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QPQ2*25T Electric Winches Exported To Vietnam

Good news! We have exported three QPQ2*25T electric winches to Vietnam. The winch is a lifting equipment. It will be used in dam to lift and lower the gate of dam. Now, this machine has arrived in Vietnam on time and been installed successfully. If you are interested in the winch, please keep on reading this post .

QPQ2*25T Winch To Vietnam
QPQ2*25T Winch To Vietnam

Delivery And Installation Of QPQ2*25T Electric Winches

The delivery of these QPQ2*25T electric winches is 45 working days. Besides, the goods were shipped from Qingdao Port of China to Ho Chi Minh Port in 9 days.  About installation, these electric winches have been installed successfully. With our engineer’s guidance online, the process of installation is easy and smooth.

Some Features Of QPQ Electric Winch

  • QPQ electric winch is cutomized machine. 
  • This kinds of winch is powered by an electric motor. 
  • The winch is with high quality, good performance and long service life. 

  • The winch adopts safe protection devices.
  • The customer uses two machines together.
  • It is easy to install, operate, and maintain because of simple structure. 

QPQ Electric Winch
QPQ Electric Winch

Winch To Vietnam
Winch To Vietnam

Good Feedback Fom Our Customer

The customer searched ” electric winch for sale ” at google and found our website. After that, he contacted us through sending an inquiry. During communication, we have provided satisfactory solutions according to the customer’ s requirements. After installation and debugging, these winches can run well.

Paul - Vietnam

I am so happy! The winch is very good. Thanks for great service from Aicrane. Expect to work with you in the future.

Why Does The Customer Choose Aicrane?

When the customer chooses a winch supplier, he mainly pays attention to the scale and reputation of a company. Aicrane, is a large and reliable manufacturer, which has worked with so many customers from Vietnam. Our group has own factory, and we usually control quality of products strictly during production process.

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    6.Project introduction: project working site, project budget, etc