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Light Duty Winch

Light duty winch is known for its portability, affordable price, and good performance. It is widely applied for material handling in the construction site, mine, marine project, railway, bridge building, factory, warehouse, and many other working places. As for the motive power, we mainly provide light duty electric winch and light-duty hydraulic winch. Besides, if you need, diesel engine winch is available from us. In terms of the working environments, we design and manufacture multiple small winches for different working conditions. Welcome to contact us for a custom light duty winch solution.

12 ton winch
12 ton hydraulic winch

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  1. Small size, lightweight, portable and convenient to move
  2. High efficiency, less maintenance
  3. Excellent performance, low noise
  4. Simple structure, easy to install, operate and maintain
  5. Smooth starting and ending
  6. Full range of light-duty winch; various types and parameters,
  7. High configuration, advanced motor, and electric parts
  8. Durable material, top quality, long service life
5 ton winch
5 ton electric winch for sale

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5 ton winch
5 ton electric winch for sale

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Various types of light duty winch for sale

As a professional and reliable winch supplier, we supply various types of light-duty winch for sale. Classified by drum numbers, we offer single drum winch and double drum winch. Besides, according to different working speeds, we provide low-speed winch and high-speed winch. With nearly 40 years of development, our products are installed all over the world and used in all walks of life. We devote to supplying convenient and great winches for worldwide customers. It is highly important for you to choose the right type of light-duty winch for your project. Only in this way can greatly improve your productivity.

low speed electric winch design
low-speed electric winch

Low-speed electric winch parameters 

  • Loading capacity: 0.5~200 t
  • Rope capacity: 20~3600 m
  • Working speed: 5~20 m/min;(single speed and dual speed)
  • Power supply: 220-690V, 50/60HZ, 3Phase

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high speed electric winch design
high-speed electric winch

High-speed electric winch parameters

  • Loading capacity: 0.5~60 t
  • Rope capacity: 20~500 m
  • Working speed: 20~35 m/min; (single speed and dual speed)
  • Power supply: 220-690V, 50/60HZ, 3Phase

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Light duty electric winch introduction

Electric winch is our main product due to its easy operation, high-cost performance, and high efficiency. it is clear that it is powered by electricity. Compared with a hydraulic winch or diesel winch, the electric winch has lower operational cost. If it is easy to get access to electricity, it is wise to choose this kind of light duty electric winch or heavy-duty electric winch according to your actual needs. Besides, we equipped with reliable safety protection device to make sure absolute safe operation, such as a limit switch, overload limiter, emergency power off, etc. And for voltage, we provide light duty winch electric 110v, 120v, 240v and others for you to choose from.

light duty electric winch design
light duty electric winch

Light duty electric winch parameters 

  • Loading capacity: 0.5~200 t
  • Rope capacity: 20~3600 m
  • Working speed: 5~20 m/min;(single speed and dual speed)
  • Power supply: 220-690V, 50/60HZ, 3Phase

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Light duty hydraulic winch introduction

Different from light duty electric winch, light duty hydraulic winch is powered by hydraulic motor. It mainly consists of hydraulic closed multi-plate brake, planetary gear box, clutch(optional), supporting shaft, chain or rope, motor, etc. Every part of our winch employs advanced technology and durable material. With strong lifting or pulling capacity and stable performance, hydraulic winch can be used in various working situations, such as a workshop, warehouse, port, dock, and wharf, etc. If it is not available for electricity, it is a good idea to get a light-duty hydraulic winch or heavy-duty hydraulic winch.

light duty hydraulic winch supplier
light duty hydraulic winch

Light duty hydraulic winch parameters 

  • Loading capacity: 1ton- 100 ton
  • Rope capacity: 100- 1500m
  • Working speed: 5- 15 m/min
  • Driven type: hydraulic

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Why is AIMIX the best supplier for your business?

Established in 1982, we have accumulated rich experience in the design, research, manufacture of all kinds of winches. Frankly speaking, we provide quite a full range of products. There are multiple types of winch for different conditions available from us, such as construction winch, marine winch, mine winch, industrial winch, etc. And as far as marine winch, we design winches for different uses like towing winch, mooring winch, anchor winch, etc. What is more, we offer a wide range of tons of winch, 0.5~300 ton. And we support custom service to provide special winches. Until now, we have built an excellent quality management system to ensure the superior quality of our products.

AIMIX Group headquarter building
AIMIX Group headquarter building

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Light duty electric winch price

Light duty electric winch is one of our most popular products. It has an affordable price and low operational cost, and at the same time, it has good performance. Taken together, compared with light-duty hydraulic winch, light-duty winch electric has extremely high-cost performance. Electric winch is a piece of a complex machine, the cost of it closely related to lots of factors like material cost, production process price, transportation method, etc. Besides, light-duty winch with different parameters and configurations usually have a different cost. For example, 10 ton winch price is commonly higher than 6 ton winch. Need the latest light-duty winch price? Contact us and tell us your requirements about the winch, we will be glad to send you a free price list.

light duty winch supplier
light duty winch for sale

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About our global winch after-sales service

As a reliable and international winch supplier, we provide a fully global after-sales service. The moment you get in touch with us, we will sever you patiently and responsibly. Besides, careful package, economic transportation method, professional installation, inspection, maintenance, and operators training, we offer every service you need. Moreover, we have built excellent service system, in addition to after-sales service, there are excellent before-sales service from us, like 24-hours online service, reliable winch selecting instruction, etc. Furthermore, we have set up a lot of overseas branches all over the world. Welcome to email us for long term cooperation.

Get a custom light duty winch

As one of the leading winch manufacturers in China, we offer standard and custom light duty winch with definitely excellent quality and reasonable price. In addition to winch, we provide many other heavy types of equipment like the gantry crane, overhead crane, jib crane, hoist and marine travel lift. We design and produce our products in accordance with international standard. And we have been conferred ISO, BV, CE international certificates. If you looking for such a reliable winch or other lifting machines, welcome to send us your messages and get your awesome loading solutions.

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