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Transfer Cart

Aicrane specializes in manufacturing transfer cart – a simple machine for moving various materials. This kind of machine is with many advantages of safe and flexible operation, easy installation, and it is cost-effective for customers. This machine can be equipped with rail transfer cart and trackless flat cart, which can be found in steel mill, many manufacturing plants, calcium carbide plant, and fabrication workshops, etc.

Aicrane transfer trolley
Transfer Cart For Sale

Cases Show Of Transfer Cart For Customers Worldwide

We have exported kinds of transfer trolleys for customers from different countries. For example, you can see the following cases – battery flat cart to Canada, trackless transfer carts to the US and cable drum powered flat cart to Pakistan. These machines have helped our customers work more efficiently, and our customers usually send many operation pictures and videos as positive feedback. These high-quality and flexible materials flat carts always make them satisfied.


20 Ton AQ-KPX Battery Transfer Cart In Canada

Aicrane has exported two 20 ton AQ-KPX battery transfer carts to Canada. The customer uses these electric flat carts to transfer steel plates in the factory. The production cycle of these two machines are 40 working days, and they are packed in wooden box. Through the following picture and video, we can see that the machine works well in the customer’s factory.

20 ton battery flat cart
20 Ton Battery Transfer Cart In Canada


15 Ton AQ-BWP Trackless Transfer Trolley To Mexico

The following video is about a AQ-BWP 15 ton trackless transfer cart running & 15° uphill. This flat cart will be delivered to Mexico for transferring steel materials. It is powered by the battery, which is placed in the battery box. The machine has lift-turning light, right turning light, sound and light alarm running light, electrical box, adjust speed knob, power emergency stop switch, handle/remote control switch, screen showing battery power and voltage, and solid rubber wheels, etc.

The US

10 Ton Trackless Transfer Carts Exported To The US

This case is about two 10 ton trackless flat carts shipped to the US. They are produced for transferring granite slabs in the plant. The table of the machine is designed with U-frame, which can prevent materials from falling off the material transfer cart. Beside, this 10 ton machine is operated by remote control, which is convenient.

Trackless flat cart for sale
Trackless Transfer Cart For The US

Production of the flat cart

machine production
Production In The Factory


20 Ton Cable Drum Powered Transfer Cart In Pakistan

Aicrane 20 ton AQ-KPJ cable drum powered flat cart works smoothly in Pakistan. The machine is applied for moving construction materials in the construction site. This kind of equipment belongs to rail transfer trolley, and it is powered by the cable drum. During production, the customer has received many production pictures from our customer service team to know the production progress.

transfer trolley for Pakistan
Transfer Cart On Construction Site

Aicrane material transfer cart
Transfer Cart In Pakistan

Introduction – Various Transfer Cart Solutions Supplied By Aicrane

Aicrane can provide two main flat cart solutions for customers – rail transfer cart and trackless transfer cart. According to different power sources, there are battery flat cart, cable drum powered transfer cart and rail powered flat cart for your reference. In addition, Aicrane can also have special transfer trolleys for various applications, which can meet different customers’ requirements.

Rail Transfer Cart

  • AQ-KPX series flat cart is powered by battery, and this kind of equipment is usually with a battery box to protect batteries. Battery transfer trolley has many advantages like simple and flexible operation, relatively low cost and easy maintenance. The customer can use it for long distance transportation, and it is suitable for low using frequency operation.
  • AQ-KPJ series rail transfer trolley is powered by the cable drum. The winding device is placed under the rail transfer trolley. This series flat cart is suitable to be used in the bad environments like high-temperature and anti-explosion conditions. For this kind of machine, it should be equipped with cable arranger to arrange the cable if the running distance is more than 50m. It has no strict requirements for the construction of rails.
  • AQ-KPD series machine is powered by the rails, which has high requirements for rails construction. It is with low voltage power supply, and it is suitable to be used in such condition: high using frequency, and long-running distance. Besides, the running distance is not limited. What’s more, this machine can be used both on the “S” and arc-shaped railways.

AQ-KPX cart

AQ-KPX Battery Transfer Trolley

Capacity: 2-150t
  • Table size: can be customized/li>
  • Wheel base: 1200~7000mm
  • Rail inner gauge: 1200~2000mm
  • Battery voltage: 24~72V
  • Running speed: 0~30m/min
  • Control mode: button / remote control

transfer trolley powered by cable drum

AQ-KPJ Cable Drum Powered Flat Cart

Capacity: 2-150t
  • Table size: can be customized
  • Wheel base: 1200~7000mm
  • Rail inner gauge: 1200~2000mm
  • Running speed: 0~25m/min
  • Running distance: ≤200m
  • Control mode: button / remote control

flat cart powered by the rail

AQ-KPD Rail Powered Transfer Trolley

Capacity: 2-150t
  • Table size: can be customized
  • Wheel base: 1200~7000mm
  • Rail inner gauge: 1200~2000mm
  • Running speed: 0~25m/min
  • Running distance: 50~80m
  • Control mode: button / remote control

Trackless Transfer Cart & Other Special Designed Flat Carts

  • AQ-BWP Trackless flat cart is our hot-sale material handling machine. It is popular because of its flexible feature and high us rate. The customer ca use this equipment to transfer various materials in the factories, docks, tunnels, and ports, etc. The transfer cart wheels adopt solid PU rubber wheel, which guarantee the machine can run on the ground directly without the rail. The customer can save the construction cost of the rail.
  • For the special designed flat carts, we have turntable transfer trolley, ladle dumping transfer cart, horizontal movement rail flat cart, explosion proof climbing rail Transfer cart, hydraulic rail transfer trolley, U-frame electric flat cart, and trsnfer trolley for battery molten salt electrolysis, etc.

AQ-BWP Trackless Transfer Trolley
Trackless Transfer Cart For Mexico

turntable flat cart for sale
Turntable Flat Cart

customized flat cart

What Are The Features Of Aicrane Transfer Cart?

  • Our flat carts can handle and transfer bulky loads in a stable and safe manner.
  • Transfer carts allow moving heavy materials on the ground without lifting them, and it can work with overhead cranes or gantry cranes indoors and outdoors.
  • This kind of machine can work in low-height spaces because it does not require aerial or suspended elements when transferring materials on the ground.
  • Aicrane transfer cart is with two main control modes – remote control and handle control. It can be equipped with handle socket.
  • Compared with other lifting and moving equipment, transfer trolley is more cost-effective, which is suitable for customers with insufficient budgets.
  • The flat cart is with adjust speed button, power emergency stop button, and the button to switching remote control and handle. Besides, it can be equipped with matching devices if customers uses the machine in many special environments.

Many Flat Carts Customized Options For Customers

  • Table Size And Frame: The table of transfer trolleys can be designed with different sizes and frame according to customers’ demands and the materials to be transferred. For example, we have exported many flat carts with U-frame table to different countries.
  • The Color Of The Machin:  Our customers generally can choose the color of the machine, and the popular colors are yellow and red. If you have other demands, please communicate with our staffs.
  • The Rail Gauge:  For the rail flat cart, Aicrane can provide a matching flat cart with suitable rail gauge if the customer already has own steel track.
  • The Brand Of Battery And Motor: Commonly, the batteries and motors of our transfer trolleys are from well-known manufacturers. We can also offer these devices from specified brands to meet customers’ needs.
many flat carts in Aicrane
Aicrane Transfer Carts

Why Do Customers Purchase Flat Carts From Aicrane?

Aicrane is a comprehensive transfer cart manufacturer, which can provide customers with high-quality products and one-stop service. For the products, we have own factory to manufacture kinds of flat carts for customers, and all the machines will pass the strict inspection. For the service, please keep reading the following contents to know more.

Suitable Solution Providing

After receiving the customer’s inquiry, our project consultants and technicians will provide the most suitable solutions in accordance with customers’ demands and the actual working condition. Our customers are usually satisfied with the solutions supplied by Aicrane.

Customer Service

We have specified customer service team to help customers know the production progress, arrange shipping and installation issues in advance, and contact with customers to know the usage condition of the machine regularly, etc. Our customers think highly of the service.

After-Sales Service Support

For the installation of this kind of simple machine, we can provide installation guidance online. For the maintenance, we have many overseas branches to solve many after-sales problems, such as Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Philippines, Indonesia, and Malaysia. In addition, we have overseas warehouse in Dubai, which can guarantee fast accessories providing for customers in UAE.

Whole Factory

transfer trolley production IN THE FACTORY
Transfer Trolley Production

flat carts for sale
Flat Carts In The Factory


What Is Rail Transfer Cart?

Rail transfer cart is the popular materials moving machine, which runs on the rail. Compared with trackless transfer trolley, this kind of machine has the requirements of rail construction. The rail can be built indoors and outdoors. The main rail transfer trolleys are AQ-KPX series flat cart, cable drum powered transfer trolley and rail powered flat cart. If you want to buy the machine, welcome to contact us.

What Are The Applications Of Transfer Trolley?

We can design and manufacture various transfer carts to be used for transferring steel pipes, steel coils, ladle, dies, minerals and other materials. Besides, our transfer trolleys can be applied in so many industris like mine industry, steel industry, chemical industry, and construction site, etc. Our technicians can help you choose the most suitable machines fpr your projects.

transfer trolley applications
Flat Cart Applications
What Are The Main Payment Methods We Can Accept?

The main payment methods we can accept are T/T, L/C, Western Union, etc. In addition, we can also accept credit card payment, and our Paypal account supports credit card payment. What’s more, we can make the deal through Alibaba trade assurance that supports credit card payment.

How Long Is The Warranty Period Of Our Flat Carts?

The warranty period of our flat carts is 1 year, if any parts damaged or breakdown caused by quality problems within 1 year, we will provide free replacement parts. In addition, artificial or damage caused by force majeure is not in the scope of our quality assurance. What’s more, we will provide 1 year of wearing parts for free.

What Kind Of Certification Did Aicrane Pass?

We have ISO quality management system certificate, our products have passed CE certification, and our machine can enter the EU market. In addition, we can do third-party inspection or certification according to your request.

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