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Straddle Carrier

What is a straddle carrier? The straddle carrier works as a gantry crane, streamlining processes and maximizing operational productivity. Drawing from a diverse range of features, the straddle carrier excels in its multifaceted applications including precast construction, tunneling projects and so on. Its adaptability, efficiency, and precision render it indispensable in industries that demand dynamic material handling solutions.

DTL300 tyre straddle carrier
DTL300 tyre straddle carrier

Application and Function of Straddle Carrier Crane

Aicrane has three main applications of straddle carrier crane. This kind of gantry crane can be used in the prefab yard to transport and position prefabricated items. Here are their application and function. It can also be used in cross-line construction for installing bridge segments. Moreover, it can be used for some other special purposes like tunnel construction. Here are the specific content.

Tyre Straddle Carrier Used in Prefab Yard

The straddle carrier serves a crucial role in various applications, notably in prefab yard operations. Its functionalities encompass various tasks essential to the prefab construction process. These include the seamless transportation and precise positioning of prefabricated concrete beams from their pedestals to designated areas within the yard, ensuring efficient organization and arrangement.

Application of Tyre Straddle Carrier Used in Prefab Yard

The tyre straddle carrier used in prefab yard excels in facilitating the loading of these prefabricated beams onto transportation vehicles, streamlining the logistics for onward delivery to construction sites. Its versatility extends beyond beams, as the straddle carrier system demonstrates its adaptability by effortlessly lifting and transporting additional components within the prefab yard.

This includes items like reinforcing steel frames and formwork, all performed within the confines of its rated lifting capacity. By aiding in these multifaceted tasks, the straddle carrier significantly contributes to enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of prefab construction endeavors.

Function of Tyre Straddle Carrier Used in Prefab Yard

The tyre-based straddle carrier crane in the prefab yard serves to efficiently handle and position prefabricated concrete beams and other materials. This rubber tyred gantry crane aids in relocating beams, loading them onto vehicles, and performing lifting tasks within the yard, contributing to the streamlined prefab manufacturing process.

Case of DTL800 Tyre Straddle Carrier Used in Prefab Yard

The DTL800 Tyre Straddle Carrier, an exemplar of advanced heavy lifting equipment, showcases its prowess through synchronized operation and impeccable performance. Designed to undertake substantial tasks, this straddle carrier demonstrates its capabilities with a unique operational approach.

Case Image of DTL800 straddle carrier
DTL800 Straddle Carrier Crane
DTL800 Straddle Carrier Crane
Operational Synchrony of Two DTL800 Tyre Straddle Carriers

The operation of the DTL800 Tyre Straddle Carrier necessitates the collaborative efforts of two carriers working in tandem. Employing a coordinated maneuver involving both longitudinal and lateral movement, the carriers adeptly navigate through their surroundings. The wheel assemblies pivot in place by 90 degrees, enabling the carriers to seamlessly traverse and transport pre-fabricated box girders from the production area to the storage yard and lifting station.

Key Components of the DTL800 Tyre Straddle Carrier

The DTL800 tyre straddle carrier boasts a robust framework composed of the main girder, outriggers, tyre-based travel trolleys, hydraulic transmission system, hydraulic braking system, steering system, generator unit, electrical system, microelectronic control system, operator’s cab, lifting system, and an array of safety devices.

Technical Specifications of the DTL800 Tyre Straddle Carrier

The DTL800 tyre straddle carrier’s technical specifications underscore its exceptional capacity and adaptability. Rated with an impressive lifting capacity of 800 tons, it spans across 23 meters with a vertical lifting range of 11 millimeters,a feat achieved from ground to the apex of a box girder. The hydraulic cylinder-driven independent steering mechanism and the hydraulic-driven tyre-based travel configuration synergize to enhance its mobility and efficiency.

DTL800 Straddle Carrier
DTL800 Straddle Carrier

Tyre Straddle Crane Used in Cross-Line Construction

The straddle carrier’s application extends to cross-line construction, where it installs prefabricated bridge segments.

Application of Tyre Straddle Crane Used in Cross-Line Construction

Firstly, the carrier is utilized to adeptly lift and position prefabricated segments onto the carrier itself from transport vehicles, ensuring secure and controlled transfer. Subsequently, it transports these segments to their designated installation points, optimizing precision and placement. One of its standout features is the capability to align and securely connect the segments once in position, ensuring seamless integration into the overarching structure.

This comprehensive set of tasks underscores the straddle carrier’s indispensable contribution to the successful assembly of prefabricated bridge segments within the context of overhead line construction projects.

Case Image of DTL180 cross-line straddle carrier
DTL180 Straddle Carrier in Action
DTL180 Straddle Carrier in Action

Function of Tyre Straddle Crane Used in Cross-Line Construction

The tyre-based straddle carrier for overhead line construction is specifically designed to install prefabricated bridge segments. It excels in lifting, transporting, and aligning these segments, facilitating efficient and accurate construction of overhead lines.

Case of DTL200 Cross-Line Tyre Straddle Carrier for Prefabricated Bridge Segments

The DTL200 Cross-Line Tyre Straddle Carrier emerges as a specialized solution catering to the unique demands of prefabricated bridge segment installation. Leveraging innovative design and robust functionality, this straddle carrier streamlines the complex process of bridging pre-fabricated elements. It can lift the bridge segment from the hydraulic transporter to build the bridge.

Design Image of DTL200 Cross-Line Straddle Carrier

DTL200 cross-line straddle carrier design

technical parameters of DTL200 straddle carrier
DTL200 cross-line straddle carrier design
Seamless Cross-Line Installation by Dual Trolley Lifting Structure

This carrier boasts a unique dual trolley lifting structure, allowing simultaneous operations on both sides. This novel approach significantly enhances operational efficiency, enabling parallel execution and ultimately accelerating project timelines.

Precision and Versatility of the DTL200 Cross-Line Straddle Carrier

The carrier’s technical specifications further underscore its versatility and precision. The carrier’s empty travel trolleys effortlessly glide at speeds ranging from 0 to 4.0 meters per minute. When laden with cargo, the trolleys exhibit controlled movement at speeds ranging from 0 to 2.0 meters per minute, ensuring delicate handling of weighty segments.

Enhanced Mobility and Maneuverability

The carrier’s design prioritizes mobility, particularly on flat surfaces. With a maximum ground-based speed of 15 meters per minute, the carrier maneuvers effortlessly, underscoring its ability to handle dynamic operational environments.

Case Image of DLT200 cross-line straddle carrier
DLT200 Cross-line Straddle Carrier
DLT200 Cross-line Straddle Carrier

Tyre Straddle Crane For Special-Purpose

The straddle carrier’s application extends to a diverse range of environments, showcasing its adaptability and versatility. It finds a valuable place in various settings, including tunnel construction, port terminals, and expansive production workshops dealing with oversized items.

Application of tyre crane for special-purpose

A notable attribute is its flexibility in design customization, tailored to accommodate specific construction conditions and the unique weight demands of the objects being lifted. Furthermore, a standout example of this versatility is the DTL100 Tunnel Roof Laying Tyre Crane, meticulously designed to excel in the task of tunnel roof placement. This specialized crane model offers operational ease and efficiency, addressing the intricacies of tunnel construction with precision.

Function of tyre crane for special-purpose

The special-purpose tyre crane stands out for its mobility, adaptability, and ease of scheduling. It can be utilized in diverse environments like tunnels, port terminals, and large workshops. Its design can be tailored to accommodate specific construction needs and lifting demands, exemplified by the efficiency of the DTL100 tunnel roof laying tyre crane for specialized tunnel construction tasks.

Case of DTL100 Tunnel Roof Laying Tyre Crane in Tunnel Construction

The DTL100 Tunnel Roof Laying Tyre Crane represents a specialized solution tailored to the intricate demands of tunnel roof installation. With an emphasis on precision and efficiency, this crane is purpose-built to address the unique challenges posed by tunnel construction scenarios.

Design Image of DTL100 Tunnel Roof Laying Tyre Crane
DTL100 Tunnel Roof Laying Tyre Crane Design
DTL100 Tunnel Roof Laying Tyre Crane Design
technical parameters of DTL100 tunnel roof laying tyre crane
DTL100 Tunnel Roof Laying Tyre Crane Design
Streamlined Tunnel Roof Placement by DTL100 Tunnel Roof Laying Tyre Crane

The DTL100 Tunnel Roof Laying Tyre Crane is designed to specifically address the complexities of tunnel roof placement, this crane excels in effortlessly positioning tunnel roof components with unparalleled precision.

Efficiency and Convenience of DTL100 Tunnel Roof Laying Tyre Crane Design

Efficiency and convenience take center stage with the DTL100 Tunnel Roof Laying Tyre Crane. This specialized crane is engineered for streamlined operations, enabling swift and accurate roof laying. Its design emphasizes user-friendliness, ensuring that operators can efficiently navigate challenging tunnel environments while maximizing productivity.

Adaptability to Harsh Conditions of DTL100 Tunnel Roof Laying Tyre Crane

Tunnel environments can be demanding, but the DTL100 is equipped to handle them. Operating within a temperature range of 0°C to +50°C and a maximum relative humidity of 60%, this crane remains steadfast even in challenging atmospheric conditions. Its robust design is complemented by the ability to withstand wind forces, withstanding up to 20 meters per second during operational states and 42 meters per second during periods of inactivity.

Case Image of DTL100 Tunnel Roof Laying Tyre Crane
DTL100 Tunnel Roof Laying Tyre Crane
DTL100 Tunnel Roof Laying Tyre Crane
DTL100 Tunnel Roof Laying Tyre Crane in Tunnel
DTL100 Tunnel Roof Laying Tyre Crane in Tunnel

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Working Mode and Principle of Straddle Carrier

Working Mode of Tyre Straddle Carrier in Prefab Yard

  • For Full-Width Box Beams, U Beams, T Beams, and I Beams: The tyre straddle carrier operates with a dual-point lifting system, facilitating the lifting and transportation of whole box beams, U beams, T beams, and I beams. Alternatively, two straddle carriers can collaborate to lift and transport these larger components.
  • For Segmental Beams: When dealing with segmental beams, the straddle carrier system employs a single-point lifting approach for effective lifting and transportation.
DTL800 Straddle Carriers
DTL800 Straddle Carriers
DTL300 Straddle Carrier
DTL300 Straddle Carrier

Working Mode of Tyre Crane for Overhead Line Construction

  • Dual-Crane Configuration for Dual-Track Bridges: In scenarios involving dual-track bridges, the tyre crane can be equipped with two trolleys on separate sides. This arrangement allows simultaneous construction from both sides of the bridge, significantly boosting work efficiency. The double girder gantry crane structure allow it works smoothly and stably.
  • Single-Crane Configuration for Single-Track Bridges: For single-track bridges, a single tyre crane is commonly utilized. The crane’s lifting mechanism incorporates a rotating hoisting system that enables adjustments in three directions. This flexibility ensures that beam segments can be positioned and aligned precisely as needed for construction.
DTL180 Straddle Carrier
DTL180 Straddle Carrier
DTL180 Straddle Carrier With Spreader
DTL180 Straddle Carrier With Spreader

Working Principle of Straddle Carrier For Sale

Both the tyre straddle carrier in the prefab yard and the tyre crane for overhead line construction are advanced “mechanical-electrical-hydraulic” integrated products. They operate based on the following principles:

  • Hydraulic Drive: The products utilize a full hydraulic drive system for movement, allowing for smooth and precise control during operation.
  • Electric Winch: The lifting mechanism employs an electric winch for raising and lowering components.
DTL300 straddle carrier with electric winch
DTL300 straddle carrier with electric winch
  • Independent Steering: The steering system employs independent steering for each suspension wheel assembly, enhancing maneuverability and control.
  • Electro-Hydraulic Steering Control: The steering system is controlled through an integrated “mechanical-electrical-hydraulic” system, optimizing steering precision and efficiency.

Key Components of a Straddle Carrier

A straddle carrier is a complex piece of machinery comprised of various components working in unison to facilitate efficient cargo handling and transportation. These essential components synergize to create a highly functional and versatile solution for heavy lifting and logistical tasks.

main components of straddle carrier

  • Winch Trolley: The winch trolley serves as the lifting mechanism, equipped with a winch and pulley system that enables the precise vertical movement of the carrier’s spreader or lifting device. This component plays a pivotal role in safely raising and lowering cargo.
  • Main Girder: The main girder forms the structural backbone of the straddle carrier, supporting the weight of the cargo and other components. Engineered for robustness and durability, the main girder provides the necessary stability and load-bearing capacity.
  • Power Module: The power module encompasses the carrier’s engine, transmission, and other power-related systems. It generates the mechanical force required for the carrier’s movement, enabling both its mobility and lifting capabilities.
  • Spreader: The spreader is the attachment affixed to the winch trolley that interfaces directly with the cargo. This component securely holds and lifts containers or other cargo types, ensuring their safe movement during loading and unloading operations.
spreader of DTL180 straddle carrier
spreader of DTL180 straddle carrier
  • Cab: The operator’s cab is the control center of the straddle carrier. It houses the controls for steering, lifting, and other functions. The cab’s ergonomic design enhances operator comfort and provides a clear view of the surrounding environment.
  • Ladder and Platform: The ladder and platform provide access to the operator’s cab and other service points on the carrier. These components ensure that operators and maintenance personnel can safely reach various areas for inspection and maintenance.
  • Crane Trolley: The crane trolley facilitates horizontal movement of the spreader along the main girder. It enables precise positioning of the cargo for loading and unloading operations, ensuring optimal alignment with transport vehicles.

Each of these components plays a crucial role in the straddle carrier’s seamless operation. Their synergy combines to create a powerful and adaptable machine capable of efficiently handling a variety of cargo and enhancing productivity in logistics and maritime operations.

Factors Affecting Straddle Carrier Price

The specific straddle carrier price details can vary widely based on various factors, including the manufacturer, model, features, specifications, and market conditions. For accurate pricing, it’s best to contact straddle carrier manufacturers directly.

  • Type and Size: The type of industrial straddle carrier crane (gantry, rubber-tired, etc.) and its size (lifting capacity, reach, etc.) can significantly impact the price.
  • Manufacturer and Brand: Reputable and well-known manufacturers often price their equipment differently than less established brands.
  • Specifications: Different specifications, such as lifting capacity, lifting height, mobility features, and automation capabilities, can affect the price.
  • Customization: If you require customized features or specific adaptations to meet your operational needs, the price may be higher.
  • Automation: Industrail straddle carriers can vary in their degree of automation. More advanced automation features may come at an additional cost.
  • Accessories: Additional accessories, attachments, and safety features can add to the cost.
  • Warranty and Support: Extended warranties and comprehensive support services can impact the overall cost.
  • Installation and Training: Costs associated with installation, setup, and operator training might be included or separate.
  • Geographical Location: Prices can vary based on your region, shipping costs, and local regulations.
  • It’s recommended to research different manufacturers and models, gather price quotes, and consider the long-term value and suitability of the straddle carrier crane for your specific needs. When obtaining straddle carrier cost, be sure to inquire about any additional costs, warranties, maintenance agreements, and after-sales support. Aicrane as a reliable straddle carrier manufacturer provides free quote service, please contact us for a free quote of the straddle carrier for sale.

How to Choose Straddle Carrier Manufacturers

Choosing the right straddle carrier manufacturer is a crucial decision that can impact the efficiency, reliability, and long-term performance of your equipment. Here are some key factors to consider when selecting a straddle carrier manufacturer:

  • Reputation and Experience: Look for manufacturers with a solid reputation in the industry and a track record of producing high-quality straddle carriers. Established manufacturers with years of experience are likely to have a better understanding of customer needs and industry trends.
  • Product Range: Consider whether the manufacturer offers a variety of straddle carrier models to suit your specific requirements, such as lifting capacity, reach, and mobility features. A diverse product range can indicate flexibility and adaptability to different operational needs.
  • Quality and Certification: Ensure that the manufacturer adheres to quality standards and has the necessary certifications for their products. Look for ISO certifications and other relevant industry standards that demonstrate their commitment to producing safe and reliable equipment.
  • Collaboration and Communication: Evaluate the manufacturer’s willingness to collaborate and communicate openly with you. A manufacturer that understands your needs and provides transparent communication throughout the purchasing process is valuable.
Project Consultant
Project Consultant
  • Technology and Innovation: Evaluate whether the manufacturer incorporates the latest technological advancements in their industrial straddle carriers. Innovative features can improve efficiency, safety, and operational capabilities.
  • Customization Options: If your operation has unique requirements, inquire about the manufacturer’s ability to provide customized solutions or adaptations to their standard models.
  • Customer Reviews and References: Check for customer reviews, testimonials, and references from other businesses that have purchased straddle carriers from the manufacturer. Positive feedback and recommendations can provide insights into their products and services.
  • After-Sales Support: Consider the manufacturer’s after-sales service and support. A responsive and reliable service network is important for maintenance, repairs, and spare parts availability.
  • Global Presence: If your business operates internationally, consider straddle carrier manufacturers with a global presence and distribution network. This can simplify procurement, maintenance, and support, especially if you have operations in multiple regions.
Aicrane Subcompany in Uzbekistan
Aicrane Subcompany in Uzbekistan
Aicrane Subcompany in Indonesia
Aicrane Subcompany in Indonesia
  • Price and Value: While price is a consideration, prioritize value over cost alone. A higher-quality, reliable straddle carrier crane may offer better long-term value in terms of reduced downtime, maintenance costs, and operational efficiency.
  • Sustainability: Inquire about the manufacturer’s commitment to sustainability and environmentally friendly practices, which can align with your company’s values and industry trends.
  • Visit Manufacturing Facilities: If possible, consider visiting the manufacturer’s facilities to see the production process, quality control measures, and technology firsthand.
Aicrane Factory
Aicrane Factory Show

Before making a decision, gather information from multiple manufacturers, compare offerings, and take the time to thoroughly research and evaluate each option. Ultimately, choose a straddle carrier manufacturer that aligns with your operational needs, budget, and long-term goals.

Our services

As a reputable straddle carrier crane manufacturer, Aicrane offers a range of specialized services to cater to the diverse needs of its clients, ensuring seamless operations and optimal performance. Aicrane offers a comprehensive range of services that encompass the entire lifecycle of the equipment, embodying a true one-stop solution for its valued clients.

    • Customization Excellence:Aicrane’s commitment to customization is more than just tailoring specifications; it’s about crafting solutions that perfectly match individual project requirements. Collaborating closely with clients, Aicrane’s team of experts delves deep into operational needs, ensuring that each straddle carrier is not only capable of handling the workload but is optimized for maximum efficiency, safety, and ease of use.
Aicrane Professional Engineers
Aicrane Professional Engineers
    • Expert Installation and Debugging:The journey with Aicrane doesn’t end with the manufacturing stage. The company’s proficient installation and debugging services ensure a smooth transition from production to operational phase. Aicrane’s technicians meticulously oversee the installation process, verifying each aspect to guarantee seamless functionality, alignment with industry standards, and adherence to safety protocols.
Installation Team
Installation Team
    • Robust After-Sale Support:Aicrane’s commitment extends far beyond the initial sale. The company’s one-stop approach encompasses dedicated after-sale support, ensuring that clients have a reliable partner throughout their operational journey. Aicrane’s responsive customer service, along with on-site experts, stands ready to address any issues, provide technical guidance, and promptly supply genuine spare parts, effectively minimizing downtime and maximizing uptime.
  • Ongoing Maintenance and Upgrades:Aicrane’s one-stop service also extends to ongoing maintenance and upgrades. Recognizing the evolving needs of industries, Aicrane offers tailored maintenance plans to ensure the longevity and peak performance of straddle carriers. Additionally, the company keeps pace with technological advancements, offering upgrade solutions that enhance operational efficiency and safety, allowing clients to stay at the forefront of industry trends.

From initial consultation to ongoing support, Aicrane’s one-stop straddle carrier solutions are designed to create a seamless and efficient experience for clients, elevating their projects and operations to new heights of success.

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