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AQ-HD Crane Installation

10 Ton AQ-HD Overhead Crane Installation In Nigeria

The installation of a 10 ton AQ-HD single girder European overhead crane has completed in Nigeria. This bridge crane is equipped with a European electric hoist to lift heavy materials in a workshop. The customer said that it could work smoothly after installation and debugging. If you want to know more details about this crane, …

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Anchor Winch For Sale

Electric Anchor Winch Philippines Was Going To Its Destination

Good news! Aicrane shipped a heavy electric anchor winch to Philippines. Now, it  is on its way to Philippines, and it will arrived in Philippines on time. This anchor winch will be installed on deck. The chain diameter of this winch is 97mm. The following photo is the delivery of the anchor winch. Please continue to …

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10 ton explosion proof overhead crane

AQ-LB 10 Ton Overhead Crane Has Been Installed In Uzbekistan

Our customer has completed the installation of a 10 ton AQ-LB single girder overhead crane in Uzbekistan. This machine belongs to explosion proof overhead crane. It is equipped with an explosion proof hoist to lift materials in workshop. If you want to know more details about this crane, please keep on reading this post. Installation …

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JMM 60T Friction Winch for sale

60 Ton Slipway Winch In Indonesia

A 60 ton AQ-JMM friction slipway winch Indonesia has been fixed ashore. This AQ-JMM friction winch is used as a slipway winch to pull boats on the shore. It generally runs with slow speed. The customer was so pleased with the winch and the machine would be put into use soon after trial operation. Specific …

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10 ton overhead crane

AQ-HD 10 Ton Overhead Crane Kenya Was On The Way

A 10 ton AQ-HD single girder European overhead crane was delivered to Kenya. The lifting height of this crane is 6m. Together with the crane, we also provide a 10 ton European hoist for our customer. European overhead crane is a special machine with a variety of advantages. Please continue to read this post if …

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2 Ton European Hoist

End Beams And European Electric Hoist Kenya Have Been Installed

Six end beams and a 2 ton European wire rope electric hoist Kenya have been installed. The lifting height of this hoist is 6m. These end beams and electric hoist Kenya now work with single girder overhead cranes in production workshop. They are used to lift steel materials. Our European hoist has the advantages of …

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Hydraulic Winch To Vietnam

Four 15 Ton Hydraulic Winches Was Shipped To Vietnam

Aicrane shipped four 15 ton hydraulic winches to Vietnam. The customer told our salesman that he would use these winches for mooring operations in marine environment. Hydraulic winch from Aicrane is with many advantages. Let’ s read this post together to know more details about these 15 ton hydraulic winches. Delivery Of 15 Ton Hydraulic …

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QPQ Electric Winch

QPQ2*25T Electric Winches Exported To Vietnam

Good news! We have exported three QPQ2*25T electric winches to Vietnam. The winch is a lifting equipment. It will be used in dam to lift and lower the gate of dam. Now, this machine has arrived in Vietnam on time and been installed successfully. If you are interested in the winch, please keep on reading …

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Reach Stacker

10 Ton Container Reach Stacker Was Sent To Vietnam

A 10 ton container reach stacker from Aicrane was sent to Vietnam. The machine will be used in container production yards invested by Korean multinational companies in Vietnam. The customer is a container manufacturer, and needs to use the reach stacker to transfer their containers. Container reach stacker is an ideal choice to lift and …

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Double Girder Overhead Crane

Double Girder Overhead Crane Installation And Debugging In Thailand

A double girder overhead crane was installed and debugged in Thailand successfully. This crane Thailand is used for lifting heavy steel materials in workshop. It helps our customer work more efficiently. Double girder bridge crane produced by our company is with various advantages like high quality, less maintenance and long service life. It is an …

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