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AQ-LX Underhung Bridge Crane Uzbekistan Was Arrived In Uzbekistan

A high-quality AQ-LX underhung single girder overhead crane has been delivered to Uzbekistan. The crane is fixed on six supporting points. Besides, the crane works with a wire rope hoist, and our company can also provide the hoist.

Our single girder overhead crane is with a variety of advantages, including convenient installation, easy operation, less maintenance and less service life. Our company has delivered so many overhead cranes to different countries. If you want to have an investment in the machine, please put in touch with us.

LX Single Girder Overhead Crane
LX Single Girder Overhead Crane

Main Beam
Main Beam

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As a powerful and professional manufacturer, we have trusted design team, production team and service team. If you purchase a crane from our group, you will get a product with great performance and excellent service. Most of our customers want to keep working with us because of the high-quality machine. Looking forward to working with you.

LX Underhung Overhead Crane
LX Underhung Overhead Crane

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