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Aicrane Solutions

Aicrane has provided many customized lifting  equipment solutions for our clients all over the world. These solutions boost the work efficiency for our client’s business. We mainly provide container handling solution, bridge construction solution, manufacturing solution, precast concrete transporting solution, steel structure solution and more.

Our solutions can be applied in railway yard, shipyard, port, mining industry and other industries. Check the solutions to find the one that suits your need.

Container Handling Industrial Gantry Crane Solution

Industrial Gantry Crane

Industrial gantry crane can be applied in many industries to boost work efficiency. Aicrane provides various kind of industrial gantry crane, including container gantry crane, rubber tyred gantry crane, straddle carrier and so on. We provide customization service for any industrial gantry crane you need. Industrial Gantry Crane Solution & ...
hydraulic transporter tranferring precast elements

Precast Concrete Production

Precast Concrete Production The precast concrete industry is an important branch of construction and infrastructure development. It involves the production of various concrete components and products, such as beams, columns, wall panels, floor slabs, railings, bridge components, and tunnel segments. These precast elements are typically manufactured in specialized precast plants ...
DTL180 cross-line straddle carrier

Road & Bridge Construction

Road & Bridge Construction Aicrane is well aware of the complexities and high demands of the road and bridge construction industry: heavy machinery, intricate engineering designs, environmental impacts, stringent regulations, and the need for precision and efficiency. In road and bridge construction, precast concrete components need to be transported from ...
32 Wheels Marine Travel Lift

Shipbuilding & Maintenance

Shipbuilding & Maintenance The shipbuilding and maintenance industry requires comprehensive solutions to ensure optimal performance and longevity of vessels. This process involves the construction of new ships and the maintenance, regular inspection, repair, and upgrading of existing vessels. The industry faces several significant challenges, including the corrosive waterfront environment, the ...
Balanced Cantilever T-structure Assembly Method Segmental Assembly Launching Gantry Crane

Launching Gantry Crane

A segment launching gantry crane is primarily designed for lifting beam segments from transport vehicles and transporting them to the installation site, where they are then placed onto pre-constructed bridge piers. The construction method employed is known as precast segment assembly, where the beam is divided into several segments. These segments are ...
Commission of 45 Ton Gantry Crane

45 Ton Container Gantry Crane For Kazakhstan

Containers Handling Solution For Kazakhstan Basic Project Information Location: Kazakhstan Product name: Rail-mounted Container Gantry Crane Application: Handling containers Delivery time: July 2023 Installation time: August 2023 Installation method: On-site installation guidance Project Videos Cooperation Process Between Aicrane And The Kazakhstan Customer Design The negotiations Production Delivery Installation Operation 01—Gantry ...
The Main Structure of Travel Lift

500 Ton Travel Lift For Nigeria

Aicrane shipped a 500 ton travel lift for our customers in Nigeria. The travel lift has been successfully installed and debugged. If you want to learn more about this travel lift customer case, please go on reading. Customization Process When customers contacted us through our website, they expressed their need ...
32+32T gantry crane for Russia

Aicrane Steel Pipes Handling Solution For Russia

Aicrane Steel Pipes Handling Solution For Russia Basic Project Information Location: Liski Product name: 32+32 Ton Gantry Crane Application: Handling Steel Pipes Delivery time: 100 Working Days Installation time: June 2023 Installation method: Online installation guidance Project Image Cooperation Process Between Aicrane And The Russia Customer Customer's Request Taylored Solution ...
HD20T main beam

Aicrane Taylored 20 Ton Overhead Crane For Costa Rica

Aicrane provided a specialized 20-ton overhead crane to a manufacturing company in Costa Rica which sought a tailored solution for their workshop. This crane was integral for efficiently handling and transporting heavy loads within the workshop. If you want to learn more about this case, please go on reading. Customization ...

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