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Crane Steel Structure

Nowadays, steel structure is becoming more and more popular. Our company has a variety of steel structure products for sale, including crane steel structure. Many steel structure buildings like the production workshop commonly need overhead cranes to lift heavy loads. In general, there are light steel structure and heavy steel structure to meet customers’ different needs. If you want to invest in a metal building with overhead cranes, please contact us, we can also provide various overhead cranes for you.

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Crane Steel Structure In Chile

Steel Structure Workshop for sale
Steel Structure Workshop In Chile


Steel Structure Workshop With Crane In Algeria

Main Steel Structure: Welded H section steels
Purlin: C & Z type purlins
Roof and Wall Panel: EPS sandwich panel, the thickness is 50mm

crane steel structure for sale


Crane Steel Building In Uzbekistan

steel structure for sale
Steel Workshop In Uzbekistan

steel structure for sale
Steel Structure Workshop Crane

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What Are The Types Of Crane Steel Structures?

Our company has various types of crane steel structure buildings for sale. On the one hand, there are light steel structure and heavy steel structure for your reference. Light steel structure is mainly suitable for low-load bearing buildings, and the H-beam is generally used to build this structure. Heavy steel structure is widely applied when the building need to bear relatively heavy loads. Therefore, you are supposed to choose it in line with your overhead cranes and other specific requirements.

In addition, it can be divided into single span, double span or multiple span steel structure building. Single span metal building is with two rows of steel columns and the roof rests on the steel columns. Double span steel building is formed by two single span steel structures. Our company can also provide customized service for our customers. Welcome to communicate with our experts, and then you will get an ideal product for your projects.

Single Span Steel Structure for sale
Single Span Steel Structure

Double Span Steel Structure
Double Span Steel Structure

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Features Of Crane Steel Structure

  • This kind of building can withstand heavy wind, snow and earthquakes.
  • Steel structure is with strong fire and corrosion resistance.
  • Compared with traditional buildings, it has short construction period and lower cost.
  • There is no pollution to the environment and it can be recyclable.
  • It has light weight, high strength and large span.
  • Easy installation, less maintenance and long service life.
  • Various overhead cranes can be installed to lift heavy materials.
  • Various overhead cranes can be installed to lift heavy materials.

Crane Steel Structure Design

Crane steel structure is a metal building which can work with overhead cranes. This kind of steel structure can be divided into single span steel structure, double steel structure or multiple steel structure. Our group has professional designer to provided customized service for the customers.

The steel structure can be equipped with doors and walls in accordance with the requirements of clients. Commonly, we use al-alloy doors and windows. Many customers sometimes have other needs like installing lighting panels around the walls. When you contact our staffs, some details of the product and your added requirements should be explained clearly.

Generally speaking, at low temperature, the steel structure will be cold and brittle easily. Therefore, killed steel with good resistance to low-temperature brittle fracture should be used if your steel structure is applied under low temperature.

Crane Beam Design

Crane beam is usually installed on the steel column to support overhead cranes, and then we should also apply the runway on crane beam to make cranes move longitudinally. In addition, there also be an important thing, you need to set up the beam at a suitable height. Sometimes, the height between roof and crane beam is too low to place a top running overhead crane.

Therefore, the designer is required to consider all the details. About the thickness and width of crane beam, it is determined by the lifting capacity of your crane.

Crane Beam
Crane Beam

Crane Beam
Crane Beam

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Various Components Of Crane Steel Structure

Steel Column And Steel Beam

Steel Column

If you need a steel structure with cranes, the steel column should be equipped with brackets to support crane beam. In addition, the size of steel column is required to support overhead cranes. We always use H-beam column with constant section or variable section. The column is easy to produce and it is made of Q235B or Q345B, because the material is safe and ideal to produce crane steel structures.

Steel Beam

We always use welded composite steel beam which is an I-shaped section composed of upper and lower flange plates and webs. The main material of the steel purlin is Q235B or Q345B.

steel structure workshop installation
Steel Column

Column Beam
Column Beam

Purlin And Rod


Commonly, there are C type steel purlin and Z type steel purlin. The C type purling is suitable for supporting roof and wall panels, and the thickness is 2.5mm or 3mm. The Z type purlin is used for roof with large slope.


The rod can be classified into straight rod and batter rod for different functions. The rod can only be used to keep the lateral stability of the purlin. Batter rod is fixed between roof purlins or wall purlins to increase the lateral stiffness of the purlins.

C Type Steel Purlin
C Type Steel Purlin

Z Type Steel Purlin
Z Type Steel Purlin


Bracing And Roof Protection


Generally, bracing can be divided into horizontal support and vertical bracing. Horizontal bracing is widely applied to ensure the overall stability of the truss. The vertical bracing is placed at the end of the two roof frames, which can ensure the lateral stability of the roof and transfer the longitudinal horizontal force. Besides, when the crane stops, it will create high inertial impact. Therefore, we need more vertical bracing to support your cranes.

Steel Structure Workshop
Vertical Bracing

Horizontal Bracing
Horizontal Bracing

Roof Protection

There are two main types of roof protection materials for your reference, including single layer colored steel tile, colored steel tile sandwich board. You can also choose single layer colored steel plate + thermal insulation cotton + steel wire mesh, the design can strength the heat-insulating property.

Colored Steel Tile
Colored Steel Tile

Colored Steel Tile Sandwich Board
Colored Steel Tile Sandwich Board

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Many Factors Affect Crane Steel Structure Price

Length and height of the steel structure: The crane steel structure with larger size will need more steel materials, and then you will cost more.
The span: The span of the metal building is related to the span of your overhead crane. Larger span will consume more materials.
Insulation: Whether the roofs and walls need insulation. Our company can provide the roofs with thermal insulation, and the clients should pay more.

Lighting panels: Do you need lighting panels around the wall? Many customers sometimes ask for it, and the component will increase the cost.
Transportation expenses: Recently, the transport cost is always changed, the price of our crane steel structures will rise if the delivery expenses go up.
Other factors: The climate should also be taken into account. If it rains a lot in your area, the roof waterproof need to be considered.

What Are The Applications Of Crane Steel Structure?

Crane steel structure can be designed as steel structure workshop, steel structure garages or other production factories. You can use cranes to lift different industrial materials in these metal buildings. You can tell us your working condition so that we can help you more.

We have manufactured many steel structures with different functions, the product is popular because of its various advantages. In addition, there are different types overhead cranes with various condition for sale in our company, it is an ideal option for you to choose us as your steel structure supplier. We have steel structure factory, steel structure warehouse and many other steel structure products.

Steel Structure Factory
Steel Structure Factory

Single Span Workshop
Single Span Workshop

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How To Install Crane Steel Structures?

steel structure for sale
Steel Structure Installation

  • When you install crane steel structure, you should not only consider the steel structure, but the specifications of your cranes.
  • The crane beam should erect runway, and you should determine the space between roof and crane beam is enough to use your overhead crane.
  • The crane can be installed with steel structure at the same time, and then you can fix the roof, wall and the floor.
  • If you want to use cranes in your steel structure building, but the steel column is without brackets. You can add the brackets on the steel column at the right place.
  • After installation, in order to remove security risks, the installer need to check whether the crane can run on the beam smoothly. Besides, the staff is supposed to ensure that every parts of the steel structure are welded well. Our company can provide installation service, welcome to contact us.

How Do You Choose The Right Crane Steel Structure?

Before purchasing a crane steel structure, you should know some basal specifications, which will help you choose an ideal crane steel structure.

Length: Decided on your needs.

Steel Column Spacing: 6m, 7.5m, 9m, 12m, etc.

Span: Generally 9-36m, with 3m as multiple. When the span is large, you should consider double-span or multiple-span steel structure buildings. Besides, the span of overhead cranes can influence the span of steel structure. Therefore, you need to determine the specifications of the crane.

Height: Determined by the crane specifications, including the type and lifting height of the crane.

Insulation: Whether roof and wall need insulation.

What Is Steel Structure?

The steel structure is a structure mainly made of steel. Nowadays, it has been become a popular type of building structure. Compared with concrete buildings, the steel structure is with specific advantages. The product has light weight, flexibility and short construction period. Our company has steel structure workshop, steel grid structure, steel structure shed, and steel structure hanger, etc.

Steel Grid Structure For Sale

The product, steel grid structure, can be provided by our company to meet the customers’ different requirements. It has various advantages, like flexible structure and high spatial rigidity, etc. Grid structure is with long installation period, but the total costs will be lower than H-beam steel structure.

This kind of structure has a variety of applications, including ore extraction, cultural relic protection, petrol station, exhibition hall and greenhouse, etc. When installing the roof of grid structure, we always use colored steel tile instead of colored steel tile sandwich board.

Steel Grid Structure for sale
Steel Grid Structure

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Steel Structure In Different Countries

Steel Structure Buildings In Pakistan

Our company has the long-term cooperation with Pakistan, and we have the professional offices in Pakistan. Excellent and fast after-sales will be offered if you choose the steel structure buildings from our company. Our customers from Pakistan all think highly of our high-quality products and reliable service.

If you want to consult more information, you can directly put in touch with us. Our patient staffs will give you some advice. Our various products will meet your different needs. Looking forward to cooperating with you.

Steel Structure Indonesia

We have plenty of clients from Indonesia, they have purchased steel structures, lifting equipment like overhead crane, gantry crane and other products designed by our company. Our experts always communicate with them patiently, and they are satisfied with our products and service.

We also have design team, our clients can choose the ideal products from our group. Steel structure building is popular in Indonesia. Therefore, we expect that we can cooperate with our customers from Indonesia well.

Steel Structure For Sale
Steel Structure For Sale

Steel Structure UAE

A while ago, we have delivered the steel structure to UAE. As a professional and trusted steel structure manufacturer, we can help our customers install the product or provide installation guidance. Besides, if the products need to be maintained, we will also give a hand. We have produced heavy machines for many years, we ensure that you will have a good shopping experience.

Choosing A Professional Steel Structure Supplier

After years of unremitting efforts, the scale of our company has grown in strength. Our grand also has gained international recognition. As a trusted and professional steel structure manufacturer, we can also produce a variety cranes to meet your different needs.

First, We can ensure that all of our products are with high quality and performance, less maintenance and long service life. During production process, we have strict quality control

system. In addition, before the product is delivered to your country, our experts will check the products carefully. After that, you will obtain an ideal product with high quality.

After that, we have professional and patient team to ensure that our customers can enjoy our excellent service. Our after-sales service like checking and maintenance of the

products, warranty, installation guidance and so on will solve all your problems.


What Is An Overhead Crane?

Our company can not only provide steel structure buildings, but also a plenty of overhead cranes to work with your metal buildings. Overhead crane belongs to a heavy lifting equipment which is used to lift different loads. The crane can be installed in the steel structure warehouse, garage, workshop, and production factories, etc. There are single girder crane, double girder crane, European overhead crane, top running crane, underhung overhead crane for your reference.

If you purchase the crane steel structure from us, you do not have to worry about where to buy a crane, we can provide you with it. Our experts are skilled enough to help you select the cranes which will be suitable for your crane steel structure.

overhead crane for sale
NLH 50T European Crane

50T Overhead Crane Installation
50T Overhead Crane

What Kind Of Paint Do We Use?

Our company use epoxy zinc-rich primer during production process, this kind of painting is widely used in coastal and highly corrosive areas, the corrosion resistance is better. Because of the high performance of the paint, the cost is a litter higher than general painting. If you choose our crane steel structure, you will not worry the corrosion of the steel frame.

Besides, we will do shot blasting treatment on it before cutting steel plate, the surface of components need reach degree Sa2.5 of GB8923 standard, After that, the anti-corrosive primer should be painted at once to avoid rust of the steel surface. In addition, we have three coats of painting, one primer and two finish coats, the total paint film thickness of shall not be less than 80~120μm.

How Do We Ensure Welding Quality?

When producing the steel structure, our company adopts the non-destructive testing method, which does not affect the use of the workplace. There are five methods as follows:

RT: Radiographic Testing

UT: Ultrasonic Testing

MT: Magnetic Testing

PT: Penetration Testing

ET: Electromagnetism or Eddy current Testing

UT and PT are the most commonly used because they are convenient but only suitable for local inspection. What’s more, for large castings or forging parts, can only use RT. Our experts always strictly control the quality of all the products. By the way, we will carefully check our products so that the steel structure has no problem before the product is delivered to the customers’ countries. Our aim is making the customers satisfied and get high-quality products and excellent service.

What About The Welding Process?

We commonly adopt three welding process, they are double gun gantry welding, automatic welding and manual welding.

Double gun gantry welding is widely used for big and long welding line, like the side plate and cover plate, and it has a variety of advantages. Good straightness of welding line, appearance is beautiful and full, reduce welding deformation, and High efficiency

Automatic (arc) welding usually means submerged arc welding. It’s usually used for small welding line and corners. This kind of welding process also has lots of advantages, including high production efficiency, high welding quality and stability, saving material and power consumption, improving working conditions and reduce labor intensity ect.

Manual welding is mainly used for some places that automatic welding can not reach.

How is Our product packed?

The steel structure of our products are generally plastic film packaging, rain protection.

Electrical and other small parts will be packed in standard export fumigation wooden box or plywood box, and reinforced by steel plate in case of any damage.

How Long Is The Service Life Of Our Steel Structure?
The design service life of the steel structure is 25 years, and some can even reach 50 years.

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