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5 Ton Grab Gantry Crane Installation In Thailand

Aicrane has helped the customer complete the installation of a 5 ton grab gantry crane successfully in Thailand. We received some feedback pictures about the crane. This grab gantry crane is fixed outdoor to lift and move coal and pulverized coal. If you have interest in our gantry crane, the following content will let you know more details.

5 Ton Grab Gantry Crane In Thailand
5 Ton Grab Gantry Crane In Thailand

5 Ton Grab Gantry Crane Thailand
5 Ton Grab Gantry Crane Thailand

5 Ton Grab Gantry Crane Installation

Aicrane has professional after-sales service team, which can provide free installation guidance online. Therefore, with the great cooperation between local workers and Aicrane engineer, the installation was completed smoothly.


Electric Room Installation
Electric Room Installation

running motor rain cover


Electrical Cabinet
Electrical Cabinet

ABB Frequency Converter
ABB Frequency Converter

Various Advantages Of 5 Ton Grab Gantry Crane

  • The grab is suitable for some special materials, and we can provide customized service.
  • Electric room can ensure the safe operation.
  • The frequency converter can supply different speeds to move materials.
  • Ladder of the crane can provide the convenient installation and maintenance for service team.
  • The Running motor rain cover can protect the motor in rainy day.

What Did Our Customer Say?

Our customer said this 5 ton gantry crane was very good and he liked it a lot. Besides, he also expressed the intention of future cooperation. Our products and service make him satisfied. Particularly worth mentioning is that we have so many old customers and they always think highly of our high-quality products.

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This 5 ton double girder grab gantry crane is with great design and performance. If you have needs, please get in touch with us as soon as possible. You will receive the professional crane design from us. Besides, we will provide free quotation for you. Expect to work with you!

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