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Aicrane Steel Pipes Handling Solution For Russia

Basic Project Information

Product name:
32+32 Ton Gantry Crane
Handling Steel Pipes
Delivery time:
100 Working Days
Installation time:
June 2023
Installation method:
Online installation guidance

Project Image

Cooperation Process Between Aicrane And The Russia Customer

Initial Request From Steel Pipe Manufacturing Company

Our customer Роман discovered our company through a search on Yandex. His company is a manufacturer and supplier of pipe fittings which sought our expertise in providing a gantry crane for its steel pipe manufacturing operations.

With a focus on lifting pipes of various sizes within their factory premises, our client’s initial inquiry for a gantry crane reflects their need for efficient and reliable lifting solutions tailored to their specific industry requirements.

Tailored Solutions for Efficient Steel Pipes Handling

During negotiations, our focus was on providing tailored solutions for efficient steel pipes handling, given the large and varied sizes of pipes the client needed to lift. After understanding the client’s requirements thoroughly, we prepared conceptual drawings and went through three rounds of adjustments to reach a consensus on the final solution.

The ultimate agreement resulted in the purchase the AQ-MG 64 ton double girder gantry crane with a height of 12 meters, designed for A5 working efficiency. This gantry crane solution fulfills the client’s expectations for reliable and effective equipment for their steel pipes handling operations.

Crane Production Process

Upon receiving the customer’s advance payment, we expedited the crane production process and completed it ahead of the contractually agreed time. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, which made transportation for the entire order very difficult, the packaging of the entire heavy duty gantry crane met international transportation standards, ensuring that the crane arrived in Lisichansk in perfect condition.

Delivery of Container Gantry Crane

Upon receiving the shipment, Роман conducted an inspection as per our instructions. The transportation of the goods went smoothly, and everything arrived in excellent condition. Our adherence to international packaging standards and efficient production processes contributed to the successful delivery of the container gantry crane to our customer.

Installation and commissioning

The installation of the equipment was carried out by the customer themselves, and it proceeded very smoothly. After completing the installation, the customer shared work photos with us, expressing their approval of the quality of our products.

Other customers from Russia who visited the equipment’s worksite also received positive recommendations from the customer.

Operation of 64 Ton Gantry Crane

The gantry crane can lift the steel pipes efficiently. It is equipped with special spreader which suit the size of the steel pipes. The spreader can increase the stability of the pipes during handling process.

NMG double girder gantry crane in Russia

Customer Praise


Praise after installation and commissioning

The gantry crane has excellent quality. We are willing to allow potential clients in Russia to visit the worksite and get a firsthand experience of Aicrane’s product.

Good reviews after operation

The gantry crane operates well handling steel pipes. Aicrane has quick service response, professional technical support, and commitment to our promises.

Aicrane After-Sales Service


Installation, commissioning, on-site production engineers accompany the whole process and continue to help customers solve problems;


Provide professional training to help customers build a professional production and operation team;


Provide customers with spare parts for life.


We produce heavy lifting products and provide services to meet our clients’ requirement. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, we managed to complete production ahead of schedule for the gantry crane our customer ordered, ensuring that the crane was delivered intact to its destination on time.

The customers’ recognition of the quality of our products is invaluable, and we are grateful for the positive recommendation to our other clients in Russia.

Your feedback on our products being of high quality and your willingness to showcase our equipment to potential clients speak volumes. We value the partnership we build with our client. The customers have returned for another purchase of a 50 ton gantry crane in 2024.

Maintaining a friendly relationship with our clients is a top priority for us. We will continue to follow up regularly on the usage status of the products and provide ongoing support to ensure your satisfaction and success.