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Two JM 20 Ton Winches For Angola

Aicrane provided two winches for Angola. Our client in Angola, engaged in heavy-duty operations, required reliable and efficient winches to support their industrial processes. After thorough consideration, they chose our AQ-JM slow speed winches to meet their specific load and speed requirements.

20 Ton JM Winches
20 Ton JM Winches

JM 20 Ton Winches Overview

The two JM 20 Ton winches supplied to our client are equipped with electric motors for reliable power supply. With a designed speed of 10 m/min and a wire rope capacity of 180m, these winches offer the perfect balance of strength and precision. The wire rope capacity of 180m ensures sufficient length for their operational needs. The working speed of 10 m/min strikes a balance between efficiency and safety, crucial for their specific applications.

Operational Efficiency

Our installation team supported the installation process online The installation of these winches has significantly enhanced the operational efficiency of our client’s processes. The electric motors, coupled with the robust design of the winches, ensure a reliable and consistent power supply. The slow speed of 10 m/min allows for precise control, contributing to smoother and safer lifting operations.

Two Winches in the Factory
Two Winches in the Factory

Versatility and Power Supply

The AQ-JM Slow Speed Winches, with their adaptability to load capacities ranging from 0.5 to 200 tons, provide versatility across various applications in the client’s operations. The broad power supply range (220-690V, 50/60HZ, 3Phase) ensures compatibility with different electrical systems, making them suitable for diverse industrial environments.

Customer Satisfaction

Our client expressed high satisfaction with the performance of the AQ-JM Slow Speed Winches. The tailored solution, incorporating the specific load and speed requirements, has proven to be instrumental in meeting their operational demands. The reliability, efficiency, and adaptability of these winches have strengthened our client’s confidence in our products. The winches were transported in container to their destination.

Shipment of Two JM Winches
Shipment of Two JM Winches

Future Collaboration

This successful implementation has laid the foundation for future collaborations with our client in Angola. As they continue to expand their operations, Aicrane will provide reliable and customized solutions positions us as a trusted partner for their ongoing and future lifting needs.

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