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Water Conservancy & Hydropower Industry

Solutions for Dam & Power Station Construction & Maintenance

hydropower gantry cranes

The water conservancy and hydropower industry faces challenges such as environmental sustainability, climate change impact, and efficient water resource management. These challenges necessitate the need for advanced lifting solutions, such as gantry cranes and overhead cranes, to handle heavy equipment and components for infrastructure development and maintenance in this sector.

Solution for Water Conservancy & Hydropower Industry

Different types of gantry cranes and overhead cranes are integral to these operations, offering the necessary lifting capabilities and precision. Below, we introduce various lifting solutions suitable for this industry, highlighting the specific types of gantry and overhead cranes that can be employed.

Solution for Construction of Dams and Powerhouses

During the construction of dams and powerhouses, rail mounted gantry cranes are used to lift and position large structural components such as concrete segments, steel beams, and other heavy materials. Their rail-mounted design provides stability and precision in handling heavy loads.

Solution for Installation and Maintenance of Turbines and Generators

For the installation and maintenance of heavy machinery like turbines and generators, double girder overhead cranes offer the required lifting capacity and precision. These cranes ensure safe and efficient handling of critical components within the powerhouse.

Solution for Secondary Operations and Maintenance

In maintenance areas and for secondary operations, overhead cranes are used to lift and handle smaller parts and equipment. They offer a practical and cost-effective solution for less intensive lifting tasks.

Lifting Equipment For Shipbuilding and Maintenance Industry

Aicrane provides different kinds of shipyard equipment for lifting. There are some types of shipyard cranes, slipway winch, marine travel lift and hydraulic transporter. These advanced shipyard equipments for lifting are designed to optimize the lifting and transportation of heavy ship components and vessels within shipyards. They can be combined with each other to transport vessels and components. There are several types of shipyard cranes that can be used for building and maintaining ships.

Gantry Crane

Overhead Crane

Double Girder Gantry Crane

Double girder gantry cranes are ideal for handling heavy loads in dam construction and maintenance projects. They offer high load capacity and stability, making them suitable for lifting large concrete segments, turbines, and other substantial materials. These double girder gantry cranes can operate in various weather conditions, ensuring continuous operation on site.

Single Girder Gantry Crane

Single girder gantry cranes are used for lighter tasks within water conservancy projects, such as handling smaller components or materials. The single girder gantry cranes are cost-effective, easier to install, and provide adequate lifting capacity for medium-duty operations, such as positioning pipes or small machinery components.

Double Girder Overhead Crane

Double girder overhead cranes are essential for heavy lifting tasks in hydropower plants, such as installing and maintaining turbines and generators. They offer high load capacities and precise control, ensuring safe and efficient handling of critical components. These heavy duty gantry cranes are crucial for tasks requiring significant lifting power and accuracy.

Single Girder Overhead Crane

Single girder overhead cranes are suitable for lighter lifting tasks within hydropower facilities. They are often used for maintenance activities, handling tools, and smaller components. These single girder overhead cranes are more economical and easier to install, providing an efficient solution for routine operational needs.

Future Outlook for Water Conservancy & Hydropower Industry

The future of the water conservancy and hydropower industry is characterized by a trajectory of sustainable growth, technological evolution, and environmental stewardship. As the industry continues to evolve, the integration of advanced lifting solutions will be instrumental in achieving operational excellence, maximizing resource efficiency, and contributing to the global transition towards a cleaner and greener energy landscape. Embracing innovation, fostering collaboration, and prioritizing sustainability will define the success of the water conservancy and hydropower industry in the years to come.

Dam and Gantry Cranes

01Sustainable Energy Transition

One of the key drivers shaping the future of the water conservancy and hydropower industry is the global transition towards sustainable energy sources. Hydropower is poised to play a crucial role in meeting the world’s growing energy needs while reducing carbon emissions. This transition will lead to the construction of new hydropower plants and the modernization of existing ones, necessitating sophisticated lifting solutions for installation, maintenance, and operational efficiency.

02Infrastructure Modernization

The future of water conservancy and hydropower infrastructure lies in modernization and optimization. Aging infrastructure will undergo extensive upgrades and refurbishments to improve reliability, performance, and sustainability. Lifting solutions will play a crucial role in these modernization efforts, facilitating the installation of new equipment, the retrofitting of existing structures, and the implementation of innovative solutions for water management and power generation.

03Green Initiatives and Environmental Impact

Environmental conservation and sustainability will be central themes in the future of the water conservancy and hydropower industry. There will be a strong emphasis on minimizing environmental impact, preserving ecosystems, and adopting eco-friendly practices throughout the project lifecycle. Lifting solutions that prioritize energy efficiency, reduce emissions, and adhere to strict environmental regulations will be in high demand, reflecting the industry’s commitment to green initiatives.

Services Provided for Our Customers

Customized Solutions

Technical Support Service

Localization Service

After-Sales Service

Customized Combination Solutions

Aicrane specializes in providing tailored lifting solutions that meet the specific requirements of your manufacturing operations. Aicrane work closely with clients to understand their needs and design customized combinations of equipment such as overhead cranes, gantry cranes, transfer carts, and steel structures to optimize efficiency and productivity.

Technical Support Service

After the equipment arrives at the customer’s site, we will provide remote video or on-site installation and commissioning guidance according to customer needs. In order to ensure the safe use of the lifting equipment and maximize the performance, we provide training services for customers,  includes equipment start-up and shutdown procedures, emergency procedures execution methods, detailed instructions for various configurations, etc.

Localization Service

Aicrane has established local offices and service centers in various regions to provide timely support and services. This ensures quick response times and better understanding of local market needs. We have more than 30 service outlets in different countries and will set up more in the near future in order to serve our customers quicker and better.

Dedicated After-Sales Service

Our commitment to customer satisfaction extends beyond the initial purchase. Aicrane offers dedicated after-sales support to address any issues or concerns you may have after installation. Our team is available to provide technical assistance, maintenance services, and spare parts supply to keep your lifting solution operating smoothly.

Lifting Solutions for Other Industries

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