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32 Ton Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane for Spain

Aicrane recently supplied an advanced DTL model rubber tyred gantry crane to a client in Spain. This rubber tyred gantry crane was specifically tailored for lifting electrical units used in solar panel production. Our client’s factory manufactures the solar panel in Spain.

32 Ton DTL Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane for Spain
32 Ton DTL Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane for Spain

Discussion Between Engineer and Client

The client’s facility in Spain posed challenges due to narrow transportation pathways, necessitating precise specifications for the rubber tyred gantry crane’s dimensions. Before the final solution of the double girder gantry crane, our engineer discuss with our client for several rounds. The lateral distance was set relatively short to accommodate these spatial constraints.

Two Hoists Loading Test
Two Hoists Loading Test
Two 16 Ton Hoists Lifting Steel Blocks
Two 16 Ton Hoists Lifting Steel Blocks

The rubber tyred gantry crane’s total lifting capacity of are 32 tons. It has two hoists, each capable of handling 16 tons. This configuration provides the necessary lifting power required for efficient operations within the solar panel collector unit production environment.

Movement Modes of Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane

This rubber gantry crane can do 360 degree rotation, 45 degree oblique travelling with its tires. It went through many movement tests and material handling tests. The video shows some of the testing process.

A rubber tyred gantry crane (RTG) with 360-degree rotation refers to its ability to rotate fully around its base, allowing for flexible and versatile movement and positioning of cargo or containers. This feature enables the crane to access and lift loads from various angles without having to reposition the entire crane structure.

On the other hand, 45-degree oblique traveling of an RTG refers to its capability to move diagonally at a 45-degree angle relative to its usual straight-line travel direction. This diagonal movement enhances the crane’s maneuverability, particularly in tight or confined spaces, allowing it to navigate corners and obstacles more efficiently. It also contributes to smoother and more precise cargo handling operations in port terminals or container yards.

Front View of Rubber Tired Gantry Crane
Front View of Rubber Tired Gantry Crane
Side View of Rubber Tyred Crane
Side View of Rubber Tyred Crane

The crane’s height of 7 meters allows for efficient vertical lifting, crucial for handling large and heavy electrical components used in solar panel collector unit assembly. Furthermore, the 3.5-meter horizontal reach of rubber tyred gantry crane strikes a balance between maneuverability within confined spaces and the ability to reach components positioned across the production area.

Successful Delivery of Gantry Crane to Spain

Aicrane’s comprehensive customization services ensured that the rubber tyred gantry crane met the client’s specific requirements. The rubber tired gantry crane has been transported to the production facility in Spain. Aicrane shows our ability to deliver tailored lifting solutions that enhance productivity and safety in diverse industrial sectors.

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