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Requirements for recruitment service outlets:

Have a fixed office;

Nature of company: independent legal entity unit;

Installation and maintenance engineers: At least 4;

Telephone: 2 or more;

Installation and maintenance tools: more than 3 sets;

Service ability: There are sufficient human resources to ensure the ability to provide 24-hour service at a distance.

Recruiting Requirements

Regulations of service outlet revocation:

1. The service center itself proposes to terminate the agreement for various reasons.

2. The office is unable to serve customers.

3. Words and deeds that deliberately corrupt our company’s reputation.

4. Poor service quality, arbitrary charges during the warranty period, causing bad effects among customers and leading to major complaints that are not resolved; Those who are with poor collaboration, refusing our company’s management assignment and making unreasonable demands.

5.No business occurs within three months after the establishment of the service network.

6. Before the office canceled according to the actual situation, it must be reported to the company’s after-sale service department for record. The office can only be withdrawn after the company’s consent.

7. If false information is submitted to the company, a signed agreement will be invalid; all the consequences are borne by the service network, and the company reserves the right to use legally.

8. Only after the service outlets and offices that have been revoked of service center qualification have checked and returned all accessories and other identifying materials, shall the installation and maintenance fees be settled.

Work requirements for Party B:

1. Strictly implement AIMIX after-sale service policy and various rules and regulations, and bear corresponding obligations and responsibilities.

2. Unconditionally obey the work assignments of AIMIX after-sale service department and office, especially cross-regional installation and maintenance, as well as problems dealers can’t handle well.

3. Actively participate in and cooperate with activities organized by the local quality supervision department, consumer associations, media, and the office.

4. Service personnel must wear AIMIX work clothes when they offer door to door service.

5. Serve AIMIX wholeheartedly and shall not offer sales and service business for other brands.

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