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Travel Lift for Sale

Travel lift for sale is popular with plenty of customers. It is designed for loading, unloading and moving boats or yachts efficiently, safely and easily. It is widely used in the shipyard, port, dock, wharf, water sports meeting, construction site, and aquatic clubs, etc. Besides, there are multiple types of travel lift for sale with lifting capacities from 25 to 1200 ton. This kind of machine is an ideal choice for you to improve your working efficiency.

Aicrane travel lift for sale

Recent Cases For You

500 Ton Travel Lift Shipped To Nigeria

Recently, a 500 ton travel lift has been shipped to Nigeria, and then the machine will arrive in Nigeria on time. The lifting capacity of this boat hoist is 500 ton, which is suitable for making heavy operations. Our customer will use it to move large vessels in marina. If you come from Nigeria, this case can be your reference. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Package And Delivery Of Travel Lift For Sale

In order to ensure that these marine boat hoists delivered to other countries remain undamaged, our products are all packed well. Generally, we adopt color band cloth to pack large part like door frame, which is waterproof. What’s more, the cab, electrical devices and other small parts are packed in wooden box. If the customer has other specific package needs, we can provide custom service. We have fast delivery, and we always check the products carefully before shipment.

500T MBH Delivery
Travel Lift Delivery

Cab Package

Travel Lift For Sale

Travel lift for sale can be applied in the shore or wade into the water to carry different tonnage vessels or yachts according to the different needs of customers. It is ideal for maintenance, repair of many vessels and launching of new ships.

As a professional boat hoist crane manufacturer, we provide electric or hydraulic power. 100 ton travel lift is our hot product. What is more, the width and length of the crane can be customized to fit your special applications. If you have needs, please get in touch with us as soon as possible.

Travel Lift For Sale

Aicrane Top Travel Lift Parameters

Lifting capacity 10-1200t
Span length 6.5m-25m
Lifting speed 0-3m/min
Travelling speed 0-40m/min
Operation mode cabin/remote control
Working class A6-A8

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Different Tons Of Travel Lifts

Our company has various travel lifts with different tons and sizes, such as 25 ton travel lift, 40 ton travel lift for sale, 60 ton travel lift, 70 ton marine travel lift for sale, 100 ton travel lift, 150 ton travel lift for sale, 500 ton travel lift, etc. If you have interest in the product, please put in touch with us, our staffs will give you some advice to choose an ideal travel lift for sale.

100 ton travel lift
60 Ton Travel Lift

100 Ton Travel Lift
100 Ton Travel Lift For Sale

500 Ton Travel Lift
500 Ton Travel Lift

Various Parts Of Travel lift

Travel lift for sale is mainly composed of door frame, lifting mechanism, lifting point adjusting mechanism, crane travelling mechanism, crane steering mechanism, electrical control system, power and hydraulic system, safety protection device, etc. The Following video can help you know more information and details.

  • Door Frame: The door frame of our marine travel lift adopts “C” shape structure, which can smoothly lift the ships that are higher than the machine itself. The main girder and the end beam use reunite foundation mechanism, which can release the torsional stress of the door frame. The door frame adopts three dimension design finite element analysis make the design fully optimized.
  • Lifting Mechanism: The hoisting mechanism of the machine consists of hydraulic winch, wire rope, pulley block, lifting belts, fixed trolley, and mobile trolley, etc. It has many lifting points and all the lifting points can do the lifting work simultaneously and separately. The lifting point lifting translation mechanism of the travel lift can adjust the spacing of lifting point flexibly to meet different lifting requirements of different strength of ships.
  • Travelling Mechanism: The crane travelling mechanism of MBH is composed of wheels, which can adopt to different road conditions with grade ability such as cement, sand. The travelling speed is step-less adjustable and the travelling is smooth and shock free. The crane steering mechanism has many travelling methods such as bidirectional straight travelling, bidirectional oblique travelling, bidirectional steering on the spot, fixed axle steering, head snaking and end snaking, bidirectional “splay” steering, etc.
  • Power System: The electrical system adopts “CAN” bussing technique. It has high precision positioning with a variety of sensors. The remote controller and control name have many controlling ways and the control is convenient and reliable. The power and hydraulic system has engine unit, generator set and hydraulic station. It comes with the power source and all-weather operation to meet the customers’ operational requirements to the greatest extent.

Travel Lift Design

The rated lifting capacity of our travel lift for sale is 10~1200t. It is fully hydraulic drive, using soft lifting belt to hold the bottom of the ship. If you want to buy a machine powered by electric, we can provide customized service for you. The equipment has multiple lifting points and can do the lifting work simultaneously.

The mobile boat hoist is with a variety of operations and steering methods, such as straight linear steering, oblique line, Ackerman steering, pivot steering, which can be selected according to the different needs of customers. If you need a marine travel lift for sale, you had better tell us your requirements.

In our company, you can find different tons of travel lifts. Hoists from 25 ton to 100 ton is suitable for small or mid–size marinas or shipyards having small and mid-sized boats. Other heavy travel lifts like 150 ton travel lift, 300 ton travel lift or 600 ton travel lift are designed to move heavy vessels or yachts. Besides, we have travel lifts with different number of wheels-four wheels travel lift, eight wheels travel lift, sixteen wheels travel lift and thirty-two wheels travel lift.

We can provide customized service around the needs of our customers. If you want to invest in a right machine for your yard or marina, please contact us. Telling us your actual working condition, and our skilled design team can design a special machine with suitable width and height for you.

Four Wheels MBH for sale
Four Wheels MBH

Eight Wheels Boat Hoist for sale
Eight Wheels Boat Hoist

Travel Lift With Sixteen Wheels

Boat Hoist With Thirty Two Wheels
Boat Hoist With Thirty Two Wheels

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Applications Of Travel Lift For Sale

Travel lift for sale is with different applications and functions. It is generally used for moving and lifting heavy ships in marina or shipyards. There are many customers buying this machine to maintain, repair their vessels, which help them work more efficiently. If you have some ships or yachts to be moved, please put in touch with us.

Our high-quality travel lifts have been delivered to many countries to make different applications. If you have needs, our company can help you get the customized travel lift types according to your business demands. Welcome to visit our factory to get more professional information.

Application Of Travel Lift For Sale

Why Do You Choose Aicrane?

Are you panning to purchase an ideal travel lift for sale? Please contact us to discuss how we can provide a machine with exactly the specifications you are looking for. Aicrane group is a reliable travel lift manufacturer and exporter. With the development of many years, we have professional designer team, production team, business team and service team.

Compared to other exporters, our company has own factory, and we can provide you with competitive price. In addition, our machines are manufactured by trained factory staffs. During production process, they always notice the quality. Some important parts of our products are from popular manufacturer. Product quality is the foundation of company development.

Aicrane Factory
Aicrane Factory


After-Sales Service

If you buy the machine from Aicrane, you will enjoy our excellent after-sales service. All of our products are with one year warranty. If any parts damaged or breakdown caused by quality problems within 1 year, we will provide free replacement parts. We can provide 1 year of wearing parts for free. Besides, free installation, operation and maintenance guidance online can be offered.


What About Travel Lift Price?

There are many factors affecting the price of travel lift for sale. About internal factors, different tons of travel lifts are with various prices. For example, 500 ton travel lift has higher price than 100 ton travel lift.

Besides, the span of a boat hoist can also influence the price. Some customers usually need customized service, the price will be different. When it comes to external factors, transportation cost and the price of raw materials always affect travel lift price.

What Are The Features Of Travel Lift For Sale?
  • The main beam and end beam are articulated to eliminate the stress caused by rough road when travelling.
  • Machine width and length can be customized to meet your demands.
  • It has fully remote control operation, fail-safe transmission and winching.
  • The machine has durable material, advanced technology, long service life, stable performance, low noise, smooth starting and ending. 
  • The soft and firm lifting belt is used, which will not cause damage to the surface and structure of the bottom of your machine. Hydraulic steering system adopts cylinder or turbo worm control.  
  • It is with 4% climbing ability, which can handling of boats Conveniently and flexibly on the shore. The machine can quickly arrange the boats at a time and effectively save space.
  • This travel lift for sale belongs to non-standard equipment. The lifting mechanism adopts load-sensitive hydraulic system, the lifting point distance can be adjusted, and the output power according to the load condition while keeping the synchronous lifting of multiple lifting points can reduce the energy consumption of the whole machine.
What Are Marine Travel Lift Specifications?

When you are planning to invest in a hoist for boat, you should consider the marine travel lift specifications. The specifications of travel lift for sale include lifting capacity, wheelbase, span, travelling speed, lifting speed, operation model, etc. If you need to know these details, please contact our staffs, and they will help you choose an ideal machine according to your working conditions.

What Should Be Checked Before Operation?

Before commencing any lift perform the following checks:

  • Engine oil level prior to starting and oil pressure after starting.
  • Fuel level prior to starting.
  • Lifting shackles have safety split pins in place.
  • Lifting straps are not frayed and/or torn.
  • Strap pins are engaged with all strap fingers.
  • Strap pins have their safety cages in place and are facing away from the boat and secured with the safety pin.

  • Port and starboard cable blocks are at the same elevation.
  • Steering wheels are synchronized.
  • Tires are properly inflated.
  • Wire cable is not frayed and/or kinked.
  • Wire cable is spooling properly.
  • Strap separation is correct for the vessel and the hydraulic separation cylinders are synchronized.

How Does A Travel Lift Work?
  • With direction from the spotter, the operator moves the travel-lift with the engine at no more than quarter throttle, into position centred over the boat to be lifted with slings separated if necessary. Placing pre-measured marker sticks perpendicular from the vessels centre line, fwd and aft, helps with centring travel-lift over boat’s centre line.
  • Slings are positioned underneath the boat, aligned vertically with lifting points for that boat, and joined using strap pins with their safety cages in place and are facing away from the boat and secured with the safety pin.
  • Forward and aft slings are raised slowly (mid throttle level) to a snug fit, just taking a small portion of the load.
  • Safety lines are attached running forward from the aft sling and aft from the fwd sling and attached at deck level to the boat on both port and stbd sides. This will prevent slings from slipping fwd or aft on sloped surfaces.
  • All four lifting points are raised until clear from supports and just high enough to clear any obstacles along the path to the lifting pound. While in transit lower to near ground level whenever possible. Adjust tilt and trim as necessary using individual lift points.
  • With direction from the spotter, the operator moves the travel-lift with the engine at no more than quarter throttle, into position centred over the launch pound. Once in position the boat is lowered into the water until the load just comes off the slings. Note that additional hands are needed at this point to help guide lifting blocks over pound wheel guard. Before lowering the slings to the point where the boat can clear them and move out of the pound, the boat owner or representative is to go aboard to check for leaks, throw bow and stern lines ashore and untie the safety lines from the boat.
  • Once the launched boat is clear, the slings are raised to just above ground level. Again additional hands are needed at this point to help guide lifting blocks along inside walls of the pound and over the wheel guard.
Can We Provide Installation Service?
If you purchase a marine travel lift from Aicrane, we can provide free installation guidance online for you. We have professional and patient engineers to help you online. If you come from these countries, such as Pakistan,Uzbekistan, Philippines, Indonesia, and Malaysia. We can dispatch engineers to provide installation service locally. We have built service certer in these coutries.

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