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Mooring Winch

What is a mooring winch?

The mooring winch is a type of winch which can also operate effectively when the ship is mooring or docking. It has many functions such as drift, support and positioning during the loading and unloading process. At the same time the winch machine adjusts the constant tension to compensate for vibration and deviation. A mooring winch has the application installed on shore for loading or unloading of a mooring ship with the constant tension adjustment feature. We can offer the customized winch machine design structure.

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5 ton electric winch to UAE

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What are the two types of mooring winches?

According to he power design, it has electric and hydraulic mooring winch.

According to the drum design, it has single drum, dual drum, or three drum mooring winch.

Besides these basic kinds of mooring winch for sale, our company is quite confident to custom so many type of winch machine according to your requirements with high quality, advanced technology and cheap price.

Electric winch machine

electric mooring winch

single drum electric winch

dual drum electric winch

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Hydraulic winch machine

hydraulic mooring winch

single drum hydraulic winch

dual drum hydraulic winch

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Anchor mooring winch

5 ton electric anchor mooring winch

16mm electric anchor mooring winch

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Mooring winch specification

hydraulic mooring winch

Power design: Electric or hydraulic types

Structure design: single drum, dual drum, or three drum types.

Wire rope


If you have some requirements, please tell us when your order the winch.

Do you need a certificate?

If you need hydraulic winch machine, you don’t need a pump station.

Do you need a reel?

What is a mooring winch working principles?

A mooring winch assembly consists of a winch drum which has cable or rope wound around it.

electric winch machine

hydraulic winch machine

The needs of paying attention to during mooring operations

Mooring elasticity: The elasticity of the rope is very important because it determines how the overall force of the ship is divided among the ship’s moorings. If two mooring cables of the same size and material are tied to the wharf in the same direction, but the lengths are not equal.

hydraulic single drum mooring winch

The safety of a ship in mooring is not only its own coordination, but also requires extensive knowledge and the correct use of the mooring equipment on the ship, a good awareness of mooring principles and careful planning and implementation. After the ship is moored to the berth, it is not the end of the above-mentioned good craftsmanship, but only the beginning of the whole process of keeping the ship moored at the berth.

Cable car braking force: Although the braking force of the cable car is different from ship to ship.

  1. It is designed according to the force of the cable on the cable car to cause the loosing cable. But this depends on the number of layers of the cable and the direction in which the cable is wound.
  2. The number of layers of the rope on the drum will directly affect the braking force of the cable winch.
  3. For the cable winch without separation drums, the braking force is usually designed on a fixed number of layers.
  4. Therefore, The users need pay attention to the orderly laying of the ropes on the drum when twisting the ropes, and do not pile up on one side, which will cause the braking force to drop.
  5. For winches with separate drums, the cable on the force drum cannot be more than one layer, otherwise the braking force will be reduced.

Why to choose us?

Various types of winch machines from Aicrane like mining series of winches for coal mines and non-ferrous metal mines; oil drilling platforms and various large and medium-sized ship anchoring and positioning winches, various types of crane ships, engineering ship winches, windlass series, winches series and special equipment for docks and slides.

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We are good at undertaking the design and manufacture of various non-standard large tonnage winches and winches. The company has won the trust of users for its reliable product quality, reasonable price and short production cycle.

The company has passed ISO quality management system certification.

We have been certified by a number of Chinese and foreign classification societies such as the large-scale construction hoist production license issued by the State General Administration of Quality.

It has successively obtained honors. We have strong technical force, sophisticated processing equipment and perfect quality management system.

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Everything for the sake of users is the goal of the company’s continuous pursuit. Your needs are our sincere expectations.

Your satisfaction is our eternal pursuit!

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