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Aicrane Battery Transfer Cart To The US

Aicrane Delviered Two 10 Ton Battery Transfer Carts To The US

Good news! We have shipped two 10 ton battery transfer carts to the US. They will be used for transferring  granite slabs in the plant. The 10 ton battery transfer carts are operated by remote control according to the customer’s requirements. Please continue to read this post to learn about the machine. Production Of 10 …

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Aicrane 10 Ton Crane To Kazakhstan

10 Ton Overhead Crane Was On Its Way To Kazakhstan

A 10 ton AQ-LD single girder overhead crane was on its way to Kazakhstan. It will be used to lift steel materials in the customer’s plant. This crane is equipped with a 10 ton wire rope hoist, which is also provided by Aicrane. According to the budget and some requirements of the project, we offer …

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Column Of Jib Crane

Two 5 Ton Pillar Jib Cranes Were Delivered To Kazakhstan

Good news! Aicrane has delivered two 5 ton AQ-BZ pillar jib cranes to Kazakhstan. Both of them will be used to lift steel materials in the plant. We also provide the customer with two 5 ton chain hoists, and they will reach their destination on time. The following pictures and description can tell you some …

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Hanger Steel Grid Structure Has Been Installed In Somalia

Good news! Aicrane has helped the Somalia’s customer complete the installation of steel grid structure successfully. This steel structure is used as airport hanger. The production cycle of the steel structure is 60 days, and it was shipped from Qingdao Port in China. Keep on reading this post to know more information. Basic Information Of …

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Steel Structure

10 Ton Overhead Crane & Steel Structure Was Installed In Uzbekistan

Aicrane has provided an AQ-LD 10 ton single girder overhead crane and steel structure workshop for the customer in Uzbekistan. The overhead crane and steel structure were installed successfully under the help of Aicrane engineers. This crane is mainly used for lifting production materials in workshop. If you want to know more details about this …

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End Beams

A 5T European Gantry Crane Was Delivered To Australia

Good news! Aicrane exported a 5 ton AQ-MH European standard single girder gantry crane to Australia. The customer plans to install the crane in the pipe section processing plant to lift the produced pipe section to the flatbed truck, and it will work outdoors. Besides, this crane has added our Internal of Things module, which …

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Single Girder Crane To Kazakhstan

Aicrane Delivered 5 Ton European Overhead Crane To Kazakhstan

Aicrane delivered a 5 ton single girder European overhead crane and European hoist to Kazakhstan. Our customer plans to use the crane in packing plant to lift finished plastic bottle caps and PET preforms. The span of this overhead crane is 21.8m, and the lifting height is 12m. This European overhead crane is with light …

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5 Ton Electric Winch

Aicrane Exported Two 5 Ton Electric Planetary Winches To South Korea

Celebrate the successful delivery of two 5 ton AQ-JM electric planetary winches to South Korea. They are mainly used to lift ladle heaters in steel mill. The steel plant is with normal temperature because of thermal insulation walls. Electric planetary winch is powered by electric motor, which has easy and safe operation. Please keep on …

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32 Ton European Gantry Crane Kazakhstan

32 Ton European Double Girder Gantry Crane Was Delivered To Kazakhstan

A 32 ton European double girder gantry crane was delivered to Kazakhstan on April 20th. This crane is a customized machine, and the customer uses it to transfer containers in the yard. The production cycle of this 32 ton gantry crane is 75 working days. If you want to know production, package and delivery of …

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AQ-HD Crane Installation

10 Ton AQ-HD Overhead Crane Installation In Nigeria

The installation of a 10 ton AQ-HD single girder European overhead crane has completed in Nigeria. This bridge crane is equipped with a European electric hoist to lift heavy materials in a workshop. The customer said that it could work smoothly after installation and debugging. If you want to know more details about this crane, …

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