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Steel Structure Factory

A steel structure factory is a type of industrial facility constructed primarily from steel components, offering numerous advantages over traditional building materials. Typically featuring a sturdy framework of steel columns, beams, and trusses, steel structure factories provide exceptional strength, durability, and flexibility. Overall, steel structure factories are a popular choice for businesses seeking robust, efficient, and adaptable industrial facilities.

Steel Structure Workshops with Different Size
Steel Structure Factory with Different Size

Types of Steel Structure Factory

There is different steel structure factory design. The factory steel structure can be divided into single storey steel structure factory and multiple storey steel structure factory.

Single Storey Steel Structure Factory

A single-storey steel structure factory is characterized by its horizontal layout, where all manufacturing, storage, and administrative functions are accommodated on a single level. These factories are well-suited for industries requiring expansive open spaces and heavy machinery, such as automotive manufacturing, logistics, and large-scale warehousing. The key features of single-storey steel structure factories include:

Large Span Steel Structure with Overhead Crane
Single Storey Steel Structure Factory
  • Spacious Layout:With a single level design, these factories offer vast open spaces, facilitating efficient workflow and machinery placement.
  • Flexibility: The open floor plan allows for easy reconfiguration of production lines and machinery to adapt to changing production needs.
  • Quick Construction: Utilizing prefabricated steel components, single-storey factories can be erected rapidly, reducing construction time and costs.
  • High Ceiling Clearance: Generous ceiling heights accommodate overhead cranes and tall machinery, enabling efficient material handling and assembly processes.

Multiple Storey Steel Structure Factory

A multiple-storey steel structure factory features a vertical design, with production floors stacked on top of each other. These factories are commonly found in urban areas or industries with limited land availability, such as electronics manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and high tech industries. The key features of multiple-storey steel structure factories include:

steel structure building
Multiple Storey Steel Structure Factory
  • Maximized Land Use: By stacking production floors vertically, these factories optimize land utilization, making them ideal for urban environments or areas with limited space.
  • Increased Production Capacity: The multi-storey design allows for higher production capacity within a confined footprint, maximizing efficiency and output.
  • Zoning and Segregation: Different floors can be designated for specific production processes, allowing for zoning and segregation of operations to streamline workflow and improve organization.
  • Integrated Support Facilities: Multiple-storey factories often incorporate amenities such as offices, laboratories, and support facilities on different levels, providing a comprehensive workspace for employees.
  • Structural Stability: Advanced engineering ensures structural stability and load-bearing capacity across multiple floors, meeting stringent safety and regulatory requirements.

In summary, single-storey steel structure factories offer spacious layouts and flexibility, while multiple-storey factories maximize land use efficiency and production capacity. The choice between the two types depends on factors such as available land, production requirements, and operational preferences.

3 Layers Steel Structure Workshop
3 Storey Steel Structure Factory

Besides, the steel structure factory can not only be divided based on storey, but also based on their span.

Single Span Steel Structure Factory

A single span steel structure factory consists of a single structural framework that spans across the entire width or length of the factory building without any intermediate support columns. Here are some key features:

Single Span Steel Structure Workshop
Single Span Steel Structure Factory
  • Simplicity: Single span structures are relatively simple in design compared to multiple span structures. They typically have a clear and open floor space without obstructions from support columns, making them suitable for various manufacturing processes and layouts.
  • Flexibilityof Interior Space: The absence of interior columns provides greater flexibility in configuring the interior space of the factory. It allows for efficient material handling, machinery layout, and production flow, accommodating different production needs and processes.
  • Ease of Expansion: Single span factories are relatively easy to expand by extending the existing structure longitudinally or laterally. This scalability allows businesses to adapt to changing production demands and accommodate future growth without significant disruptions.

Multiple Span Steel Structure Factory

A multiple span steel structure factory comprises two or more structural bays separated by intermediate support columns or walls. Here are some key characteristics:

Double Span Steel Structure Warehouse
Double Span Steel Structure Factory
  • Large Clear Span: Multiple span structures can provide large clear spans, allowing for expansive open areas within the factory for manufacturing processes, storage, or assembly lines. This layout offers versatility in space utilization and equipment placement.
  • Structural Support: Intermediate columns or walls provide additional structural support, allowing for greater load-bearing capacity and stability across the entire factory building. This is particularly beneficial for heavy-duty industrial applications or buildings with significant overhead loads.
  • Adaptability: The modular nature of multiple span structures allows for easy customization and adaptation to specific manufacturing requirements. Different sections of the factory can be tailored to accommodate various functions, machinery, or production lines, optimizing operational efficiency.
  • Structural Integrity: With intermediate support columns or walls, multiple span steel structures offer enhanced structural integrity and resilience against external forces such as wind or seismic loads. This ensures the long-term durability and safety of the factory building or other steel structure constructions like steel structure warehouse.
  • Inside of Double Span Steel Structure Factory
    Inside of Double Span Steel Structure Factory

In summary, single span and multiple span steel structure factories each offer unique advantages depending on the specific needs, scale, and operational requirements of the manufacturing facility. While single span steel structure worshops provide simplicity, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness, multiple span steel structures offer larger clear spans, structural support, zoning flexibility, and adaptability for diverse industrial applications.

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Customer Cases

Aicrane provides steel structure products for customers around the world. Here are two customer cases, both of their steel structure factories are combined with overhead crane.

Factory Steel Structure For Uzbekistan

Aicrane provided a comprehensive solution for a steel building factory project in Uzbekistan. This project involved the installation of an AQ-LD 10 ton single girder overhead crane integrated with a specially designed steel structure factory building.

Aicrane 10T AQ-LD Crane & Steel Structure
Aicrane 10T AQ-LD Crane & Steel Structure
Aicrane Crane Steel Structure For Uzbekistan
Crane Steel Structure For Uzbekistan

In the initial stages of discussion, the customer emphasized the importance of having a fitting and cost-effective single-span steel frame factory that would complement the functionality of the 10 ton overhead crane. Our team of professional engineers meticulously analyzed the customer’s requirements and proposed several steel structure options tailored to their unique needs.

Overhead Crane in Steel Structure Workshop Design
Overhead Crane in Steel Structure Workshop Design

One notable feature of the factory steel structure for Uzbekistan is the incorporation of crane beams designed to seamlessly support the operation of the overhead crane. The customer was highly impressed with the proposed solutions and subsequently selected Aicrane as their preferred supplier for the steel structure.

The decision to collaborate with Aicrane was reinforced by positive feedback from a satisfied client in Uzbekistan who had previously purchased an AQ-LD 20 ton overhead crane from our company. This endorsement further solidified the customer’s trust in Aicrane’s reputation for delivering high-quality cranes and exceptional services.

Steel Structure Factory with 50 Ton Overhead Crane for Chile

Aicrane recently supplied a durable double girder 50 ton overhead crane and a steel structure factory to Chile, dedicated to handling heavy loads. The decision to select Aicrane followed two months of extensive communication, during which the client was particularly impressed with our personalized service.

Aicrane crane steel structure
Aicrane Crane Steel Structure In Chile

Following a meticulous three-month process of design and manufacturing, the 50 ton heavy-duty overhead crane, equipped with a double girder, was successfully completed and shipped to Chile via sea transportation. The client highly values the crane’s ability to lift substantial loads, emphasizing its pivotal role in their operations.

Loading the Steel Structure onto Truck before Shipment
Loading the Steel Structure onto Truck before Shipment

Of particular note, Aicrane seamlessly integrated the 50 ton overhead crane with a custom-designed steel frame workshop. Our capacity to tailor the steel structure factory building to accommodate the top-running bridge crane played a crucial role in meeting the client’s specific requirements. The customer expressed utmost satisfaction with our product, highlighting its superior quality, exceptional design, and minimal noise levels.

Steel Structure Installation
Steel Structure Installation
overhead crane installation
Installation Of Steel Structure In Chile

This successful project exemplifies Aicrane’s proficiency in delivering not only high-performance double girder overhead cranes but also in providing customized solutions that seamlessly integrate with steel structures, thereby enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Top Running Overhead Crane
Top Running Overhead Crane combine Steel Structure Workshop

Advantages of Steel Structure Factory

Steel structure factories offer numerous advantages over traditional construction methods, making them a popular choice for industrial and commercial facilities. The key advantages of steel structure factories include:

  • Strength and Durability: Steel is renowned for its high strength-to-weight ratio, providing exceptional structural integrity and durability. Steel structure factories can withstand harsh environmental conditions, including seismic activity, high winds, and heavy snow loads, ensuring long term reliability and safety.
  • Speed of Construction: Prefabricated steel components allow for rapid construction compared to conventional building methods. With efficient manufacturing processes and assembly techniques, steel structure factories can be erected quickly, reducing construction time and associated costs.
  • Versatility and Customization: Steel structures offer versatility in design and customization options, accommodating a wide range of architectural styles and functional requirements. Whether it’s an open-span layout for large-scale production or modular designs for flexible expansion, steel structure factories can be tailored to meet specific needs. It can be combined with overhead crane to lift materials as crane steel structure.
  • Cost Efficiency: Steel structure factories are cost-effective solutions for industrial construction projects. The efficiency of steel manufacturing processes, reduced labor requirements, and shorter construction timelines result in overall cost savings compared to traditional building materials.
  • Environmental Sustainability:Steel is a highly recyclable material, making steel structure factories environmentally sustainable. Additionally, steel construction generates minimal construction waste and can be designed with energy-efficient features, contributing to green building initiatives and reducing environmental impact.
  • Long term Investment: Due to their inherent strength and durability, steel beam factory building offers long term value and return on investment. With minimal maintenance requirements and the ability to withstand the test of time, steel structures provide a reliable and enduring solution for industrial facilities.

Overall, steel structure factories combine strength, versatility, cost-efficiency, and sustainability, making them an excellent choice for industrial and commercial construction projects seeking to maximize performance, durability, and value.

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Main Components of Steel Structure Factory

A steel structure factory is comprised of several key components, each playing a crucial role in providing a safe, functional, and efficient workspace for industrial activities. The main components of a steel building factory include:

  • Primary Structural Frame: The primary structural frame forms the backbone of the factory and provides support for the entire structure. It typically consists of steel columns, bracing, and purlin, engineered to withstand the weight of the building and any applied loads, such as machinery or equipment.
  • Steel Structure Workshop
    Steel Structure Main Frame
  • Roof and Wall Systems: The roof and wall systems of a factory steel building are designed to provide weather protection, insulation, and structural stability. Roof panels, typically made of metal sheets or insulated panels, cover the top of the factory, while wall panels enclose the sides. These systems help maintain a comfortable indoor environment and protect against external elements.
  • Roof and Wall of Steel Structure Factory
    Roof and Wall of Steel Structure Factory
  • Flooring: The factory floor is a critical component that must be durable, flat, and able to support heavy loads. Common flooring options for steel structure factories include concrete slabs or reinforced concrete floors, which offer strength, durability, and resistance to wear and tear.
  • Steel Structure Workshop Contruction
    Steel Structure Floor
  • Doors and Windows: Doors and windows provide access, ventilation, and natural light to the factory interior. Steel structure factories may feature various types of doors, such as roll-up doors, sliding doors, or sectional overhead doors, depending on the specific requirements of the facility. Similarly, windows can be strategically placed to optimize natural lighting and airflow.
  • Doors and Windows of Steel Structure
    Doors and Windows of Steel Structure
  • Crane Systems: Many steel structure factories incorporate overhead crane systems to facilitate material handling, production processes, and storage. These crane systems typically consist of steel beams, rails, trolleys, and hoists, allowing for efficient movement of heavy loads within the factory space.
  • 50 Ton AQ-QD Top Running Overhead Crane
    50 Ton Overhead Crane and Steel Structure
  • Ancillary Components:In addition to the main structural elements, steel structure factories may include various ancillary components to enhance functionality and efficiency. This may include mezzanine floors, stairs, platforms, catwalks, railings, and other accessories designed to optimize space utilization and workflow.
  • Walls and Roof of Steel Structure Workshop
    Steel Structure Factory with Exhaust Fan

Overall, the main components of a factory steel structure work together to create a robust, adaptable, and functional workspace tailored to the needs of industrial production and manufacturing processes. Each component is carefully designed and engineered to ensure structural integrity, safety, and operational efficiency.

Our Services

At Aicrane, we offer a comprehensive range of services to support the development and construction of steel structure plant. Our services include:

  • Design and Customization: Our team of experienced engineers and designers specializes in creating custom steel structure factory designs tailored to meet the unique needs and specifications of each client. Whether it’s an open-span layout, modular design, or specialized features, we work closely with our customers to deliver personalized solutions that maximize functionality and efficiency.Aicrane has our own steel structure manufacturing factory and we can produce the product bases on the steel structure factory design.
  • Free Quotation: We provide free and detailed quotations to our customers, helping them understand the cost implications of their steel structure workshop projects upfront. Our transparent pricing ensures clarity and confidence in the decision-making process.
  • Aicrane Professional Engineers
    Aicrane Professional Engineers
  • Logistics: Aicrane manages the logistics and transportation of materials and components for steel structure factory building, ensuring timely delivery to project sites. Our logistics team coordinates with reliable shipping partners to optimize delivery schedules and minimize downtime, streamlining the construction process.
  • Installation: We offer professional installation services for steel building factory, employing skilled technicians and construction crews to ensure precise and efficient assembly. Our installation teams adhere to industry best practices and safety standards, delivering high-quality workmanship and timely completion of projects.
  • Installation Team
    Installation Team
  • After-sale Services: Aicrane is committed to providing ongoing support and maintenance services to our customers even after the completion of their steel frame factory. Our dedicated after-sales support team is available to address any inquiries, troubleshoot issues, and provide assistance as needed to ensure the long term performance and satisfaction of our clients.

service engineers

With Aicrane’s comprehensive range of services, customers can rely on us as their trusted partner for the design, construction, and maintenance of steel structure workshops. From initial concept to final installation and beyond, we are committed to delivering great quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction in every project we undertake.

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