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Winch For Sale Worldwide

Our winch for sale is popular in the market, which is applied for lifting or pulling operations. It has advantages of compact structure, easy operation and good versatility. Winch can be used in various engineering projects on land like mines, installation or production plant and along the coast.  As a professional and powerful winch supplier & exporter, our group has delivered so many winches to different countries worldwide. If you are panning to make an investment in the winch, our experts will help you choose an ideal product.

JM Winch For Sale
JM Winch For Sale

Hydraulic Mooring Winch for sale
Hydraulic Mooring Winch

Winch For Sale In Different Countries


Winch For Sale Philippines

We have the long-term cooperation with some customers from Philippines. The customers use the winch Philippines designed by us well, and they think highly of our products. Our winches can help them improve the working efficiency. Because of the customized service, our team can design specific winches to meet different requirements of clients.

For example, the electric winches can be designed into variable speed winch by frequency converter. Slipway winch can have different accessories for different methods of hauling boat. If you have specific demands, please communicate with us, we have skilled designer to give you some advice.

Hydraulic Winch Philippines

Hydraulic winch is widely designed for heavy marine operations. If you have special needs, this kind of winch can also be designed as construction winch. It is powered by hydraulic pump station. According to various functions, hydraulic winch can be classified into anchor winch, mooring winch, towing winch and capstan. It is usually used on ships or shores or in production plants. The quality of hydraulic winches to Philippines are all guaranteed, because our group has strict quality control system during production.

The Following case is 12 ton hydraulic waterfall winch in Philippines. Waterfall winch is with diverse functions like towing, mooring, positioning and anchor handling in line with your particular demands.

Hydraulic Winch In Philippines for sale
Hydraulic Winch In Philippines

Waterfall Winch In Philippines for sale
Waterfall Winch In Philippines

Electric Winch For Sale Philippines

Electric winch for sale Philippines is popular with some customers. There are a variety of electric winches have been shipped to Philippines in recent years. About construction electric winch, we have JM slow speed electric winch, JK high speed electric winch JMM friction electric winch and JKL piling electric winch, etc. About marine operations, there are electric anchor winch, electric towing winch, electric mooring winch and electric capstan for your reference.

The electric winches are generally equipped with electric motor to supply power. For export products, we generally choose Schneider, Siemens, ABB and other brands. The quality of these brands is guaranteed. It is easy to find an after-sales service center in the local area, and replacement parts are also easy to buy. Besides, we have built service center in Philippines, as an electric winch supplier Philippines, we can provide you with fast and great service.

Electric winch for sale is with safe operation, stable performance and convenient installation, which belongs to a hot-sale product in Philippines. Winch Price Philippines is competitive and reasonable. The following case is 32 ton electric mooring winch to Philippines. It works with a various frequency motor and has variable speed.

32T Mooring Winch
32T Mooring Winch

Electric Cabinet
Electric Cabinet


Winch Indonesia

The customers from Indonesia usually purchase kinds of winches designed by our company. For them, we are a good partner. Some clients are satisfied with our high-quality products, and they will introduce us to the others. Besides, the customized service can be provided, which can guarantee that the customers can get an ideal winch.

The office has been set in Indonesia, and our staffs are there to provide service to our customers. The existence of the office further opens up the development space of our company. As a powerful exporter & supplier, we can offer professional and fast service like consulting service or after-sales service. Winch Indonesia is with high quality.

10T Hydraulic Winch To Indonesia

10T Hydraulic Winch

Hydraulic Winch To Indonesia

3 Ton AQ-JM Winch For Sale To Indonesia

3T JM Winch
3 Ton AQ-JM Winch

3T Winch To Indonesia
AQ-JM Electric Winch

12 Ton Electric Winch To Indonesia

12 Ton Winch To Indonesia
12T Electric Winch

12T Winch
12 Ton Winch To Indonesia

60 Ton AQ-JMM Friction Winch Operation In Indonesia

The AQ-JMM winch is used as slipway winch to move ships out of water by the slipway.


Winch For Sale Malaysia

We have exported many winches to Malaysia, and there are a lot of regular customers in your country who are using our machines. Because of good performance of the winch Malaysia, the customers from Malaysia all give positive feedback on our products. The electric winch Malaysia and hydraulic winch Malaysia are popular in the market.

What’s more, we have set up a service center in Malaysia. If you have some problems about installation, maintenance or other needs, we can go to help you immediately. Our staffs are with rich experience to solve your different problems. Choosing a winch from Malaysia, you will get a product with high quality and enjoy our fast service.

In addition to the winch for sale Malaysia, we also delivered other heavy machines to Malaysia. As a winch supplier in Malaysia, our company has friendly cooperation with lots of customers from Malaysia.

Electric Anchor Winch + 3T Capstan + 45T Towing Winch To Malaysia

Capstan To Malaysia

Winch To Malaysia
Winch For Sale Malaysia

Winch to Malaysia
Winch Delivery


Winch Singapore

Some of our customers are from Singapore, and they are satisfied with our winch Singapore. In the recent years, the customers from Singapore have looked at our factories. Our professional team convince them of the quality of our products. Our winches for sale in Singapore is in demand, plenty of customers purchase winches from us. As a winch supplier in Singapore, you will get an ideal machine and excellent service.

Our brand, Aicrane has received recognition in Singapore. The development of the brand rely  more on reputation. When our customers are pleased with our products and service, they will introduce us to other clients. Which makes for better overall customer satisfaction? The quality of the products is the foundation, and service can also enhance the customer satisfaction.

About electric winch Singapore and marine hydraulic winch Singapore, they are hot-sale products in Singapore. As a great winch supplier in Singapore, our aim is having mutually beneficial cooperation with the clients. Therefore, we have developed skilled production team and service team to solve various questions. It is my expectation to work with you.

15 Ton Electric Mooring Winch Singapore

Winch In Singapore
Electric Mooring Winch

15 Ton Mooring Winch Singapore

25 Ton Electric Mooring Winch Singapore

25 Ton Mooring Winch To Singapore
25 Ton Mooring Winch To Singapore

25 Ton Mooring Winch Delivery


Winch UAE

UAE is an important winch market for our group, which has a large demand for various winches. Winches have gained in popularity over recent years. Hydraulic winch and electric winch UAE are both sold well. Because of various advantages of these winches like excellent performance, the clients think well of our products. In addition to winches, kinds of other heavy machines from our business are also exported to UAE.

Many of our customers are concerned about the quality and price of our winches. We can make sure that we have made careful inspection of these winches to be exported. Besides, the price of the winch is also reasonable. We are a winch supplier UAE, please contact us.

5 Ton Electric Marine Winch And Capstan To UAE

5 Ton Marine Winch

Electric Winch To uae
Marine Winch For Sale UAE


Winch For Sale In Pakistan

We currently has local service base in Pakistan. If your project site at the place, you could enjoy local technical support directly. And for some spare parts, you could directly get from our local service base, no need to buy from our China factory, helping you save waiting time and import cost. Therefore, the winch price In Pakistan is competitive.

We have hydraulic and electric winch for sale in Pakistan, and the electric winch price in Pakistan has the superiority. Welcome to put in touch with us, if you are planning a winch for sale in Pakistan. Looking forward to working with you.

20 Ton Slow Speed Winch To Pakistan

20T Winch
AQ-JM Slow Speed Winch

20T Winch To Pakistan
20T Winch To Pakistan

Sri Lanka

Winch for sale in Sri Lanka

Some winches produced by us are exported to Sri Lanka, which win the praise of our customers. Our products are superior in quality, so the clients are satisfied with our products. Besides, our first-class service also help them solve many problems.

About hydraulic winch and electric winch for sale in Sri Lanka, both hydraulic winch and electric winch are hot-sale products in Sri Lanka. When considering how to choose a winch, you are supposed to provide your working conditions and some other details of the winch you need.

Winch Price In Sri Lanka

Our winches for sale in Sri Lanka are with reasonable price. The price is affected by many factors, including internal factors and external factors.

AQ-JK High Speed Winch To Sri Lanka

JK High Speed Winch

About External Factors

  • The price of row materials.
  • Transportation expenses can influence the winch price.
  • The price of components of the winch like motor, hydraulic pump station, etc.

        About Internal Factors

  • The tons of the winch can influence the winch price. For the same winch, the price of 30 ton winch is higher than 5 ton winch. The heavy duty winch is suitable for heavier operations, which will cost more. You should choose the winch in accordance with the materials you will pull or lift.
  • Electric, hydraulic, diesel model? The winch with different power system has different price. Hydraulic winch, electric winch and diesel winch are respectively powered by electric motor, pump station, and diesel engine. These parts of the winch have various prices. Generally, the hydraulic winch has higher price than electric winch.
  • Single drum or double drum? Commonly, there are single drum and double drum winch for your reference. Compared with a single drum winch, double drum winch delivers greater strength and higher efficiency when moving heavy loads. Whether single drum winch or double drum winch, we can provide customized service to fit your particular applications.
  • Whether you need frequency converter. Our winches with a motor, can work with a frequency converter to realize variable speed. Generally, the winch is with single speed, which can not meet all the requirements of our clients. Therefore, the variable maybe be a good choice for you.  

Many Cases From Other Countries

  • JM 30T Towing Winch for sale
    JM 30 Ton Towing Winch To Nigeria

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What Are The Types Of Winches?

  • Commonly, winch falls in two broad types, construction winch and marine winch. Construction winch and marine winch are different in applications. The AQ-JM slow speed winch, AQ-JK high speed winch, AQ-JKL piling winch and AQ-JMM friction winch all belong to construction winch.
  • Construction winch is used for making pulling and lifting operations in a variety of engineering projects on land or along the coast. Marine winch is mainly used on ships or on shores to tow or lift loads. You can choose a right winch according to your actual conditions.

Construction Winch


JM 10T Winch for sale
AQ-JM 10T Winch


AQ-JM winch is popular with our customers. This slow speed winch is equipped with an electric motor to provide power. The other parts of the winch includes reducer, brake, drum, coupling and electric cabinet. Besides, the speed of the winch is usually 10 m/min.

AQ-JM Slow Speed Winch Parameters 

Model AQ-JM
Load capacity 0.5-200 ton
Wire rope capacity 20-3600m
Working speed 5~20 m/min
Power supply 220-690V,50/60HZ,3Phase


JK Winch for sale
AQ-JK Winch


AQ-JK winch is mainly applied for materials lifting and traction the weight droops during construction. The high speed winch is suitable for construction and small equipments installation of construction mines lifting factory.

AQ-JK High Speed Winch Parameters 

Model AQ-Jk
Load capacity 0.5-60 ton
Wire rope capacity 20-500m
Working speed 20~35 m/min(single speed and dual speed)
Power supply 220-690V,50/60HZ,3Phase


The friction winch is mainly used for long-distance hauling of heavy steel structures, ships, and cables and large stroke lifting. It is characterized by constant wire rope speed and smooth lifting, which is fit for bridges, ports, wharf and other road and bridge construction. Besides, JMM friction winch can also be used as slipway winch, and it can use the friction of wire rope and drum to produce tension.

friction winch
AQ-JMM friction winch


Friction winch is composed of friction drum, pressing-rope device, pressing-rope wheel, drum for rope storage, etc. If you need a slipway winch for your projects, we can provide the complete slipway winch solution for you.

AQ-JMM Friction Winch Parameters 

Model AQ-JMM
Load capacity 0.5~100 t
Rope capacity 20~5000 m
Working speed 5~20 m/min
Power supply 220-690V, 50/60HZ, 3Phase


pilling winch
AQ-JKL single drum winch

AQ-JKL piling winch is usually applied for lifting heavy loads vertically, making piling operations and the installation of small equipment. It can be used in construction sites, mines and other conditions. In our company, you can find single drum type and double type piling winch.

AQ-JKL Piling Winch Parameters 

Model AQ-JKL
Load capacity 1-10 ton
Rope capacity 20~500 m
Working speed 20~36 m/min
Power supply 220-690V, 50/60HZ, 3Phase

Marine Winch

  • Marine winch are mainly classified into marine electric and hydraulic winch, and we can also provide you with diesel marine winch for your projects. Marine winch is generally used as a marine machine to making towing, anchoring and mooring operations on ships or on shores.
  • This kind of winch is produced in with advanced technology, which will enhance your efficiency. If you need to invest in a marine winch for your business, you should know the types of the winch first.

Anchor Winch For Sale

Anchor winch is an ideal machine to make various anchoring operations. According to different power source, you can choose electric anchor winch and hydraulic anchor winch. In addition, the winch can be sorted into anchor anchor winch and  anchor rope winch. We can also provide custom service for you to meet your particular needs.

electric anchor winch for sale
Anchor Winch For Sale

Electric Anchor Winch for sale
Electric Anchor Winch

Towing Winch For Sale

This kind of towing machine always tugs boats. Towing winch is with large pull force(10T-100T). The speed of winch is generally 10m/min. When towing boats in the sea, the length of towing cable is not less than 200m. The larger the vessel is to be towed and the higher the speed of the tug is, the longer the towing cable should be. The worse the weather is, the longer the towing cable is.

hydraulic towing winch for sale
Towing Winch For Sale

Hydraulic Towing Winch for sale
Hydraulic Towing Winch

Mooring Winch For Sale

Mooring winch is a marine equipment, which can make mooring operations when the ship is berthing. It has the functions of supporting, drifting and positing during the loading and unloading process. What’s more, mooring winch can compensate for changes in draft and tide as well. The machine can be designed to be electrically, hydraulically and diesel driven according to our costumers’ requirements.

Hydraulic 5T Mooring Winch
Hydraulic 5T Mooring Winch

electric mooring winch for sale
Electric Mooring Winch For Sale

Capstan For Sale

Capstan is a small machine used for mooring and anchoring on deck or shore. Generally, the load capacity is 0.5t-10t. It has single speed, double speed and triple speed. Besides, there are hydraulic capstan and electric capstan alternatively.

5T Electric Vertical Capstan
Electric Vertical Capstan

Hydraulic Mooring Capstan
Hydraulic Mooring Capstan

Combination Winch

Sometimes, we can produce combination winch when in accordance with customers’ requirements. Our company mainly designs and produces many marine combination winches with the functions of both anchoring and mooring or towing. This kind of winch can save production and installation costs and save deck space. The winch belongs to customized winches, please have a deep communication with our staffs before purchasing a combination winch.

In addition, our experts are able to design some construction winches like AQ-JK winch, AQ-JM winch and AQ-JKL winch as marine winches to make marine operations. What’s more, the motor needs to be replaced by the IP56 marine motor, and the winch should use aluminum can brake. The waterproof level of electrical control box achieves the highest.

Anchor And Mooring Winch for sale
Hydraulic Anchor And Mooring Winch

Electric Anchor And Mooring Winch
Electric Anchor And Mooring Winch

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Positive Feedback From Our Customers

Recently, we have exported two 5 ton winches to Lebanon. The AQ-JM winches are used for container loading in steel factory, which operate well. The customer gives positive feedback on the winches and our excellent service. Welcome to put in touch with us if you are interested in the winch.

  • JM 5T Winch To Lebanon
    5 Ton JM Winches To Lebanon

What Are The Three Power Models?

The winch designed by our company is with three power models – hydraulic, electric and diesel. In basis of the three power models, we have hydraulic winch, electric winch and diesel winch for your reference. The customers from different countries can buy a winch suitable for their projects.

Electric Winch For Sale

Electric winch runs by an electric motor. It is safe and easy to operate, which has become widespread in different conditions. The motor is the important part, so you had better check it regularly. Electric winches are popular in a lot of countries because of its various applications.

About electric winches, you can choose the high speed winch and slow speed winch, single drum winch and double drum winch, some marine electric winches, etc. The price of electric winches has relatively more economical price, which is the cost-effective option for you.

Hydraulic Winch & Diesel Winch For Sale

Hydraulic winch is widely used in marine area to make relatively heavier operations. It is equipped with hydraulic pump station and hydraulic motor. The pump station is able to supply power to the winch. We have exported many hydraulic winches to many countries.

Diesel winch is our specific winch, which is powered by diesel engine. Diesel engine can be electrically or manually controlled. If the electric winch and hydraulic winch is not fit for your working conditions, the diesel winch will be a good choice for you. The construction winch and marine winch usually can be produced into diesel winch.

Electric Marine Winch for sale
Electric Marine Winch

Diesel Piling Winch for sale
Diesel Piling Winch

Hydraulic Waterfall Winch
Hydraulic Waterfall Winch

The Difference Between Electric Winch And Hydraulic Winch

These two types of equipment are suitable for different operating conditions and are also recommended according to the customer’s budget. Generally, electric winches are simple to operate, relatively cheap, and the delivery time is relatively short. Hydraulic winches are generally suitable for marine environments such as decks and docks.

Different Tons Of The Winch For Sale

In our company, there are kinds of winches with different sizes and tons. The winch is commonly divided into light duty winch and heavy duty winch. Light duty winch includes 3 ton winch, 5 ton winch, 10 ton winch, etc. About heavy duty winches, 30 ton winch, 40 ton winch, and 50 ton winch can meet your varied demands.

Light duty winch is fit for relatively light operations, while the heavy duty winch is usually suitable for moving heavier items. Compared with light duty winch, the heavy winch has higher price. Choosing a light duty winch or a heavy duty winch depends the materials you should pull or lift. Welcome to put in touch with us if you have any questions, we will give you some advice and give you a free quotation.

5 Ton Winch for sale
5 Ton Winch

10 Ton Winch for sale
10 Ton Winch

20T Marine Winch for sale
20T Marine Winch


50T Mooring Winch
50T Mooring Winch

80 Ton JMM Winch for sale
80 Ton JMM Winch

Videos Of Winches For Sale

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How Do You Choose A Right Winch?

There are kinds of winches for sale in our company, and how do you choose the right one? Different customers need different winches, the staffs can help them find a right winch if they provide the following details of the winch.

Working Conditions
We should know whether the winch you need will be used on ships, ports, land or mines. Our sales will give you some advice in line with your working conditions.

Usages Of The Winch
The usages of the winch – Pulling, lifting, and towing, anchoring, mooring on boats or shores should be offered. Various types winches has diverse usages.

Power Model
There are electric winch, hydraulic winch, and diesel winch for your choices. We can give you some advice according to your working conditions.

The Number Of The Drum
There are single drum and double drum winch for sale, and double drum winch is suitable for relatively heavier pulling or lifting operations.

Why Do You Choose Our Company?

Our company is a professional lifting equipment manufacturer, and we have cooperated with so many countries all over the world. All of our clients think highly of our products. Besides, with the development of many years, Aicrane, our brand has won the acceptance of lots of companies.

The winches designed by us are with advanced technology, which is popular in the market. We can ensure that our products has high quality and good performance. Our group has strict quality control system, because quality is in the first place during the manufacturing. Production quality control is a very important issue to the improvement of product quality in the manufacture enterprises. What’s more, in order to further guarantee the quality of products, the products will be inspected carefully before shipment.

For Providing better services for our customers, we set up five after-sale centers in different countries. Whatever problems our customers have, we will be here to help you, and keeping the customers  satisfied is our pursuit. Finding a reliable supplier is the important thing when buying a winch, please contact us.


Is It Worth Getting A Winch?

Winch machine is our hot-sale product, which is popular in many countries. Our companies from different countries all think that the winch help them improve their working efficiency. The winch manufactured by our group has reasonable price and good quality.

About the types of winches, there are construction winch and marine winch to meet your varied applications. We also have kinds of winches in different sizes and capacities for your choice. You can also select the electric winch, hydraulic winch and diesel winch to suit for your working conditions.

Whether a winch can operate effectively depends on the performance and quality of the machine. A winch with good performance will enhance productivity at work well and save costs. Then choosing a trusted supplier is the vital thing. A reliable and powerful company is able to help you get the right winch and they also have after-sales guarantee.

If you need the installation guidance or your winches have some problems which should replace the parts, they will help you immediately. Aicrane, as a trustworthy brand, has been deemed acceptable to our customers. With the development of many years, we have gained the trust of our customers. Welcome to purchase a worthy winch from our group.

What Are Various Features Of Winches?
  • The winch machine has easy installation and safe operation.
  • It is with less maintenance and long service life.
  • There power models are available, electric, hydraulic and diesel.
  • Electric winches can realize variable speed by working with frequency converter.
  • There are a variety of sized and tons of winches for your reference.
  • Advanced technology and compact design of the winch.
  • Our group can provide customized service to meet your specific needs.
What Kind Of Control Mode The Winch Operation Support?
We provide local control by default, and the control button is outside the electric cabinet. According to different customer needs, we can also provide remote control and control desk.
Whether Power Supply Could Change?
Our default power source is 3phase, 380V, 50hz, but according to the requirements of different countries, we support 220V-480V, 50hz/60hz, 3phase. Customers only need to inform the right one before production. The winch can provide single-phase power, but the production time is relatively long and the power supply is unstable. It is recommended to use 3-phase power if possible.
Whether The Winch Color Could Change?
The default winch color is blue. But if you have special color requirements or print logo, you need to inform in advance, and the service is provided free of charge.
Whether It Is Easy To Install The Winch?
our winch is well assembled and finish commissioning before factory, client just need to make the foundation for winch ready as per the drawing we provide, and wiring the winch to local power source is ok.
How To Operate The Winch Safely?
  • Construction winch should be operated by workers who have been well-trained and are familiar with regulations for safe operation.
  • Overloading is strictly prohibited.
  • It is prohibited for people to cross the running steel wire rope or pass before the winch. Carrying workers on the site by the winch is not allowed.
  • During operation, operators should focus all their attentions on working and strictly follow the rules for operation, and, under urgent and risky circumstances, immediately stop their operation against risk signals like crying and calling send out by any people. After making clear the situations, continue their operations.
  • After ending work, heavy things must be placed on the ground; hanging heavy things in the air is not allowed.
How To Maintain A Winch?
  • The driving part of the winch such as reeling drum bearing, hinge of brake arrester and shaft pin of various parts, should be added some lubricant once before each shift’s operation. Every 48 hours of operation by using steel wire rope, the guiding pulley should be lubricated once. The height reached by lubricating oil surface in decelerator box should be within the scope of dipstick; under normal circumstance, check it once every week, and replace it once every half a year.
  • After the winch’s running for 300 hours, carry out grade 1 maintenance, lubricate the entire machine again, check and adjust the brake , check the decelerator and replace with or add new lubricating oil to the height designated of oil surface.
  • After the winch’s running for an accumulative working of 600 hours, carry out grade 2 maintenance and measure insulated resistance of electric motor; check the state of wearing down for rubbed surface, all involving parts, and rubber loop of connecting parts; check the state of all parts of gear wheel bearing and electrical components. If affecting the use of machine, please replace them.
  • Every day, running of winch should be recorded in the list for recording running state; the contents of recording daily include working hours and load, and inspection, repair, adjustment, etc.
  • When transporting and maintaining, the winch should be placed in a dry locality. Good dampproof and antisepticising measures should be applied to all parts of it.
  • When not using the winch for a long-term period, cut off its power supply; it should be kept in a place which is dry, ventilating, rainproof and without caustic gases; and appropriate antirust disposal should be applied to it.

Inspection and maintenance of winch should in conformity with the following regulations.

  • The winch should have everyday inspection and regular inspection. Cycle, items, method and standard of inspection should according to regulations in appendix 1. When frequently using or using in a special place or environment, inspection of winch should add other items.
  • Inspection, maintenance and repair should be implemented by professionals.
  • During inspection and repair, pay attention to people’s safety. Apart from items for inspection or repair carried out necessarily in a state of starting up, inspection and repair of other items must be carried out after discharging load, shutting off power supply and locking up the power switch. The items for inspection and repair in a state of starting up, should be carried out at least by two people; one person among them should take charge of watching for safety of the other personnel, and be able to immediately stop the winch’s running under any special circumstances.
  • After the winch reached the aggregate working hours identified according to its using conditions, it should not be continuously used.
What Kind Of Certification Have We Passed?
We have ISO quality management system certificate, our products have passed CE certification, our machine can enter the EU market. In addition, we can do third-party inspection or certification according to your request. Marine winch products can do DNV, ABS, BV etc. Classification Society Certification.
Can We Accept Third-Party Inspection?
We have many customers who do third-party inspections such as SGS and BV. Others can also be accepted. You can arrange, and then we will fully cooperate with the other party to carry out the inspection. The cost will be borne by you.
How To Choose The Steel Wire Rope?

Selecting Right Steel Wire Rope For Your Winch

  • Steel wire rope used for winch should conform to stipulations of GB/T20118 and linear contact lay wire rope should be a priority for use.
  • The size of pulley rope slot should be about 10% more than nominal diameter of steel wire rope.
  • Steel wire rope should be equipped with good lubrication. We usually use lubricating oil with moderate, and the domestically-made oil for steel wire rope is recommended for use.
  • In the environment of outdoor, humidity and erosion medium existing, choose galvanized steel wire rope.

If you find one of the following cases, please use new wire rope:

  • Surface layer wire diameter of steel wire rope was worn down and erosion rate is up to 40% of its original diameter.
  • Diameter of steel wire rope has reduced 7%.
  • Stranded or broken wire is discovered.
  • The core cord of the entire steel wire rope has been squeezed out.
  • For any things not detailed, inspect and discard as useless according to stipulations of GB/T 5972.
What Are The Common Breakdowns And Handling Method?

Overly large noise related to brake

The wear abrasion degree of brake liner is overly large—-Replace liner is needed

Wear abrasion of rubber loop is overly big—-Replace rubble loop

About hydraulic winch, the hydraulic pressure oil in pusher may be overly less, and you can add hydraulic pressure oil.

Big noise related to decelerator

Gear wheel was overly worn down—-Clearance is overly big, Replace gear wheel.

Gear wheel is damaged—-Replace gear wheel.

Lubricating is not good; Installation of foundation anchor is not flat and steady—-Filling up lubricating oil and readjust the contact surface.

Motor overheats

Using in overload—-Using as per rated load

Low voltage or default phase—-Examine and repair circuits.

Overly big resistance—-Examine and repair the revolving parts.

Frequently operating—-According to S3 40% working system

Brake arrester clearance is overly small—-Adjusting clearance

After connecting to power supply, motor cannot be started up

Strict prohibition from overload—-Using as per rated load

Too low voltage—-Using after voltage

Due to failure of electrical apparatus, circuits were cut off—-Examine and repair electrical apparatuses and circuits.

Brake wheel can’t revolve—-Examine and adjust brake arrester

Bearing overheats

Lubricating is not good—-Add lubricating oil or grease.

Damaged bearing—-Replace damaged bearing

Leaking oil of decelerator

If the oil seal is ineffective—-You can replace seal ring

When Loosing connecting bolt—-Tightly screw down the bolt.

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    1.What will the winch be used for: ?

    2.Rated load(T) or pull force(KN): ?

    3.Drum capacity(mm x m): ?

    4.3 phase power supply(v/hz): ?

    5.Working speed(m/min): ?

    6.Project introduction: project working site, project budget, etc