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60 Ton Slipway Winch In Indonesia

A 60 ton AQ-JMM friction slipway winch Indonesia has been fixed ashore. This AQ-JMM friction winch is used as a slipway winch to pull boats on the shore. It generally runs with slow speed. The customer was so pleased with the winch and the machine would be put into use soon after trial operation.

JMM 60T Friction Winch for sale
60 Ton Slipway Winch

JMM Slipway Winch for sale
Slipway Winch In Indonesia

Specific Features Of 60 Ton Slipway Winch Indonesia

  • The pull force of this slipway winch is 60 ton.
  • Slipway winch is designed for pulling boats or ships. 
  • The winch is with friction drum group and drum for rope storage.
  • This special slipway friction winch can use the friction of wire rope and drum to produce tension.
  • Slipway winch from Aicrane has high quality, great performance and less maintenance. 

Two Main Boat Pulling Methods For Customers In Indonesia

Commonly, there are two main methods for pulling your boat. Pulling a boat with airbag is an innovative way, which is safer and more technical. Besides, you can also use the rail trolley to pull a boat. In this case, the customer plans to use airbag to pull his boat. Besides, if you have no idea about it, please contact us.

Why Choose A Slipway Winch From Aicrane?

Aicrane can provide the complete slipway winch solution for client. The customer only needs to provide the max. dead weight of vessel they plan to pull, slipway slope, vessel’s move distance during pulling, type of slipway (airbag/rail cart), required pulling speed, etc. Aicrane can also provide related equipment such as wire rope, pulley blocks, wire rope slings, etc.

For providing faster and better service for our customers, we have built a service center in Indonesia. About after-sales, our winch Indonesia is with one year warranty. Because of good products and excellent service, we have retained so many old customers. This customer also said that he would have another order in the future. Expect to work with you.

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