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Aicrane 10 ton Overhead Crane Used in Kazakhstan

One Aicrane 10 ton overhead crane has been successfully installed and used in our customer’s manufacturing workshop in Kazakhstan. The Overhead crane is essential for efficient material handling, streamlining operations, and ensuring workplace safety. This overhead crane 10 ton is our AQ-LD type single girder overhead crane, and it is mainly used for transferring steel components as required.

10ton overhead crane for Kazakhstan
10ton overhead crane for Kazakhstan

Case Introduction

The processing workshop, situated in Kazakhstan, specializes in heavy-duty manufacturing and requires robust lifting solutions to handle large and bulky materials. The workshop’s operations include metal fabrication, assembly line production, and material transportation. With the need to lift and move heavy loads within the facility, a 10-ton overhead crane was deemed crucial for enhancing productivity and ensuring operational efficiency.

The 10 ton overhead crane offers impressive capabilities to tackle the workshop’s demanding tasks. Equipped with a high lifting capacity, precise controls, and adaptable features, this crane is capable of handling heavy materials with ease. Its sturdy construction and advanced safety mechanisms guarantee reliable and secure lifting operations, reducing the risk of accidents and promoting a safe working environment.

single girder overhead crane used in manufacturing factory
single girder overhead crane used in manufacturing factory

Site Visiting of Aicrane Team

After the successful installation of the 10 ton overhead crane in the processing workshop, the Aicrane team arranged a site visit to ensure the customer’s satisfaction and address any post-installation queries or concerns. This visit aimed to assess the crane’s performance, verify its seamless integration into the workflow, and provide an opportunity for the customer to provide feedback on their experience with the new equipment.

During the site visit, the project consultants and engineers from Aicrane thoroughly inspected the operational aspects of the crane. They observed its functionality, evaluated its efficiency in lifting and moving heavy loads, and assessed its adherence to safety regulations. This assessment included testing the crane’s lifting capacity, precision controls, and safety features to ensure they were all functioning optimally.

Aicrane team visiting the site in Kazakhstan
Aicrane team visiting the site in Kazakhstan

Positive Feedback from Kazakhstan

Following the installation and integration of the 10-ton single girder overhead crane, the customer provided positive feedback regarding its performance. The client expressed satisfaction with the crane’s smooth operation, precision controls, and versatility. The ability to lift heavy materials effortlessly and transport them across the workshop greatly improved productivity and reduced manual labor.

The customer particularly appreciated the crane’s advanced safety features, including overload protection, emergency stop functionality, and reliable lifting mechanisms. The integration of these safety measures not only ensured the protection of the workforce but also minimized the risk of product damage and equipment malfunction.

Aicrane Solutions for Kazakhstan

The implementation of a 10-ton overhead crane in the processing workshop in Kazakhstan exemplifies the positive impact of advanced lifting equipment on industrial operations. By integrating a reliable and high-capacity overhead crane, the workshop achieved enhanced productivity, improved safety standards, and streamlined material handling processes.

Aicrane provides various overhead crane solutions to suit different requirements, including single beam overhead crane, double beam overhead crane, top running overhead crane, underhung crane, explosion proof overhead crane, electromagnetic overhead crane and foundry overhead crane. No matter what type of overhead crane you need, you can just get a suitable one from Aicrane.

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