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Two Overhead Cranes for Manufacturing Workshop in Dominica

We provided two single girder overhead cranes for one of our customers from Dominican Republic. These two overhead cranes are our AQ-LD type crane, featuring simple structure, good performance, ideal price and long service life. The two single girder bridge cranes are used in the customer’s manufacturing workshop to handle different materials from one work cell to another.

overhead cranes used in manufacturing workshop
overhead cranes used in manufacturing workshop

Basic Information of the Single Girder Cranes

These two overhead cranes have the same load capacity-7.5ton, but with different spans and lifting height, one is with span of 13.9m and lifting height of 5.5m; the other is with span of 19.2m and lifting height of 6.5m. They are equipped with electric chain hoists to lift heavy materials. The customer told us the actual conditions of their workshop and their special lifting requirements. We offered the two customized single girder overhead cranes to suit all the work needs and within their budget.

Crane Production and Delivery

After receiving the customer’s advance payment, we arranged the overhead crane manufacturing in our factory, we regularly updated the manufacturing progress for the customer by sending them pictures and videos, ensuring they know clearly about the whole progress.
Upon completing the production, our shipment department took charge of the whole delivering issues to guarantee the timely arrival at the destination according to the contract.

crane production in factory
crane production in factory
crane delivered to Dominica
crane delivered to Dominica

Crane Installation and Commissioning at Site

After the customer received the crane products, they did the checks to make sure the whole products are in good conditions. When it came to the installation stage, we provided online crane installation and commissioning guidance for the customer, with our help, and the whole installation and commissioning went smoothly and safely. The customer spoke highly of our professionalism and quick response to all their questions.

overhead crane installed in the workshop
overhead crane installed in the workshop

Now the two single girder 7.5 ton overhead cranes work reliably and efficiently in the workshop to lift and move different materials from one position to another as required, greatly improving efficiency and productivity. We are looking forward to cooperate with the customer again in the near future to help them achieve greater success in their business.

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