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5 Ton Overhead Crane To Saudi Arabia

5 ton single girder overhead crane is very popular in lifting equipment. It has a bright future about lifting various material for users’ requirements. The customers can have a low investment and a quick recovery of crane cost. Recently, two European single girder overhead cranes have been exported to Saudi Arabia.

This European overhead crane is used for lifting heavy materials in workshop, which help our customer work more efficiently. It is equipped with European hoist. Our company can not only offer various cranes, but also electric hoists. Welcome to contact us.

5 ton overhead crane wins a high reputation from Saudi Arabia market

As a professional crane manufacturer, the crane can help users lift simple and hard materials in limited places. It has various features of extensive applications, high quality structure, small weight, and good operation performance.

The crane type is equipped with control system with safety operation. It is very easy to operate. According to the user;s demands, we can help the operator customize the crane structure for project. The 5 ton overhead crane is very suitable for small project.

Advantages of European single girder 5 ton crane

  • We adopt the advanced design with control system.
  • It is stronger structure design than common single girder overhead crane.
  • The crane has bright futures with long service life.
  • The product adopts imported computed design, compact structure and convenient maintenance.
  • If you have a need about 5 ton crane, contact us. We can offer a factory price and at same quality design for you.

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