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Hydraulic Winch for Sale

A hydraulic winch is powered by hydraulic pressure that is designed to lift or pull heavy loads. The hydraulic system provides efficient and reliable force, making hydraulic winches suitable for demanding applications. These hydraulic winches are known for their robust construction, high pulling capacities, and the ability to handle continuous duty cycles.

hydraulic towing winch solution
Hydrualic Towing Winch With Hydraulic Pump Station

Types of Hydraulic Winch

There are two main types of hydraulic winch for sale in Aicrane. They are hydraulic construction winch and hydraulic marine winch. The hydraulic marine winch include hydraulic anchor winch, hydraulic mooring winch and hydraulic towing winch.

Hydraulic Construction Winch

A hydraulic construction winch is a specialized piece of equipment used in construction projects for lifting and pulling heavy loads. It operates on the principles of hydraulic power, utilizing a hydraulic motor to drive the winching mechanism. Hydraulic construction winches are commonly employed in tasks such as hoisting construction materials, positioning structural components, and facilitating efficient load handling on construction sites.

40 Ton Hydraulic Tugger Winch
40 Ton Hydraulic Winch

Hydraulic Marine Winch

A hydraulic marine winch is a specialized machinery used in maritime applications for lifting, pulling, and positioning heavy loads on ships, boats, or offshore platforms. Operating on hydraulic power principles, these hydraulic marine winches are designed to provide robust and reliable performance in the challenging marine environment.

waterfall winches on ship
Waterfall Mooring Winches With Pump Station

Typically driven by a hydraulic motor, the marine winch uses hydraulic fluid pressure to generate force for tasks such as hoisting anchors, handling cargo, or towing other vessels. Whether on commercial vessels, offshore installations, or marine construction projects, hydraulic marine winches play a vital role in facilitating various tasks at sea.

Hydraulic Anchor Winch

A hydraulic anchor winch is a specialized maritime device designed for the efficient and controlled deployment and retrieval of anchors on ships, boats, or offshore structures. Utilizing hydraulic power, this winch is equipped with a hydraulic motor to provide the necessary force for lowering and raising anchors. Hydraulic anchor winches offer precise control, enabling mariners to secure vessels in specific locations by managing anchor operations with ease.

Hydraulic Anchor Mooring Winch
Heavy Duty Hydraulic Anchor Winch

Hydraulic Mooring Winch

A hydraulic mooring winch is a vital component in maritime operations for securing a vessel to a dock or another stationary object. This winch employs hydraulic power to efficiently and safely handle the mooring lines. These winches are designed to withstand the forces exerted during mooring and provide the necessary tension to keep the vessel securely in place. Hydraulic mooring winches contribute to the overall safety and stability of ships and offshore platforms during docking procedures.

mooring operation
Single Drum Mooring Winches

Hydraulic Towing Winch

The hydraulic towing winch is useful in maritime and offshore industries for towing or pulling heavy loads, such as other vessels or structures. Whether used for salvage operations, assisting distressed vessels, or towing equipment, these hydraulic tugger winches play a crucial role in ensuring the safe and efficient movement of maritime assets, contributing to the overall functionality and safety of towing operations at sea.

hydraulic towing winch
Hydraulic Towing Winch

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Customer Cases of Hydraulic Winch

Aicrane provides different types of hydraulic winches for sale for customers all over the world. Here are three customer cases.

30 Ton Hydraulic Mooring Winch For Vietnam

Our company achieved a successful export of six hydraulic mooring winches to Vietnam.These mooring winches are top-performing products within our portfolio, They are instrumental in streamlining mooring operations during berthing procedures and finding widespread applications along the shoreline.

Mooring winch for Vietnam
Mooring winch for Vietnam

The hydraulic system that drives these 30 ton winches is equipped with a carefully chosen hydraulic pump station and motor, both sourced from reputable manufacturers to guarantee optimal performance. All of the winches underwent many tests in our factory. This video shows the mooring winches in our manufacturing facility.

12 Ton Waterfall Hydraulic Winch for Positioning in the Philippines

Our team successfully installed a 12 ton waterfall hydraulic winch in the Philippines at the Manila Port . This hydraulic winch, equipped with a double drum and powered by a hydraulic pump station, has been positioned to facilitate precise sea positioning tasks.

Waterfall Hydraulic Winch
Waterfall Double Drum Hydraulic Winch

Key Installation Details

  • Seamless Installation Process: Aicrane established a service center in the Philippines. The installation process was executed seamlessly with the assistance of our skilled engineers based in the country.
  • Efficient Operation Post-Installation: Following the installation phase, our team conducted thorough testing and debugging procedures of this double drum winch. The hydraulic winch for sale demonstrated optimal performance, meeting the stringent requirements for sea positioning tasks in the Manila Port.
  • Positive Customer Feedback: Our valued customer expressed satisfaction with both the hydraulic winch’s functionality and the professionalism exhibited by our team throughout the installation process of this 12 ton winch.

Features of Waterfall Hydraulic Winch

A waterfall hydraulic winch is a type of hydraulic winch designed for specific applications that involve lowering loads vertically, resembling the flow of a waterfall. Some key features of  hydraulic waterfall winches include:

    • Flexible Drum Arrangement: The waterfall winch features a versatile drum arrangement, allowing for flexible rope direction adjustments based on on-site conditions. It can be configured for either top or bottom rope payout, as well as parallel or counter payout, catering to diverse operational needs.
    • Customizable Drum Design: The drum design can be tailored to meet customer capacity requirements. For larger rope capacities, a cable organizer is provided to ensure orderly winding onto the drum, preventing rope entanglement.
Waterfall Winch with a Cable Organizer
Waterfall Winch with a Cable Organizer
    • Compact Hydraulic Drive: The winch adopts a hydraulic drive system, resulting in a compact size that saves deck space. This design is particularly beneficial for installations with limited available space.
    • Infinitely Variable Hydraulic Speed Control: With hydraulic drive, the winch offers smooth and stable operation, featuring infinitely variable speed control. This system enhances work stability and exhibits strong overload capacity.
    • Secondary Drum Option: The winch can be equipped with a secondary drum to meet the demands of multiple operating conditions. This provides additional versatility and adaptability in various working scenarios. Designed with a dual drum structure, each drum can operate independently or simultaneously. This design ensures a wide range of applications, making the winch suitable for diverse tasks
Double Drum Waterfall Winch with Hydraulic Pump Station
Double Drum Waterfall Winch with Hydraulic Pump Station
    • Hydraulic Cylinder Brake: The braking system incorporates hydraulic cylinder technology, delivering a powerful braking torque. This enhances the safety and reliability of the winch during operations.
    • Clutch Mechanism: The winch is equipped with a clutch mechanism, allowing for disengagement and engagement as needed. This feature addresses different usage requirements in various working conditions.

The waterfall winch, with its adaptable drum configuration, hydraulic drive efficiency, and versatile structural design, proves to be a reliable and multifunctional solution for a variety of applications in different working environments.

YB12T Hydraulic Waterfall Winch
YB12T Hydraulic Waterfall Winch
Hydraulic Waterfall Winch
Hydraulic Waterfall Winch

8 Ton Hydraulic Towing Winch To New Caledonia

Our customer in New Caledonia approached Aicrane with a requirement to replace the aging towing winch on their cargo ship with a new 8 ton hydraulic towing winch. The hydraulic towing winch for New Caledonia provided by Aicrane was customized to align with the client’s specifications, featuring both pneumatic and manual brakes.

8T Hydraulic Towing Winch
8T Hydraulic Towing Winch
Hydraulic Towing Winch
Hydraulic Towing Winch

Client Collaboration

In the initial stages of discussions, the client communicated the need for a replacement hydraulic towing winch and specified the absence of a requirement for a hydraulic pump station, as their existing station remained operational. To ensure compatibility with the existing foundation, our engineering team took special care in the design process, focusing on the winch base. Detailed drawings were provided to the client, and modifications were made to meet their specific requirements.

Hydraulic Towing Winch For Sale
Towing Winch To New Caledonia
Test Of The Control System
Test Of The Control System
Pneumatic Control
Pneumatic Control

Factory Testing

Recognizing the marine application of the winch, we prioritized anti-corrosion measures. The winch’s base was equipped with a corrosion-resistant baseplate, enhancing its durability and ensuring a prolonged service life in the challenging maritime environment. A video shows the winch undergoing rigorous testing in our factory was shared with the customer before shipment. The hydraulic tugger winch demonstrated smooth drum rotation and the capability to lift heavy metal blocks, ensuring its functionality.

Secure Packaging and Shipping

Our shipping department meticulously packaged the entire 8 ton winch in a robust export wooden crate designed to withstand potential impacts during transportation. The process was expertly managed to ensure the winch’s safe and timely delivery to the designated location, maintaining its condition upon arrival.

8 Ton Tugger Winch Package and Shipment
8 Ton Tugger Winch Package and Shipment

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Industrial Hydraulic Winch Solution

An industrial hydraulic winch solution is a specialized system designed for heavy-duty lifting, pulling, and positioning tasks in industrial settings. This solution typically comprises several hydraulic industrial winches for sale. Aicrane provides two types of combined industrial hydraulic winch solution.

Multi-point Positioning System

A multi-point positioning system refers to a technology used to accurately maintain the position of a vessel or structure in a maritime environment. A multi-point positioning system is a maritime anchoring arrangement that involves securing a vessel to multiple anchor points on the seabed.

Hydraulic positioning winch solution
Hydraulic Positioning Winch Solution

This system utilizes multiple sensors, such as GPS (Global Positioning System), DGPS (Differential Global Positioning System), and other navigation instruments, to continuously monitor the vessel’s location in relation to its desired position. By integrating data from multiple points, the system can provide a more reliable and precise positioning solution.

Hydraulic Mooring Winch Solution
Hydraulic Positioning Solution

Multi-point positioning systems are crucial for dynamic positioning (DP) applications, where vessels or offshore platforms need to remain stationary or move with precision in various sea conditions. These systems contribute to increased safety, efficiency, and operational capabilities in activities such as offshore drilling, surveying, and marine construction.

Multi-point Mooring System

A multi-point mooring system is a maritime mooring solution for mooring the vessel in ports or other position. They are combined by several mooring winches.

The single drum mooring winch or double drum mooring winch can both be applied in the multi-point mooring system. They can be combine as 2 point, 4 point, 6 point, 8 point, 16 point or even more point mooring system depends on our customer’s need. Contact us and consult the engineer whether you need single drum winch or double drum winch and get a free quote for the multi-point mooring system.

Double Drum Mooring Winch
Double Drum Mooring Winch

Working Principles of Hydraulic Winch

The working principle of a hydraulic winch involves the conversion of hydraulic energy into mechanical force for lifting, pulling, or positioning heavy loads. The key components of a hydraulic winch include a hydraulic pump, hydraulic motor, and a spool or drum.

    • Hydraulic Pump: The process begins with a hydraulic pump, which is typically powered by an external energy source. This pump of the heavy duty winch pressurizes hydraulic fluid, usually oil, generating hydraulic energy in the form of high-pressure fluid flow.
Hydraulic Pump Station
Hydraulic Pump Station
Hydraulic Anchor Windlass Pump Station
Hydraulic Anchor Windlass Pump Station
    • Hydraulic Motor: The pressurized hydraulic fluid is then directed to a hydraulic motor. The hydraulic motor converts the hydraulic energy into mechanical energy. In the context of a heavy duty hydraulic winch, the motor is responsible for driving the rotation of the winch drum or spool.
Hydraulic Motor
Hydraulic Motor
Pump Station Motor
Pump Station Motor
    • Winch Drum or Spool: The hydraulic motor’s mechanical output is transmitted to a winch drum or spool. As the hydraulic motor rotates the drum, it winds up or unwinds the cable or rope attached to the load. This winding or unwinding action creates the lifting or pulling force required for the specific application.
hydraulic mooring winch 3D
Single Drum Hydraulic Mooring Winch
  • Control Valve: The hydraulic system of the heavy duty hydraulic winch also includes a control valve that regulates the flow of hydraulic fluid to the motor. By adjusting the control valve, operators can control the speed and direction of the winch, providing precise control over the movement of the load.
  • Safety Features: Heavy duty hydraulic winches often incorporate safety features such as pressure relief valves to prevent overloading and ensure the system operates within safe parameters.

In summary, the working principle of a hydraulic winch involves the pressurization of hydraulic fluid by a pump, the conversion of hydraulic energy into mechanical energy by a motor, and the controlled winding or unwinding of a cable or rope on a drum to generate the lifting or pulling force needed for various applications. The hydraulic system allows for efficient and controlled power transmission, making heavy duty hydraulic winches suitable for heavy-duty tasks in industries such as construction, marine, and off-road applications.

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Features of Hydraulic Winch Compared With Electric Winch

Hydraulic winches and electric winches are two common types of winches, each with its own set of features. Here are some key features of hydraulic winches compared with electric winches.

Power Source

    • Hydraulic Winch: Powered by hydraulic systems, typically driven by an external power source such as a hydraulic pump. Commonly used in applications where hydraulic power is readily available, such as on construction equipment or vehicles with hydraulic systems.
Hydraulic Tugger Winch With Pump Station
Hydraulic Tugger Winch With Pump Station
    • Electric Winch: Powered by electricity from a battery or the vehicle’s electrical system. Electric winches are versatile and can be easily integrated into various vehicles and applications.
DBMJ 5T Electric Anchor Mooring Winch
DBMJ Electric Anchor Winch
5T electric winch
Electric Winches

Performance in Heavy-Duty Applications

    • Hydraulic Winch: Known for their high torque and robust performance, hydraulic winches excel in heavy-duty applications. They are capable of providing consistent pulling power over extended periods, making them suitable for demanding tasks like towing, recovery, and industrial applications.
    • Electric Winch: While heavy duty electric winches are capable, they may experience reduced performance under prolonged heavy load conditions. They are often preferred for lighter to moderate-duty applications.
electric double drum mooring winch
4 Point Electric Mooring Winches System

Control and Precision

    • Hydraulic Winch: Hydraulic winches offer precise control over speed and force through the hydraulic system’s adjustable flow. This makes them suitable for applications requiring careful load handling or positioning.
    • Electric Winch: Electric winches generally provide good control, but hydraulic winches can offer finer adjustments due to the nature of hydraulic fluid flow control.

Overheating Resistance

    • Hydraulic Winch: Hydraulic winches tend to have better resistance to overheating during extended use because the hydraulic fluid helps dissipate heat efficiently.
    • Electric Winch: Electric winches may experience heat buildup during prolonged operations, which can affect performance. Some electric winches incorporate cooling mechanisms to address this.

Maintenance Requirements

    • Hydraulic Winch: Typically requires more maintenance due to the hydraulic system’s complexity. Regular checks of hydraulic fluid levels, filters, and hoses are necessary.
    • Electric Winch: Generally has simpler maintenance requirements. Checking electrical connections, the condition of the motor, and the condition of the cable or rope are common maintenance tasks.
Double Drum Electric Winch On Ship
Double Drum Electric Winch On Ship

Installation and Integration

  • Hydraulic Winch: Installation can be more complex, especially if the vehicle or equipment doesn’t already have a hydraulic system. Requires hydraulic hoses and connections.
  • Electric Winch: Relatively easier to install, especially in vehicles equipped with electrical systems. Wiring and mounting are the primary installation considerations.

In summary, hydraulic winches are preferred for heavy-duty, prolonged operations where high torque and precision control are critical. Electric winches, on the other hand, offer versatility and simpler installation, making them suitable for a wide range of applications with moderate loads. The choice between hydraulic and electric winches depends on the specific requirements of the intended use.

Services of Aicrane

Aicrane is renowned as hydraulic winch solution provider. Our commitment to delivering top-notch global solutions encompasses a comprehensive range of services, covering the pre-sale phase, sales process, and post-sale support.

Pre-Sales Service

Aicrane thoroughly understands the unique needs of clients. During the pre-sales phase, our dedicated team engages in detailed discussions to gain insights into the specific requirements and challenges faced by our customers. This collaborative approach empowers Aicrane to customize our offerings to precisely meet the demands of their hydraulic winch projects. As a client-centric company, we prioritize transparency and responsiveness, offering free and detailed quotations that clearly outline our hydraulic winch solutions.

Aicrane Customer Service Team
Aicrane Customer Service Team

Sales Process

In the sales process, we transform gathered insights into tailored hydraulic winch solutions. Leveraging extensive experience and expertise, our team closely collaborates with clients to design and manufacture hydraulic winches aligned with their project goals. From creating detailed drawings, specifying capacities, to ensuring compliance with safety standards, our commitment to excellence is evident throughout. The production and transportation phases seamlessly integrate into our services, ensuring the efficient realization of our customized hydraulic winch solutions.

Aicrane Professional Engineers
Aicrane Professional Engineers

Post-Sales Support

Aicrane’s commitment to hydraulic winch solutions extends beyond the point of sale, serving as a testament to our dedication to the long-term success of our clients. Upon delivery, our expert team takes charge of the installation and commissioning process, ensuring hydraulic winches for sale operate at peak efficiency. Recognizing the dynamic nature of industrial operations, we offer comprehensive maintenance and repair services for hydraulic winches. This ongoing support aims to address operational challenges, minimize downtime, and extend the lifespan of hydraulic winches, providing clients with peace of mind and a reliable, high-performance solution.

service engineers

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