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36 Ton Container Gantry Crane Deliveried to Russia

In the year 2016, we successfully delivered the 36 ton container gantry crane to Russia. The client is a big Russian crane engineering company. After we communicated on this 36 ton container gantry crane project 2 years the order was placed to our factory. As this crane is for the Russian government contract, their engineers and technicians have visited our factory for many times to ensure whether we have a strong capacity to finish the project. After compared with many other gantry crane manufacturers, they choose us.

The crane specifications:

Lifting height
9.5m under spreader
Lifting speed
Cross traveling speed
Long traveling speed
Working duty
Power Sources
380V, 50HZ, 3phases

During the design, production, transportation, and installation, we communicate with customers all the time. Finally, the customer is very satisfied with our intimate service and superior quality of products.

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