport vessels and components. There are several types of shipyard cranes that can be used for building and maintaining ships.

Shipbuilding Crane

Shipbuilding Gantry Crane

Shipbuilding gantry cranes are large, specifically designed for the construction and assembly of ships. These shipyard cranes are characterized by their high lifting capacity, extensive span, and the ability to move along rails. Shipbuilding gantry cranes are shipbuilding equipments which often consist of dual beams, allowing for increased stability and precision during heavy lifting operations.

Shipbuilding gantry crane
Shipbuilding Gantry Crane

Shipbuilding gantry cranes are employed in various stages of ship construction, from lifting and positioning ship components to launching the completed vessels into the water. These ship rail mounted gantry cranes play a crucial role in assembling large ship sections, such as hulls and superstructures, providing the necessary lifting power and precision required for the intricate and complex shipbuilding process.

Shipbuilding Gantry Crane Lifting Componnets
Shipbuilding Gantry Crane Lifting Componnets

Travel Lift

Marine Travel Lift

Marine travel lifts, also known as boat hoists, are mobile lifting devices designed for the handling and transportation of boats and yachts in shipyards and marinas. These shipyard crane lifts are equipped with adjustable straps or slings that cradle the vessel securely. Marine travel lifts come in various capacities to accommodate different sizes of vessels.

32 Wheels Marine Travel Lift
32 Wheels Marine Travel Lift
8 Wheels Marine Travel Lift
8 Wheels Marine Travel Lift

Marine travel lifts are primarily used for the launching, hauling out, and maintenance of boats and yachts. They offer a flexible and efficient solution for transferring vessels between the water and dry land. These marine travel lifts are essential in shipyards for supporting various marine operations, including repairs, inspections, and storage. The ability to transport vessels from water to land simplifies the maintenance process and enables shipyards to efficiently manage their workload.

Rubber Tyred Crane

Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane

Rubber tyred gantry cranes are commonly used in shipyards and container terminals. These shipyard cranes are equipped with rubber wheels, allowing them to move quickly and easily between different sections of the shipyard. Rubber tired gantry cranes have a lifting mechanism attached to a horizontal gantry, allowing them to lift and transport heavy loads.

Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane with Double Electric Hoist
Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane with Double Electric Hoist
RTG Crane for sale
Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane with Double Hydraulic Hoists

Rubber tyred gantry cranes are primarily used for the efficient movement, stacking, and transportation of heavy components of vessels within the shipyard. They play a vital role in organizing and managing materials during shipbuilding processes. The rubber tyred gantry crane can be equipped with hydraulic hoist and electric hoist. The hydraulic one usually has higher load capacity. The customer can choose based on their need.

Slipway Winch

Slipway Winch

A slipway winch is a specialized piece of equipment used in shipyards for the launching, hauling out, and maintenance of vessels. Its unique design and features make it a crucial component in shipyard operations, providing efficiency and precision in handling various types and sizes of vessels.

Slipway Winch for Ship Maintenance


Hydraulic Transporter

A hydraulic transporter is a specialized vehicle designed for heavy load transportation within shipyards. With its advanced hydraulic systems and robust construction, the hydraulic transporter can transport ship components which enhances the efficiency and flexibility of shipyard logistics.

DCY50 Hydraulic Platform Transporter
DCY 50 Ton Hydraulic Platform Transporter
DCY100 Hydraulic Platform Transporter
DCY 100 Ton Hydraulic Platform Transporter
DCY320 Hydraulic Platform Transporter
DCY 320 Ton Hydraulic Platform Transporter


Other Lifting Equipments

There are other equipments that can be used during the shipbuilding process. Aicrane provides several kinds of marine winches. We have mooring winch, towing winch, anchor winch for sale. All of them can be electric or hydraulic winch. They can be installed on ship for mooring, towing or anchor tasks. We also provide A-frame crane and marine crane which can be installed on the ship to hoist things.

hydraulic mooring winch 3D
Hydraulic Mooring Winch
hydraulic towing winch solution
Hydrualic Towing Winch With Hydraulic Pump Station

For the ship maintenance process, Aicrane also provide overhead crane and steel structure product. They can be combined as crane steel structure and help to hold the ship components for maintenance.

Aicrane Crane Steel Structure

We also provide other kind of crane that can be used in shipbuilding and maintenance. The portal crane can be ashore or be installed on the ship to hoist materials between the land and the ship.

Portable Crane Ashore
Portable Crane Ashore
Portable Cranes on Ship
Portable Cranes on Ship

Hauling Boat Ashore Project Cases

Here are two hauling boat ashore for maintenance project cases. They use different lifting equipments for similar purpose.

Slipway Winch for Hauling Boat Ashore

60 Ton Slipway Winch for Hauling Boat Ashore in Indonesia

Aicrane provided a 60 ton slipway winch for a shipyard in Indonesia for hauling boat ashore. Mr. Zack operates a large shipyard in Indonesia, specializing in manufacturing new ships, repairing old ones, and maintaining boats.

Customer & Project Overview

Mr. Zack discovered Aicrane while searching for “slipway winch” on Google and sent us an inquiry via email. He needed a slipway winch solution for handling ships on demand. After establishing initial contact through email, Mr. Zack invited us to his shipyard in Indonesia for an on-site inspection and further discussion of technical requirements. His shipyard already had a 30 ton slipway winch, but it was limited in capacity, required frequent maintenance, and had high upkeep costs. He considered constructing a new slipway yard with a larger winch to handle bigger vessels and expand his business.

Mr. Zack’s Initial Demand & Our Recommendation

Initially, Mr. Zack considered an 80 ton hydraulic slipway winch. However, after comparing various options, including a 70 ton winch, a 60 ton winch, a double 30 ton winch linkage, and different drive types, we recommended the JMM 60 ton electric friction winch equipped with a tension monitoring system, taking into account procurement cost, budget, site conditions, and actual tonnage requirements.

Aicrane JMM Friction Slipway Winch
Friction Slipway Winch

Mr. Zack was very satisfied with our proposal. After consulting with his company’s board of directors, he decided to purchase the JMM 60 ton friction electric slipway winch with accessories.

JMM double drum friction winch solution
JMM Double Drum Friction Winch Solution

Winch Solution Finished

The production and assembly testing took over 60 days. The equipment was then shipped by our delivery team and arrived at the customer’s shipyard on schedule. Per Mr. Zack’s request, we provided online guidance for his installation team to ensure smooth installation and debugging of the winch in the shipyard.

friction winch for Indonesia
Slipway Winch For Indonesia

Compared to the old 30 ton winch, where the operator had to stand for long periods in the winch house, we designed a custom console for the JMM 60 ton friction winch for Indonesia, complete with an LCD display. This feature allows real-time monitoring of equipment performance and pulling force data, making it easier for the operator to complete each boat pulling and releasing operation from the comfort of the control room.

Currently, Mr. Zack’s shipyard uses this winch weekly for launching new ships and maintaining old ones. They are very satisfied with the performance of the Aicrane slipway winch.

Customer Feedback

From the initial email in 2019 to the final contract signing in 2020, we maintained contact via email, phone, and two face-to-face meetings in Indonesia. Mr. Zack’s team gained confidence and trust in Aicrane’s design, manufacturing capabilities, and experience with large tonnage slipway winches. Despite minor damage during transportation, our after-sales team promptly coordinated with the insurance company to assess the damage and ensure Mr. Zack received the insurance payout smoothly.

Further Cooperation With Mr. Zack

We stay in regular contact with Mr. Zack to monitor the winch’s performance, provide technical support, and address any issues. Aicrane delivers not just equipment but also comprehensive after-sales service and guarantees for the equipment’s entire lifecycle.

Travel Lift for Lifting & Launching Boat

500 Ton Travel Lift for Ship Maintenance in Nigeria

Aicrane shipped a 500 ton travel lift to our customers in Nigeria, where it has been successfully installed and debugged.

The Main Structure of Travel Lift
The Main Structure of Travel Lift

Customization Process

The customers reached out via our website, seeking a high-capacity travel lift for boat maintenance and repair. After detailed discussions between Aicrane’s engineers and the customers, we recommended a 500 ton boat travel lift and provided a free quote.

Front View of The Travel Lift
Front View of The Travel Lift
Side View of The Travel Lift
Side View of The Travel Lift

Production and Delivery

Throughout production, our customer service team shared images and videos of the travel lift to keep the customers informed. A test video showcased the lift’s smooth operation, confirming the high quality of our product. Before shipping, all parts were carefully wrapped to prevent damage, loaded onto trucks, and securely fastened for safe transport.

Installation and Debugging

We dispatched engineers to Nigeria to assist with the installation and debugging on-site. The process went smoothly, and the travel lift now operates efficiently. Our customers are very satisfied, noting a significant boost in their boat maintenance and repair efficiency.

Installation of Operator Cabin
Installation of Operator Cabin
Travel Lift During Installation
Travel Lift During Installation

Heavy Duty Travel Lift Features

This 500 ton boat travel lift is designed for heavy duty use, with a high lifting capacity to handle substantial boats, robust steel construction for durability, and remote control operation for enhanced safety and visibility. This 500 ton travel lift for Nigeria is highly maneuverable, allowing for efficient positioning and transport of boats. Safety features include overload protection systems, emergency stop buttons, and audible alarms.

Aicrane offers travel lifts with various load capacities and customization services to meet specific needs. Contact us for more information and a free quote for your customized travel lift.

Industry Outlook for Shipbuilding & Maintenance

The shipbuilding and maintenance industry holds a significant position in the global economy and has a promising future.

Ship Maintenance Shipyard
Ship Maintenance Shipyard

Growth Driven by Global Trade

The continuous growth of global trade is one of the main drivers for the shipbuilding and maintenance industry. As international trade volumes increase, the demand for various types of commercial ships also rises. This demand is particularly pronounced in emerging markets where economic growth is driving a need for increased shipping capacity.

Technological Innovation and Environmental Requirements

With the rise of global environmental awareness, organizations like the International Maritime Organization (IMO) are implementing stricter regulations on ship emissions. This is pushing shipbuilders to accelerate the development and adoption of green technologies, driving new ship construction and increasing the need for retrofitting and maintaining existing vessels. The application of the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), big data analytics, and automation technology is transforming the shipbuilding and maritime industries. The development and implementation of smart ships enhance operational efficiency, reduce costs, and improve safety.

Growth in Maintenance and Repair Market

A significant portion of the global fleet consists of aging ships that require regular maintenance and upgrades to meet the latest safety and environmental standards. This creates a steady demand for the ship maintenance and repair market. As the technological sophistication of ships increases, ports and shipyards are upgrading their facilities to offer more efficient and advanced maintenance services. This trend is also driving the growth of related service markets.

Policy and Regulatory Support

International regulations, such as the IMO’s 2020 global sulfur cap, which limits the sulfur content in ship fuel, are driving the retrofitting of ships (e.g., installing exhaust gas cleaning systems) and the construction of new, environmentally friendly vessels.

Promising Future

The shipbuilding and maintenance industry has a bright future, propelled by global trade, technological innovation, environmental requirements, and policy support. Utilizing high-quality, advanced shipbuilding and maintenance equipment will help companies thrive in this industry.

Shipbuilding Gantry in Ship Yard
Shipbuilding Gantry in Ship Yard

Advantages of Combined Lifting Solution in Shipyard Operations

In shipyard operations, the adoption of an integrated solution comprising diverse equipment offers a myriad of advantages, ranging from optimized dimensions to synchronized load-bearing capabilities. This holistic approach involves the strategic utilization of various specialized products, including rubber tired gantry cranes, shipbuilding gantry cranes, marine boat hoists, slipway winches, hydraulic transporters, and more.

Optimized Size and Form

One of the advantages of this integrated approach lies in its meticulous consideration of dimensions. Each component is meticulously designed to complement the others, ensuring a seamless fit within the shipyard’s operational landscape. The harmonious interplay of size and form facilitates enhanced maneuverability and spatial efficiency, contributing to an overall streamlined workflow.

Versatile Load-Bearing

Moreover, the integrated solution excels in achieving optimal load-bearing capacities. The combination of rubber tired gantry cranes, renowned for their versatility, shipbuilding gantry cranes, engineered for heavy-duty lifting, marine travel lifts with their ability to handle vessels of various sizes, and specialized equipment like slipway winches and hydraulic transporters, collectively provides a comprehensive load-bearing spectrum. This compatibility ensures that the shipyard can accommodate diverse vessels with varying weights, facilitating a versatile and adaptable operational environment.

Operational Synergy

Furthermore, the integrated solution fosters operational synergy by aligning functionalities seamlessly. The distinct features of each product, when strategically combined, create a cohesive system that addresses multiple aspects of shipyard requirements. For instance, the rubber tyred double girder gantry crane excels in ship components handling, the shipbuilding gantry crane specializes in constructing large vessels, marine travel lifts facilitate efficient launching and retrieval, and the slipway winch and hydraulic transporter contribute to the movement of vessels within the shipyard. This strategic combination not only enhances efficiency but also contributes to a more synchronized and cohesive shipyard ecosystem.

In essence, the integrated solution in shipyard applications offers a comprehensive package that considers dimensions, load-bearing capacities, and operational compatibility.

8 Wheels Marine Travel Lift Solution
8 Wheels Marine Travel Lift Solution
Transporting Large Ship Components
Hydraulic Transporter Transporting Large Ship Components

How Can We Help Our Customer

In the competitive landscape of shipyard equipment providers, Aicrane stands out as a preferred choice for a multitude of reasons. Here are several key factors that make us a reliable partner for your shipyard needs and help your business.


Rich Industry Experience

Aicrane has an extensive track record in the industry, accumulated through years of dedicated service and successful project solutions. Our rich industry experience positions us as experts in understanding the nuanced requirements and challenges within the shipyard domain. By choosing Aicrane, you align yourself with a partner that brings a wealth of knowledge, ensuring that your specific needs are not just met but exceeded through tried-and-true solutions.

Rich Customer Case
Rich Customer Case


Tailored Solutions Expertise

At Aicrane, we recognize that every shipyard is unique, with distinct requirements and operational nuances. Our strength lies in our ability to customize solutions to precisely match your needs. Whether it’s the dimensions of the equipment, load-bearing capacities, or specific functionalities, we excel in tailoring solutions that seamlessly integrate into your operational workflow. Choosing Aicrane means opting for a partner that prioritizes your unique requirements and delivers bespoke solutions crafted for your success.

Aicrane Professional Engineers
Aicrane Professional Engineers


In-House Manufacturing Facility

Aicrane has our own manufacturing facility. This strategic advantage allows us to maintain rigorous quality control throughout the production process. By having a direct hand in manufacturing, we ensure that our equipment meets the highest industry standards. Moreover, our in-house facility enables us to maintain efficient production timelines, guaranteeing timely delivery of equipment without compromising on quality.

Aicrane Factory
Aicrane Factory


After-sale Service

Our commitment to your satisfaction extends well beyond the point of purchase. Aicrane is dedicated to providing exceptional after-sales service and support. Our team of experts is readily available to address any queries, provide technical assistance, and ensure the continued smooth operation of your equipment. Choosing Aicrane means forging a long-lasting partnership backed by reliable after-sales service that values your success as much as you do.

service engineers

In essence, the choice of Aicrane as your shipyard equipment provider is grounded in our rich industry experience, proficiency in tailoring solutions, possession of an in-house manufacturing facility, and a steadfast commitment to unparalleled after-sales service.

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