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Aicrane Exported Two 5 Ton Electric Planetary Winches To South Korea

Celebrate the successful delivery of two 5 ton AQ-JM electric planetary winches to South Korea. They are mainly used to lift ladle heaters in steel mill. The steel plant is with normal temperature because of thermal insulation walls. Electric planetary winch is powered by electric motor, which has easy and safe operation. Please keep on reading this post if you want to know more.

Electric Planetary Winch To South Korea
Electric Planetary Winch To South Korea

Parameters Of Electric Planetary Winches To South Korea

Model AQ-JM planetary structure
Load capacity 5 ton
Rope length 50m
Wire rope diameter 20mm
Rated speed 0.88-8.78m/min variable speed
Voltage 460V/60HZ/3-phase
Structure Built-in planetary reducer structure, Siemens motor

5 Ton Electric Planetary Winch Solutions Provided By Aicrane

  • Customized Service: During communication, we knew the customer had customized demands, and the configuration, parameters, performance of the 5 ton electric winch should meet the customer’s requirements. Aicrane has professional engineers, which can modify the drawings and solutions in accordance with the customer’s needs.
  • Providing Various Documents: When the product was put into production, we provided the customer with various reports, specifications, production progress pictures. Our customer specialist translated all kinds of documents in time, provide all the information required by customers, and solve customer problems.
  • Strict Quality Control: This customer has strict requirements on product quality. In order to ensure he could get a high-quality winch, the customer visited our factory to inspect the winches twice. In the end, the customer from South Korea said he was assured of the quality of our products.

Production Of The 5 Ton Electric Winches To South Korea

The following pictures are the production details of two 5 ton planetary winches to South Korea. During Production, we have strict quality control system, and we have sent these production pictures to our customer.

Production Of 5 Ton Electric Winch
Production Of 5 Ton Electric Winch

Winch Paint
Winch Paint

Package & Delivery Of 5 Ton Planetary Winches To South Korea

Aicrane adopts wooden boxes to pack two 5t planetary winches to South Korea. When it comes to delivery, the winches were shipped from Qingdao port and now they have arrived in South Korea. We have skilled shipping department to ensure smooth delivery.

Winch Packed In Wooden Box
Winch Packed In Wooden Box

Electric Control Box
Electric Control Box

Package Of 5 Ton Winch
Package Of 5 Ton Winch

Why Does The South Korea Customer Choose Aicrane?

The customer is one of the Fortune 500 companies in the world and is strict with quality. Therefore, the good quality of products is our advantage. Besides, before receiving winches, Aicrane can provide free installation, operation and maintenance guidance online.

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