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Containers Handling Solution For Kazakhstan

Basic Project Information

Product name:
Rail-mounted Container Gantry Crane
Handling containers
Delivery time:
July 2023
Installation time:
August 2023
Installation method:
On-site installation guidance

Project Videos

Cooperation Process Between Aicrane And The
Kazakhstan Customer

Gantry Crane Request From Logistics Company

Рената, a representative from a logistics company in Kazakhstan, discovered our company through a Google search in 2022. She found our website while searching for keywords related to gantry cranes. Рената’s company specializes in logistics operations at railway yards, where they need cranes to lift shipping containers. Рената initially inquired about a portal gantry crane suitable for lifting 20-foot, 40-foot, and 45-foot shipping containers.

Upon understanding the customer’s initial requirements, we engaged in thorough discussions with our technical department to devise an optimal solution. Given the high volume of container handling (100-120 containers per day), it was crucial to design a crane that would maximize efficiency. We collaborated closely with the customer, going through two rounds of iterative solution development. This collaborative approach allowed us to modify and tailor the proposed designs until we reached a final solution that met the customer’s needs.

Tailored Solutions for Efficient Container Handling

Understanding the customer’s focus on productivity, we carefully considered their daily container handling volume of 100-120 units. To meet their demands, we engaged our technical team to develop a customized solution.

The RMG45T-32M boasts impressive specifications, including a maximum load capacity of 45 tons. With a rail span of 32 meters and a height of 12.5 meters, this crane provides optimal coverage and versatility for container terminals or logistics facilities. It operates at an A6 classification, indicating its robustness and suitability for heavy-duty operations.

To enhance operational flexibility, the RMG45T-32M comes equipped with two sets of working cantilevers. Featuring one set with an 8-meter reach and another with a 5.5-meter reach, this gantry crane offers adaptability and precision when maneuvering containers of various sizes and positions.

Throughout the process, we facilitated effective communication and collaboration between the customer and our experts. This involved providing detailed quotations, utilizing 3D models and videos to showcase our proposed designs, and creating comprehensive documentation. After two rounds of collaborative refinement, we finalized a solution that aligned perfectly with the customer’s requirements and expectations.

Crane Production Process

Upon receiving the initial payment, Aicrane swiftly initiated the production process. Every component of the gantry crane was meticulously crafted with precision and expertise. During the production process, we have dedicated staff to send the production progress every week to customers in Kazakhstan, so that the customer can grasp the information in time.

Delivery of Container Gantry Crane

All the components were then thoughtfully packaged, ensuring their integrity during international transport. The main beams were packed with plastique wrap to reduce corrosion due to moisture. The accessory box was placed in a wooden box for safe transportation. The dedication to quality control and attention to detail culminated in the gantry crane’s arrival in Almaty, Kazakhstan, ready for the next phase of the project. This smooth delivery process highlighted Aicrane’s commitment to punctuality and quality assurance. The successful arrival of the equipment in Almaty sets the stage for the next crucial steps in the project, including installation and commissioning.

Installation and commissioning

Responding promptly to Рената’s installation request, Aicrane facilitated engineer visa approvals and arranged travel within a week. Aicrane’s engineers provided hands-on guidance during installation and commissioning. After meticulous setup and testing, the equipment was declared fully operational.

gantry crane installation
commissioning of 45 ton gantry crane
Operation of RMG Crane

Today, the rail-mounted gantry crane, RMG45T-32M with a height of 12.5 meters and A6 classification, along with its eight-meter and 5.5-meter working cantilevers, operates flawlessly in Almaty. Рената’s commendation of Aicrane’s engineers shows her aproval to our exceptional service.

Customer Praise


Praise after installation and commissioning

All production work is done in front of the node. The container gantry crane was carefully packed during transporatation. Aicrane’s engineers help to guide and inspect the installation.

Good reviews after operation

The RMG crane has great quality. It runs smoothly and can transfer the containers effciently the whole day. We will continue to work with Aicrane in the future.

Aicrane After-Sales Service


Installation, commissioning, on-site production engineers accompany the whole process and continue to help customers solve problems;


Provide professional training to help customers build a professional production and operation team;


Provide customers with spare parts for life.


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