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Single Girder European Overhead Cranes Installation In Uzbekistan

Two single girder European overhead cranes have been installed in Uzbekistan. The 10 ton AQ-HD top running overhead crane and 2 ton AQ-NLXB European explosion proof underhung bridge crane are used for lifting and moving loads in prodution plants. European bridge crane is our hot-sale products, which is with various advantages. Besides, top running and underhung bridge cranes are designed for different working conditions.

10 Ton European Overhead Crane for sale
10 Ton European Overhead Crane

2T European Explosion Overhead Crane
2T European Explosion Proof Overhead Crane

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Installation Of Single Girder European Cranes

Our company can provide installation guidance for customers, like the drawings of installation together with cranes or installation videos. With the installation guidance from us, the customer has installed the 2 ton explosion proof underhung bridge crane and 10 ton European crane.

If you come from Uzbekistan, you can find our office in Uzbekistan, there will be engineers helping you install your cranes.

Explosion Proof Hoist
Explosion Proof Hoist Installation

10 Ton Top Running Crane Installation
10 Ton Top Running Crane Installation

Remote Control
Remote Control

Some Advantages Of European Overhead Crane

European overhead crane works more efficiently, and it is equipped with a European hoist. In addition, the structure of European overhead crane is much compact and beautiful, the dead weight is more lighter, and the whole crane use the frequency conversion, double speed lifting, so it is an ideal machine for your business.

10T European Top Running Crane In Uzbekistan
10T European Top Running Crane In Uzbekistan

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Why Does the Customer Choose Explosion Proof Overhead Crane?

Explosion proof overhead crane is suitable for moving heavy materials in inflammable and explosive places. This kind of crane works with an explosion proof hoist. Compared with normal bridge crane, it has higher protection level. The customer chose the machine in accordance with the special working environments.

2T European Underhung Crane In Uzbekistan
2T European Underhung Crane In Uzbekistan

Positive Feedback From The Customer

The customer searched the keyword – European overhead crane at Google and find Aicrane. From the customer’s first inquiry to the delivery of goods, our patient and professional staffs provide excellent service for our customer. The customer said that he was very satified with our crane products and service. Aicrane is a reliable and reputable crane brand, and is committed to providing professional crane solutions and excellent service.

About our products, the two overhead cranes adopt advanced technology, and we have strict quality conrtol system during production process. After installing and operating two bridge cranes, the client thinks highly of our products and expects to have a long-term cooperation with Aicrane.

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If you want to know more information about overhead cranes to Uzbekistan, please contact us. The staffs will be happly to provide you with some details of the prices or delivery or installation of our products. In addition, we have a service center in Uzbekistan to solve the problems for the customers fast.

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