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Windlass Anchor Winch

A windlass anchor winch is a mechanical device designed for the efficient handling and deployment of anchors on boats, ships, or marine vessels. It serves a crucial role in maritime operations, providing a means to raise and lower anchors with ease. Aicrane has anchor windlass for sale.
Electric Windlass Anchor Mooring Winches
Electric Windlass Anchor Mooring Winches

Types of Windlass Anchor Winch Based On Power Source

In the maritime industry, windlass anchor winches play a pivotal role in ensuring the effective and secure anchoring of vessels. Aicrane has various types of anchor boat windlass for sale. These winches come in diverse types, with the electric and hydraulic variants standing out for their distinct advantages.

Electric Windlass Anchor Winch

Electric windlass anchor winches, renowned for their ease of use and reliability, are powered by electric motors. Widely favored for smaller vessels, pleasure boats, and yachts, these electric marine winches offer efficient and convenient anchor handling. The electric power source facilitates straightforward operation, providing sailors with a user-friendly solution to meet their anchoring needs.

electric double chain wheel anchor winch
Electric Windlass Anchor Winch
Electric Windlass Anchor Winch
Electric Windlass Anchor Winch

Hydraulic Windlass Anchor Winch

On the other hand, hydraulic windlass anchor winches employ hydraulic systems for powering their operations. Tailored for larger vessels and commercial ships facing heavier anchor-handling demands, these marine hydraulic winches are built for robust and reliable performance. The hydraulic mechanism ensures durability and strength, making them ideal for applications where higher power and resilience are critical.

Hydraulic Windlass Anchor Winch
Hydraulic Windlass Anchor Winch

Choosing between electric and hydraulic models depends on specific vessel requirements, size considerations, and operational needs. Electric power windlass anchor winches excel in smaller-scale applications, prioritizing convenience, while hydraulic variants shine in heavy-duty scenarios where power and durability take precedence. Whether securing pleasure crafts or managing the anchoring demands of commercial ships, windlass anchor winches stand as indispensable components for maritime safety and efficiency.

Customer Stories

Aicrane cooperate with clients all over the world. Here are two of the customer stories of windlass anchor winch.

Electric Windlass Anchor Winch To the Philippines 

Aicrane shipped an electric windlass anchor winch to the Philippines. This heavy duty electric winch is currently underway, ready for a multitude of anchoring operations.

Windlass Anchor Winch For the Philippines
Windlass Anchor Winch For the Philippines

How Did the Philippines Customer Discover Aicrane?

  • Direct Contact: The customer initiated direct contact with our staff, expressing interest in our winches. The customer was referred to us by another satisfied client in the Philippines, underlining the positive reputation Aicrane has built in the region.
  • Long-term Cooperation: Aicrane has long-term collaborations with numerous clients in the Philippines. Our dedication to delivering high-quality winches and providing excellent service has earned us a solid reputation in the market.
  • Service Center in the Philippines: Recognizing the importance of timely support, Aicrane has established a service center in the Philippines. This strategic presence ensures that our clients receive prompt assistance, contributing to the popularity of our winches in the Philippines. This windlass anchor winch for the Philippines was installed under guidance of service team in the Philipines’ service center.
Electric Windlass Anchor Winch For the Philippines
Electric Windlass Anchor Winch For the Philippines
Electric Windlass Anchor Winch in Factory
Electric Windlass Anchor Winch in Factory

5 Ton Electric Windlass Anchor Winch To the Maldives

Aicrane delivered a specialized 5 ton electric power windlass anchor winch to our client in the Maldives. This particular marine winch was tailored to cater to the distinct maritime requirements of our customer, featuring a customization that includes a 16mm anchor chain and a 100m wire rope.

Electric Anchor Mooring Winch For Maldives
Electric Windlass Anchor Winch For Maldives

To ensure the safety and integrity of our product during the transportation process, we took deliberate measures. The anchor chain, electric control cabin, and electric control panel of this 5 ton winch to the Maldives were thoughtfully encased in protective plastic, providing an additional layer of safeguarding against any potential damage. Moreover, this 5 ton winch was packed within a sturdy wooden box, further ensuring its secure and intact delivery to the Maldives.

Wooden Case Package
Wooden Case Package
Electric Control Cabin in Plastic
Electric Control Cabin in Plastic

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Main Components of Windlass Anchor Winch

The windlass anchor winch typically consists of a horizontal drum or gypsy wheel powered by an electric or hydraulic motor. This mechanism allows for controlled winding and unwinding of anchor chains or ropes, enabling sailors and ship operators to secure or release anchors swiftly and securely. The design often incorporates safety features, such as brake systems, to ensure stability during anchor handling. The windlass anchor winch’s main components work in harmony to ensure the effective and safe handling of anchor chains and ropes. Here are the primary components of a typical windlass anchor winch:

  • Motor: The motor serves as the powerhouse of the winch, converting electrical energy into mechanical power. It drives the winch’s drum or gypsy to pull in or pay out the anchor chain or rope.
  • motor for marine winch
    Winch Motor
  • Drum or Gypsy: The drum or gypsy is the part of the winch directly responsible for winding and unwinding the anchor chain or rope. The choice between a drum and a gypsy depends on the vessel’s requirements and the type of anchor line used.
  • Double Gypsy Hydraulic Winches
    Double Gypsy Hydraulic Winches
  • Anchor Chain or Rope: The anchor chain or rope is the load-bearing component that connects the anchor to the vessel. It is wound around the drum or gypsy during the anchoring process.
  • 100m Wire Ropes
    100m Wire Ropes
    16mm Anchor Chain
    16mm Anchor Chain
  • Gearbox: The gearbox is responsible for adjusting the speed and torque of the winch. It allows the operator to match the winching speed to the specific requirements of the vessel and the conditions of the anchoring operation.
  • Hydraulic Winch Gearbox
    Hydraulic Winch Gearbox
  • Control System: The control system enables the operator to manage the functions of the windlass anchor winch. It includes control buttons or levers that dictate the direction (in or out) and speed of the anchor line.
  • Control Panel of the winch
    Control Panel of The Winch
    Electrical Control Cabinet
    Electrical Control Cabinet
  • Base or Foundation: The base or foundation provides structural support for the entire winch system. It is securely mounted on the deck of the vessel, ensuring stability during anchor handling operations.
  • Welding The Base
    Welding The Base
  • Monitoring and Safety Devices: Modern windlass anchor winches often include monitoring and safety devices such as load sensors, limit switches, and emergency stop buttons. These features enhance the safety and reliability of the anchoring process.
  • Quick decoupling device
    Quick decoupling device
    quick decoupling devices
    quick decoupling devices

Understanding the functions and interactions of these key components is essential for ensuring the proper operation of a windlass anchor winch. Regular maintenance and adherence to safety protocols contribute to the longevity and reliability of this critical marine equipment.

Differences Between Windlass Anchor Winch & Anchor Windlass Mooring Winches

Choosing the right winch for maritime applications is crucial, and understanding the differences between a windlass anchor winch and anchor windlass mooring winches is essential for informed decision-making.


Windlass Anchor Winch: Primarily designed for anchoring operations, a windlass anchor winch focuses on raising and lowering the anchor. It is specifically tailored for tasks related to anchor handling and positioning.

Anchor Windlass Mooring Winches: While also capable of handling anchoring functions, anchor windlass mooring winches excel in mooring operations. They are engineered to handle the complexities of securing a vessel in place, providing stability during berthing.

Hydraulic Anchor Mooring Winch
Hydraulic Anchor Mooring Winch

Operation Mechanism

Windlass Anchor Winch: Typically equipped with a drum or gypsy wheel, a windlass anchor winch is designed for the specific requirements of managing anchor chains during anchoring tasks.

Anchor Windlass Mooring Winches: These winches often feature additional drums or gypsy wheels, catering to the broader scope of mooring activities. The anchor mooring winch can efficiently handle both anchoring and mooring operations, offering versatility in maritime settings.

Hydraulic Anchor Mooring Winch With Double Drums
Hydraulic Anchor Mooring Winch With Double Drums
44mm Electric Anchor Mooring Winch
44mm Electric Anchor Mooring Winch

Integration with Other Equipment

Windlass Anchor Winch: While designed to integrate with anchor handling systems, windlass anchor winches may not have the same level of integration capabilities with broader vessel control systems.

16T Double Drum Anchor Mooring Winch
16T Double Drum Anchor Mooring Winch
Hydraulic Double Drum Anchor Mooring Winch in Factory
Hydraulic Double Drum Anchor Mooring Winch in Factory

Anchor Windlass Mooring Winches: These winches are often engineered to integrate with advanced vessel control and positioning systems, providing a comprehensive solution for both anchoring and mooring functions.

Use Cases

Windlass Anchor Winch: The boat anchor windlass is ideal for vessels where the primary focus is on anchoring, such as smaller boats and ships engaged in frequent anchoring activities.

Anchor Windlass Mooring Winches: Suited for larger vessels, including cargo ships, cruise liners, and offshore platforms, where both anchoring and mooring are integral to daily operations.

In summary, while both windlass anchor winches and anchor windlass mooring winches serve anchoring functions, the latter is a more comprehensive solution designed to handle the broader requirements of anchoring and mooring operations in larger vessels and maritime applications. The choice between the two depends on the specific needs and operational scope of the vessel in question.

Why Should You Choose Us

Selecting the right supplier for your windlass anchor winch is a critical decision that directly impacts the efficiency and safety of your maritime operations. Here are reasons why Aicrane stands out as your ideal choice:

  • Expertise and Experience: Aicrane boasts a wealth of experience in the design, manufacturing, and supply of maritime equipment, including windlass anchor winches. Our extensive industry experience ensures that you receive a product tailored to your specific needs.
  • Aicrane Professional Engineers
    Aicrane Professional Engineers
  • Customization and Tailored Solutions: At Aicrane, we understand that each vessel has unique requirements. We offer customizable solutions to meet your exact specifications, ensuring that the windlass anchor winch seamlessly integrates into your vessel’s operations. We can also provide anchor chain windlass and anchor windlass capstan. The configuration of winch can also be customized, such as vertical windlass anchor winch.
  • service
  • Quality and Durability: Our commitment to quality is unwavering. Aicrane windlass anchor winches undergo rigorous testing and adhere to international standards, ensuring reliability, durability, and optimal performance in the challenging marine environment.
  • Production Process in Factory
    Production Process in Factory
    30 ton winch during production
    Winch During Production
  • Comprehensive Product Range: Aicrane offers a diverse range of windlass anchor winches, catering to vessels of different sizes and operational needs. Whether you need a anchor windlass for small boats or a heavy duty winch for a large vessel, we have you covered.
  • winch production
    Winch Production In The Factory
  • Advanced Technology and Innovation: Our windlass anchor winches incorporate the latest technological advancements. From advanced control systems to robust materials, our commitment to innovation ensures that you receive a state-of-the-art product.
  • Compliance with Industry Standards: Aicrane products adhere to stringent safety standards, promoting a secure operational environment. Our windlass anchor winches are designed with safety features to protect both personnel and equipment.
  • Global Presence and Support: With a global presence, Aicrane provides comprehensive support to customers worldwide. Our service centers and responsive customer support ensure that assistance is readily available whenever and wherever you need it. Our service team and engineers provide on site guidance, such as installing a windlass anchor.
  • Aicrane Subcompany in Uzbekistan
    Aicrane Subcompany in Uzbekistan
    Aicrane Subcompany in Indonesia
    Aicrane Subcompany in Indonesia
  • Proven Track Record: Aicrane has a track record of satisfied customers across various industries. Positive feedback and long-term partnerships attest to our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.
  • Cost-Effective Solutions: Aicrane offers competitive pricing without compromising on quality. Our goal is to provide cost-effective solutions that deliver long-term value for your investment.
  • Environmental Responsibility: Aicrane is committed to sustainable and eco-friendly practices. Our products are designed with environmental responsibility in mind, aligning with global efforts for a greener future.

In summary, Aicrane combines expertise, customization, quality, and innovation to deliver the ideal windlass anchor winch for your vessel. When you choose Aicrane, you are choosing a reliable partner dedicated to enhancing the efficiency and safety of your maritime operations.

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