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Electric Hoist For Sale

Electric hoist is a small light lifting equipment, widely used in various factories, workshops, mines, warehouses, etc. The hoist can not only be used alone, but also work with overhead crane or gantry crane. Our company has different kinds of electric hoists for sale. If you are planning to purchase a hoist for your business or you want to buy a crane with a hoist, welcome to put in touch with us, our experts will help you select an ideal hoist to meet your needs.

European Hoist For Sale
European Hoist For Sale

wire rope hoist for sale
Wire Rope Hoist For Sale

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Different Types Of Electric Hoist For Sale

Wire Rope Hoist

Wire rope electric hoist belongs to a light and small lifting equipment. It can be installed on the steel to complete the work alone, but also can be used with single girder overhead crane, double girder overhead crane, hoist gantry crane and jib crane, etc. Our company has various types of wire rope electric hoist for your reference.

In accordance with lifting speed, wire rope electric hoist can be divided into single-speed and two-speed type hoist

Different tons of the hoist has different lifting speed. Commonly, the hoist with larger tonnage has slower lifting speed. Besides, you can choose customized service to select a suitable hoist for your business.

CD1 electric hoist uses a ZD single-speed motor. The lifting speed of the hoist is normal speed, which can meet the general requirements. MD1 electric hoist uses a ZDS two-speed motor. The lifting speed of the hoist is normal speed plus slow speed. It is mainly used in different occasions for precision assembly, equipment maintenance and other delicate work.

wire rope hoist for sale
Wire Rope Hoist For Sale

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According to working functions of wire rope electric hoist, it can be classified into metallurgical, explosion-proof electrichoist.

YH metallurgical electric hoist is mainly used for lifting molten metal. This type hoist has double brake, double limit, heat insulation board and other protection functions.

HB explosion-proof electric hoist is mainly used in the workplace with inflammable and explosive gases. Explosion-proof wire rope hoist also can be installed in mines.

electric hoist for sale

metallurgical hoist for sale
Metallurgical Hoist

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Chain Electric Hoist

Chain electric hoist can be divided into ordinary chain hoist, explosion-proof chain hoist, low headroom electric chain hoist and European chain electric hoist, etc. In addition, except chain electric hoist, we also have pneumatic chain hoist and manual hoist for sale. Pneumatic chain hoist has explosion protection, slow lifting speed and high price. The manual hoist is used by hand.

Advantages of chain electric hoist

The motor of chain electric hoist has high comprehensive performance to ensure the safety and reliability of the hoist and reduce the operation accidents.

The structure of the specific hoist is very simple, which is convenient for installation,

Disassembly and maintenance. The hoist has good maintainability.

The suitable headroom height effectively savesspace so that it is not limited by the narrow space.

The hoist has stable operation, long service life and reliable performance.

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What is European Electric Hoist?

Our company produces European wire rope electric hoist and European chain electric hoist. Compared with ordinary wire rope or chain hoist, European hoist has the advantages of stable lifting, low noise and compact structure, low headroom height, etc.

ND European wire rope electric hoist is mainly composed by motor, reducer, brake, drum group, running mechanism, hook and electric device, etc. In addition, ND European wire rope hoist has double lifting speed and frequency conversion.

European wire rope and chain electric hoist are both designed according to international standards, so that they all have high quality and performance.

european wire rope hoist
European Wire Rope Hoist

European hoist for sale
European Hoist For Sale

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What’s The Parts Of Electric Hoist?

Motor: The motor is the motor source. Electric hoist is equipped with a conical motor. Normal speed hoist uses ZD single speed motor while double speed hoist works with ZDS two-speed motor. The insulation grade of the motor is B, the protection grade is IP44, and the load duration is 25%. It is a special motor for electric hoist.

Reducer: The device is to deduce the motor rotate speed and amplify output torsion moment.

Wire rope or chain: Electric hoist can be sorted into wire rope electric hoist and chain electric hoist. You can select the right hoist for your business.

Hook: The hook is designed for lifting materials.

Running mechanism: The running mechanism mainly consists of wheel parts, speed change device and motor. The motor uses ZDY1 conical motor, the speed change device is gear with soft tooth surface, the wheel group is made of 45 steel. The gear and wheels are required to be hardened.

electric hoist for sale
Hoist For Sale

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How Can You Select An Ideal Electric Hoist?

Know Some Details Of The Hoist

When you are planning to invest in an electric hoist, it is important for you to choose a hoist that has a maximum weight capacity that is equal to or greater than the weight of the loads which you will lift. If the objects lifted exceed the weight limits of the hoist, both operations and worker safety will become compromised. Specifically, the hoist could easily separate from its mounting, tumble over on its side or drop the load.

You are supposed to also know the maximum height to which you plan to lift your materials. Lifting length limit depends on the amount of cable or chain on the spool. Therefore, when you communicate with our sales, you had better tell them these details so that they can help you select a suitable hoist for your business.

Quality Of The Hoist

A product with high quality will not only avoids accidents and injuries, but has less maintenance and long service lift, so it is the most important thing to pay attention to the quality of the products.

Our group has shipped kinds of lifting equipment to different countries, all of our customers give positive feedback on our products. Because these machines designed by our company all have high quality and performance. You can have faith in the hoists from us.

Price Of The Hoist

Electric hoist belongs to light lifting machines, which has relatively lower price than other products designed for lifting operations. Some of our customers purchase the hoists to use with cranes, like overhead cranes or gantry cranes. That is, you can buy an electric hoist at a reasonable price. If you choose our hoist for your projects, we will give you a suitable price.

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Why Do You Choose Aicrane?

Our company is a reliable and professional manufacturer, which specializes in producing different lifting machines, such as overhead crane, gantry crane, winch, and boat hoist, etc.

Quality Of Our Products

The electric hoist designed by our company has high quality and performance, It is an ideal choice for you. During the production process, our experts always pay attention to quality control strictly. In addition, our products will be checked carefully before shipped to you. All of our customers think highly of our products, and our products will help you improve your work efficiency.

Perfect After-sales Service

We have professional design team and patient sales team, they will help you choose a suitable hoist for you. Our greatest wish is that our clients can be satisfied with our service and products. If you choose an electric hoist from us, you will enjoy lots of after-sales service, including installation and operation guidance, one year warranty, etc. Our service concept is to make customers have a satisfactory selection, secure purchase and happy utilization. We’d like to ensure we can provide you with an electric hoist that will suit all of your needs.

What Is Hoist Overhead Crane?

Hoist overhead crane is our hot-sale products, which is used to improve the safety and productivity of your projects. Our company has kinds of options for you to meet various working environments, such as single girder, double girder, top running, underhung, and magnetic crane etc.

Hoist overhead crane can work with various hoists. LD electric overhead crane is usually equipped with CD1 or MD1 hoist for sale. HD European single girder overhead crane is commonly used with ND European hoist. NLH European bridge crane is always designed with NDS electric hoist. These overhead cranes designed by our group have sorts of advantages like easy installation and operation, long service life, less maintenance and high performance, etc.

If you are planning to invest in an overhead crane with hoist, you had better consult our crane experts first so that they will help you select an ideal crane.

overhead crane for sale
European Overhead Crane With Chain Hoist

hoist overhead crane for sale
Overhead Crane With Wire Rope Hoist

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What’s The Working Principle Of Electric Hoist?

Basic principle

The hoist is a small and light lifting equipment. It has compact structure, the motor, reducer, drum, brake are all installed in a box. It can independently work to lift loads vertically and be suspended along the trolley of a crane to lift heavy objects. The hoist is widely used in various conditions.

Operation Essentials

The operator on the ground controls all the operations of the hoist through the overhanging electrical button box.

When the conical rotor motor is not energized, under the action of spring force, the brake wheel is pressed on the friction plate, the fan wheel and the rotor are controlled, and the lifting mechanism does not work. When the conical rotor is energized, the electromagnetic field produces an axial tension on the rotor, which is used to overcome the resistance produced by the spring, so that the brake wheel is separated from the friction disc. The rotor shaft works through the gear drive reel device of the reducer to lift and lower heavy materials.

When the motor of the trolley is energized, the wheel of the trolley is driven along the track, so that the hoist reaches different positions to meet the needs of the lifting work.

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How Do You Maintain The Hoist?

➢ Install gear according to the drawing.

➢ Maintenance and overhaul should be carried out by those familiar with the hoist mechanism to prevent those who don’t understand the performance and working principle of the machine to disassemble and assemble at will.

➢ When installing slotted nuts, the operator should first turn the hand wheel clockwise to make the ratchet wheel and friction plate press on the brake air seat and install the slotted nuts.

➢ After cleaning and inspection, the lifting hoist should have no-load and heavy-load test to confirm that the hoist is reliable and automatic to use. The friction surface of the brake must be kept clean, and the pollution of sludgeand sewage is strictly prohibited.

➢ After use, the hoist needs to be cleaned, coated with anti-rust oil, and stored on a dry place.

Our company is a manufacturer specialized in producing lifting equipment, and we have kinds of hoists for your reference. If you are unsure of your demands, you can put in touch with us. We have an experienced and trained sales team, and they are more than happy to help you select the correct products. Besides, our company also has excellent after-sales service to meet all of your installation and maintenance needs. Welcome to contact us, then you will get an ideal machine and perfect service.

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