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Marine Winch

Marine winch is commonly used on ships, docks or shores, mainly for anchoring, mooring, lifting and pulling heavy loads on the ship. There are different marine winches for your reference. On the basis of power system, it can be classified into electric winch for sale, marine hydraulic winch and diesel winch, etc. If you are planning to invest in a specific winch, please contact us, we will serve you wholeheartedly.

electric variable speed winch
Aicrane marine winches

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Hydraulic winch for sale
Hydraulic winch in Indonesia

Hydraulic winch for sale
Hydraulic Marine Winch


Towing Winch In Nigeria
Towing Winch In Nigeria

Towing Winch for sale
Towing Winch


mooring winch in Vietnam
Mooring Winch In Vietnam

marine winch for sale
Mooring Winch

What Are The Advantages Of Marine Winch ?

  • Marine winch has easy operation and compact structure.
  • Long service life and high efficiency of the product.
  • Various types and tons of the winch for your reference.
  • Excellent design and advanced technology of the specific winch.
  • It is convenient to install and maintain.
  • Our group can provide marine boat winch with high quality and reasonable price for our clients.
  • Customized service is provided.

Different Types Of Marine Winches For Sale

Different Applications

Marine winch can be divided into marine anchor winch, mooring winch, towing winch and marine capstan in line with the function. In addition, our company can provide customized winch for your specific demands.

Anchor Winch

electric anchor winch for sale
Marine Anchor Winch


Anchor winch is used for anchoring ships, which can be sorted into anchor rope winch and anchor chain winch. Anchor winches are optional for various anchoring operations. Different types of the winches including customized products are provided to meet your specific demands.

Marine Anchor Winches Parameters

  • Dia of anchor chain/rope: ø12mm – ø128mm
  • No. of gypsy: single or double
  • Load capacity: 1ton- 100ton
  • Speed: 9-11 m/min
  • Certificate: BV, ABS, DNV, RMRS, etc

Towing Winch

hydraulic towing winch for sale
Marine Towing Winch


A towing winch is used to tug boats. Therefore, the pull force of towing winch is generally larger(10T-100T), and the speed is usually 10m/min. It comes in two types, electric towing winch and hydraulic towing winch.

Towing Winches Parameters

  • Drum capacity: 200m– 1500m
  • No. of drum: single or double
  • Load capacity: 1ton- 300ton
  • Speed: 4.5-120m/min
  • Certificate: BV, ABS, DNV, RMRS, etc

Mooring Winch

Electric Mooring Winch
Electric Mooring Winch


Mooring winch is used during mooring or loading and unloading operations to hold or keep a ship in position on dock without drifting. It is usually fixed on the shore. The shape of mooring winch is basically the same as towing winch, but the tension and tonnage of mooring winch is smaller relatively. The speed is generally 10m/min. Mooring work plays a vital role in the operations of ships, and offshore operations require robust and reliable equipment.

Mooring Winches Parameters

  • Rope capacity: 200m– 600m
  • No. of drum: single or double
  • Load capacity: 1ton- 100ton
  • Speed: ≤15m/min
  • Protection level: IP56

Types Of Anchor Winch

Electric Anchor Winch

Hydraulic Anchor Winch

Anchor Rope/Chain Winch

Types Of Towing Winch

Electric Towing Winch

Hydraulic Towing Winch

Anchor Handling Winch

Types Of Mooring Winch

Electric Mooring Winch

Hydraulic Mooring Winch

Double Drum Mooring Winch

Different Number Of Drum

Commonly, the winches for sale have single drum, double drum and multiple drum mode. The customers will select one for their specific requirements. Therefore, we can provide our clients with: Single Drum Winch, Double Drum Winch, Multiple Drum Winch

single drum winch
hydraulic single drum towing winch

5T Hydraulic Double Drum Mooring Winch
5T Hydraulic Double Drum Mooring Winch

Different Power System

Our winches have these main power system, they are electric motor, hydraulic pump station, diesel engine. In accordance with power system, The winch have these there types: Marine Electric Winch, Marine Hydraulic Winch, Marine Diesel Winch

Marine Electric Winch & Marine Hydraulic Winch

Marine Electric Winch

The electric winch that our group supplies is commonly applied on boats, ships, as well as on the shore. It is widely used for anchoring, mooring or towing operations. Therefore, on the basis of various uses, electric winches have different types like anchor winch, mooring winch, towing winch, anchor mooring winch and capstan winch. In addition, according to the number of drum, the winch machine can be divided into single drum winch and double drum winch. Compared with hydraulic winch for sale, marine electric winch has easier operation, lower cost and more convenient maintenance.

double drum winch
Electric Winch For Sale

Electric Mooring Winch

Marine Hydraulic Winch

Hydraulic marine winch for sale belongs to popular winches with good performance and durability, which is usually used for anchoring, towing, and mooring function or lifting and pulling on boat. The product is composed of hydraulic motor, hydraulic pump station, hydraulic multi-plate brake, clutch, gearbox, drum, frame spooling device and support shaft, etc. Compared with marine electric marine winch, the hydraulic design is ideally suitable for heavy duty applications. Our company has various tons of the winch for boats.

We have single drum winch and double drum winch to meet different requests in line with the drum configuration. If you are planning to purchase a hydraulic winch for your business, welcome to communicate with us, our experts will give you some advice about how to choose a winch.

Besides these, diesel winches are also provided to meet your specific requirements. Whatever you want electric winch, hydraulic winch or diesel winch, you are supposed to contact our professional staffs to help you choose a right winch system. You can always believe us because of professional teams.

marine hydraulic winch for sale
Marine Hydraulic Winch For Sale

What is Marine Capstan?

As an experienced marine winch manufacturer, our company has manufactured marine winches for many years, so we have a variety of marine capstans for you to select.In accordance with the purpose of capstans, the marine capstan can be divided into anchor capstan and mooring capstan. In addition, you can choose the customized design for your project.

Maine capstan for sale is a small winch, widely used on deck or shore to moor and anchor. The speed of the capstan can be single speed, double speed and three speed. Commonly, our capstans can run according to electric and hydraulic power system.

5T Electric Vertical Capstan
5T Electric Vertical Capstan

Hydraulic Anchor Capstan
Hydraulic Anchor Capstan

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Specifications Of The Winch

Every customers are willing to purchase a right winch for boats for their business, so while communicating with a marine winch supplier, you need to provide the following information so that we can give you a reasonable plan and quotation.

Load capacity:ton?


Electric or hydraulic system/diesel power mode?

Operating voltage

Working environment

Whether you need a rope spooling device

Other information

What Are The Main Components Of Marine Winch

Marine winch consists of drum, wire rope/chain, manual belt brake, manual clutch, power system (motor, hydraulic pump station or diesel engine), and control system.

Drum: Our company has various winches with single drum, double drum, or multiple drum, the customer can choose a right winch for their project through talking with us.

Power system: Marine winch has three power system, including electric motor, hydraulic pump station and diesel engine. According to power system, winch for boats are usually divided into marine electric winch, hydraulic marine winch and diesel mode winch. We can provide all of these three types of winches for our customers.

Motor And Hydraulic Pump Station Of Marine Winch


Motor is power system of marine electric winch, it is an important part and also the most expensive part of the winch. If the motor is damaged, then the cost of maintenance or replacement will be high. Therefore, we want to remind our customers to take good care of the motor.

  1. The environment should always be kept dry, the surface of the motor should be kept clean, and the air inlet is supposed to not be hindered by dust and fibers.
  2. When the thermal protection of the motor continues to operate, it should be found out whether the fault comes from the motor or overload or the setting value of the protection device is too low. After the fault is eliminated, the motor can be put into operation.
  3. Good lubrication of the motor should be ensured during operation. General motor running  reaches about 5000 hours, the grease should be replaced. When the bearing is overheating or the lubrication is deteriorated in the operation, the hydraulic pressure should change the grease in time. While replacing the grease, you should remove the old lubricating and clean the oil groove of the bearing and bearing cover with gasoline.
  4. When the life of the bearing comes to an end, the vibration and noise of the motor will increase significantly.
  5. When replacing the winding, it is necessary to write down the form, size, wire gauge, and number of turns of the original winding, etc. While these data ate lost, you should obtain from the manufacturer. Changing the original design of the winding at will often causes some performance deterioration of the motor, or even cannot be used.

Hydraulic Pump Station

The hydraulic pump station usually works with marine hydraulic winches. Hydraulic pump station and motor all belongs to power system of the winch. Hydraulic pump station is also called hydraulic station. The motor drives the oil pump to rotate. The pump pumps oil from the tank and then pumps oil, converting mechanical energy into pressure energy of hydraulic oil. Thus controlling the change of the direction, the force and the speed of the fluid motive.

Hydraulic station is independent hydraulic device and it supply oil according to the requirements of driving device and control the flow direction, pressure and flow of the oil. It is suitable for kinds of hydraulic machinery that the host and the hydraulic device separate. The oil pump is driven by motor.

Whether you buy marine electric winch or hydraulic marine winch, the motor and hydraulic pump station all should be considered.

hydraulic pump station
Hydraulic Pump Station

hydraulic pump
Hydraulic Pump

How Does Marine Winch Work?

Electric Winch System

Electric motor is the power system of marine electric winch, which drives the main shaft to rotate after the large and small gears in the reduction box realize multi-stage deceleration.

Hydraulic Winch System

Hydraulic marine winch for sale is driven by an electric motor to drive a hydraulic pump station, the generated oil pressure drives the oil motor, and then through a reducer to make the winch run.

When operating the winches, the operator should be cautious to avoid operation errors. Our company usually provide operation guidance for our customers.

electric mooring winch for sale
Mooring Winch With Electric System

Hydraulic Winch For Sale
Hydraulic Winch For Sale

How To Choose A Reliable Marine Winch Manufacturer?

Adhering to the principle of exquisite technology, precise processing equipment and strict quality control, our company provides excellent products and services for our customers, we are willing to sincerely cooperate with you to create an ideal future.

ISO Certificate

Our marine winches for sale have obtained ISO certificate. In the process of production, the winch is manufactured in accordance with international standards. As a marine winch supplier with rich experience, we have manufactured marine winch for many years, you can always believe us.

The Service Of The Supplier

About pre-sales services, our group have patient salesman, professional designer and engineers. If you are interested in our winches, welcome to communicate with our staff, they will help you select an excellent winch for your requirement. In addition, we also can provide you with customized products.With rich experience, we promise you that we strictly control the quality of the products during the production process.

We have eight overseas branches, that basically means customers around the world can get superb after-sale services. Our clients have lots of after-sale services.

  • One year warranty of the product.
  • We provide free and professional operation training for our clients.
  • Installation and debugging of the devices will be offered.
  • Whatever problems our customers have, we will be here to help you, including checking and maintenance of the products.

Our company is one of the lifting equipment exporters in China, and we focus on the design, research, production and selling of different kinds of heavy machines including marine winch.     All winches are designed by experienced engineers. Therefore, we can make sure that all kinds of our products have high quality and good performance, and you will enjoy excellent service from us. If you are considering a company to buy a marine winch, we are an excellent choice. Welcome to contact us for a reliable product.

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