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AQ-NLH 30ton overhead crane for Nigeria

30 Ton Overhead Crane for Ship Equipment Maintenance in Nigeria

This Nigerian customer has been engaged in ship equipment maintenance business for many years, and he told us he needed a new overhead crane installed in their maintenance workshop to transfer heavy equipment. After visiting the customer and communicating with them completely, we knew that they also need steel structure parts, and we provided the …

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AQ-HD 10 Ton Overhead Crane for Concrete Workshop

10 Ton Overhead Crane for Concrete Workshop in Russia

Aicrane exported a single girder overhead crane for our client in Russia. This overhead crane can lift 10 ton material and it is now installed and commissioned in their workshop. If you want to learn more about this customer case in Russia, please go on reading. Initial Contact The customer in Russia reached out to …

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overhead crane installing

Overhead Cranes for Machinery Manufacturing in Kazakhstan

This customer from Kazakhstan has been engaged in machinery manufacturing business for many years, in order to improve heavy materials handling efficiency in their workshop, and the customer sent us inquiry about their plan to buy 4 sets of overhead cranes. After thorough communication with the customer, we knew clearly about their lifting needs in …

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Overhead Crane in Long Span Steel Structure Manufacturing Workshop

Two Overhead Cranes for Manufacturing Workshop in Dominica

We provided two single girder overhead cranes for one of our customers from Dominican Republic. These two overhead cranes are our AQ-LD type crane, featuring simple structure, good performance, ideal price and long service life. The two single girder bridge cranes are used in the customer’s manufacturing workshop to handle different materials from one work …

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Single Girder Overhead Cranes for Machine Production

16 Ton & 10 Ton Single Girder Overhead Cranes for Russia

Aicrane exported two single girder overhead cranes for a workshop in Russia. They are applied to lift materials in the workshop. Initial Inquiry and Recommendation The customer in Russia contact us through our company’s website by sending inquiry email. They need two overhead crane in their workshop to lift materials. Our engineers recommend two single …

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30ton overhead crane for manufacturing workshop

30ton Overhead Crane for Machinery Manufacturing Industry

For one of our customers in Kazakhstan, we provided a double girder overhead crane and has completed the installation recently. This overhead crane will be used to handle train box in the manufacturing workshop, which will greatly improve work efficiency and productivity. Get to know more details from the following parts. Parameters of the Double …

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20 Ton Overhead Crane for Uzbekistan

20 Ton Double Girder Overhead Crane for Uzbekistan

Aicrane exported a 20 ton double girder overhead crane to Uzbekistan. This overhead crane has a control cabin. If you want to learn more about this customer case, please go on reading. Usage of the Double Girder Overhead Crane When the customer in Uzbekistan contacted us, they expressed their need for heavy material lifting equipment …

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HD20T main beam

Aicrane Taylored 20 Ton Overhead Crane For Costa Rica

Aicrane provided a specialized 20-ton overhead crane to a manufacturing company in Costa Rica which sought a tailored solution for their workshop. This crane was integral for efficiently handling and transporting heavy loads within the workshop. If you want to learn more about this case, please go on reading. Customization Solution Design Aicrane’s project consultant …

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NLH20t installation

Two Overhead Crane Installed in the Philippines

Aicrane provides material handling solutions. Aicrane’s two overhead cranes for the Philippines have been delivered and installed for our customers. If you want to learn more about this case, please go on reading. The Technical Parameter of the Overhead Cranes These two cranes are the HD5T overhead crane and NLH20t overhead crane models. They are …

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10ton overhead crane for Kazakhstan

Aicrane 10 ton Overhead Crane Used in Kazakhstan

One Aicrane 10 ton overhead crane has been successfully installed and used in our customer’s manufacturing workshop in Kazakhstan. The Overhead crane is essential for efficient material handling, streamlining operations, and ensuring workplace safety. This overhead crane 10 ton is our AQ-LD type single girder overhead crane, and it is mainly used for transferring steel …

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