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Hangar Steel Grid Structure Has Been Installed In Somalia

Good news! Aicrane has helped the Somalia’s customer complete the installation of steel grid structure successfully. This steel structure is used as airport hangar. The production cycle of the steel structure is 60 days, and it was shipped from Qingdao Port in China. Keep on reading this post to know more information.

steel grid structure
Steel Grid Structure In Somalia

Installation Of Steel Grid Structure
Installation Of Steel Grid Structure

Aicrane Installation Tea
Aicrane Installation Team

Basic Information Of Steel Grid Structure In Somalia

Dimension: 60m x 66m x 25m

Steel Structure Application: Hangar (installed at the seaside)

Roof Material: It is equipped with single layer colored steel tile and lighting plate design.

Other Special Requirements: There are high requirements for foundation design, overall grid strength design, wind resistance and anti-corrosion grade of materials.

How Aicrane Provided Steel Structure Solutions For The Customer?

  • During early communication, the customer wanted to know if Aicrane had any experience executing similar large projects. To make him trust us more, we provided the payment slip of previous large orders, as well as the installation site of other customers and the detailed pictures of products.
  • In the cooperation process, Aicrane provided the customer with suitable and cost-effective steel grid structure solutions, which would save materials and reduce cost.  Because of the special working condition of the product, our engineers recommended some protection designs.
  • After communicating the product details, we came to a disagreement over the transportation and payment method. Through local inland transport safety situation and policy requirements, we provided suitable transportation way that satisfied the customer. In addition, we suggested that the customer found third party to the factory to check the raw materials and relevant purchase documents, which would ensure the safety of the customer’s funds. Finally, the payment process went smoothly.
  • During the communication with customers and contract negotiation, our sales manager hold telephone conference and video conference every week at any time according to the progress to communicate contract details. Our timely response left a professional impression on customers.

Package & Delivery Of Grid Steel Structure For Somalia

Some parts of the steel grid structure are packed in waterproof plastic film, and we use special box to pack the bolt ball. About delivery, we have professional shipment department, and the product has reached its destination.

Package Of Steel Structure
Package Of Steel Structure

Delivery Of Steel Structure
Delivery Of Steel Structure

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