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10T+32T NLH Crane Has Been Installed In Turkmenistan

A 10T+32t NLH European double girder overhead crane has been installed in Turkmenistan successfully. The customer will use it to lift materials in workshop. Generally, European works more efficiently, which suits your working conditions.

In addition, its structure is much compact and beautiful, dead weight more lighter, and the whole crane use the frequency conversion, double speed lifting, so it is more stable for your use. If you need the great European overhead crane, please put in touch with us.

10T+32T NLH Overhead Crane
10T+32T NLH Overhead Crane

European Double Girder Crane for sale
European Double Girder Crane

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Overhead Crane Package & delivery

About the package and delivery of main beam we adopt color band cloth. Other small parts and electrical devices are packed in wooden box. Commonly, the delivery time of  bridge crane is  20 to 40 days. If you need customized machine, the delivery time will be longer.

As a professional overhead crane manufacturer, we have exported various bridge cranes to different countries. Before shipment, our cranes are all checked carefully. Therefore, the customer in Turkmenistan thinks highly of the crane.

Crane Delivery
Crane Delivery

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