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Hauling Boat with Rail Trolley

12.5 Ton Slipway Winch For Maldive

Aicrane provides a 12.5 ton JM slipway winch for Maldive. This slipway winch hauls the boat with rail trolley. It is now installed and commissioned in Maldive for our customer. A slipway winch that utilizes a rail trolley to haul boats offers several key features that make it efficient, reliable, and suitable for marine vessel …

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20 Ton JM Winches

Two JM 20 Ton Winches For Angola

Aicrane provided two winches for Angola. Our client in Angola, engaged in heavy-duty operations, required reliable and efficient winches to support their industrial processes. After thorough consideration, they chose our AQ-JM slow speed winches to meet their specific load and speed requirements. JM 20 Ton Winches Overview The two JM 20 Ton winches supplied to …

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JM10 Winch For Chemical Plant in Indonesia

Aicrane exported a JM10 winch to our client in Indonesia. This winch is used in a chemical plant for demolition. If you want to learn more about this customer case in Indonesia, please go on reading. Winch Application in Chemical Plant This winch plays a crucial role in various applications within chemical plants, contributing to …

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electric anchor mooring winch

The Combined Anchor Mooring Winches For Saudi Arabia

A shipment of Aicrane 28mm combined anchor mooring winches has been dispatched to Saudi Arabia. These specialized winches feature a single drum and a single anchor chain wheel, specifically designed for secure and dependable handling of anchor chains and mooring lines on ships. Production During Transportation During transportation, the anchor mooring winches were carefully wrapped …

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30 ton AQ-JM Slipway Winch

30 Ton Slipway Winches Were Installed In Nigeria

Good news! Aicrane has exported two 30 ton AQ-JM slipway winches to Nigeria. These winches were installed at the naval base in Nigeria to pull ships (weigh 250 tons) out of the water for maintenance. AQ-JM series single drum winch is the cost-effective solution for moving ships by the slipway. Please keep reading this post …

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AQ-JM electric Winch

Package & Delivery Of AQ-JM Electric Winches For Indonesian Customer

4 sets of 5 ton AQ-JM electric winches have been delivered to Indonesia. The customer has a large pump manufacturing plant, and these winches will be used in his plant for container loading. This kind of winch is powered by electric motor, and it usually pulls and lifts loads with slow speed. The following contents …

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electric winch with high speed

Delivery Of 5 Ton AQ-JK High Speed Electric Winch To Iraq

Good news, Aicrane has delivered a 5 ton AQ-JK electric winch to Iraq. The winch is with high speed, and it is also equipped with the rope guider. The customer will use this construction winch for pulling machine parts in the machine manufacturing plant. If you have interest in this winch, please keep reading this …

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Electric Winch To Philippines

Electric Winches Were Successfully Exported To The Philippines

Good news! Three AQ-JM electric winches have arrived in Cagayan De Oro City, Philippines. This kind of winch for Philippines is with slow speed and powered by electric motor. These winches will be used in construction site to pull loads, and the base is being fabricated. Please continue to read this post to know more …

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Aicrane electric winch

Aicrane Has Shipped Two 5 Ton Electric Winches To Indonesia

Great shipping news! Aicrane has shipped two 5 ton AQ-JM electric winches to Indonesia. This kind of winch is with slow speed, and it is powered by the electric motor. These two winches will be used for lifting heavy materials in the customer’s constructions site. Parameters Of 5 Ton Electric Winch For Indonesia Type AQ-JM …

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10 ton electric winch for sale

Shipment Of 10 Ton Electric Winch To Indonesia

Congratulations! The shipment of Aicrane 10 ton AQ-JM electric winch to Indonesia is smooth, and it will arrive in Jakarta on time. The winch will be used in the machine installation plant to pull loads. This winch is with slow speed, 10 ton rated load, and it has two brakes (required by the customer) to …

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