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5T Chain Hoist To Dominica

We have exported a 5 ton chain hoist to Dominica. The customer also bought an overhead crane from our company. We are a powerful lifting equipment manufacture and exporter, we have a variety of lifting machines for sale. You can buy a crane with a hoist, and you can also choose only a kind of machine to purchase.

About electric hoists, there are wire rope hoist, chain hoist, and European hoist for your reference. What’ more, the wire rope can be divided into metallurgical electric hoist and explosion-proof electric hoist. The hoists from our company all have advanced technology, good operation, less maintenance and long service lift. Welcome to put in touch with us.

Our brand, Aicrane has become more and more popular in the market,  because we have high-quality products and excellent service. Looking forward to working with you.

5T Chain Hoist
5T Chain Hoist

5 Ton Hoist Delivery
5 Ton Hoist Delivery

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    1.Load capacity: ton?

    2.Lifting height: m?

    3.What materials will be handled?

    4.How many hours will the hoist work per day?

    5.Control model: pendant control or remote control?

    6.Project introduction: project working site, project budget, etc