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30 Ton Winch

30 ton winch is specially designed for heavy-duty service. It has a very extensive range of applications. With multiple types, various parameters and configurations, and high-cost performance, 30t winch is widely used for lifting and pulling items in the construction site, port, dock, wharf, warehouse, deck, workshop, etc.

As a professional winch supplier, we provide different motive powers, electric, hydraulic and diesel. Besides, winch speed is optional, slow speed and high speed. If you want to buy a reliable, durable and superior winch 30 ton, it is quite a good choice for you to contact us. Awaiting for your message.

30T Winch for sale
30T Winch

30T Winch For Sale
30T Winch For Sale

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30T Hydraulic Mooring Winch In Vietnam

30T Hydraulic Mooring Winch
30T Hydraulic Mooring Winch

Mooring Winch 30T
Mooring Winch 30T


JM 30T Towing Winch To Nigeria

30 Ton JM Towing Winch
30 Ton JM Towing Winch


30T JM Winch To Turkey

30T Winch To Turkey
30T Winch To Turkey

winch for sale
Winch To Turkey


30T Electric Mooring Winch To Philippines

30T Electric Mooring Winch
30T Electric Mooring Winch

Electric System
Electric System

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What Are The Features Of 30 Ton Winch?

  • Fully remote control, high efficiency, and low noise.
  • Stable performance, less maintenance.
  • Simple structure, easy to transport, install and maintain.
  • Electric type winch and hydraulic winch for your reference.
  • Excellent design, elegant appearance, smooth starting and ending.
  • Durable material, advanced technology, long service life.
  • High configurations, top quality, reasonable winch price.
  • A variety of applications of this kind of winch, including construction and marine applications.

Various Types Of 30 Ton Winch

30 ton winch for sale from our company is known for its high quality and good performance. There are various types of winch 30 ton for sale from us. As for the motive power, we suggest our electric winch and hydraulic winch. In terms of the winch applications, we provide construction winch, marine winch, mine winch, and other special winches. Want to know more information about our 30t winch, welcome to contact us or give us a call any time.

Construction Winch 30 Ton

30 ton construction winch is commonly applied for items handling on the land. With easy operation, less maintenance and reliable safety, it can greatly enhance your efficiency and save your energy. Besides, we employ highly reliable safety protection devices like overload limiter, emergency power off, etc. Moreover, it can be used in many other environments like railway, bridge building, warehouse, workshop, dock, wharf, and port, etc.

About construction winch, there are JM slow speed winch, JMM friction winch and other types of the 30 ton winches. According to power system, construction winch can also be classified into hydraulic type, electric type and diesel type winch. 30 ton construction winch belongs to heavy machines, which is mainly used for relatively heavier applications.

JM 30T Winch
AQ-JM 30T Electric Winch


AQ-JM Winch 30 Ton Parameters 

Model AQ-JM
Load capacity 30 ton
Wire rope capacity 20-3600m
Working speed 5~20 m/min
Power supply 220-690V,50/60HZ,3Phase

30T JMM Friction Winch
30T AQ-JMM Friction Winch


AQ-JMM Friction Winch 30 Ton Parameters 

Model AQ-JMM
Load capacity 30 ton
Rope capacity 20~5000 m
Working speed 5~20 m/min
Power supply 220-690V, 50/60HZ, 3Phase

Marine Winch 30 Ton

We design and produce 30 ton winch for lifting and pulling items offshore on deck. It has powerful anti-corrosion performance and strong loading capacity. According to different applications, we offer anchor winch, mooring winch, and towing winch. And we provide different motive power methods, electric, hydraulic and diesel. Among them, the electric marine winch is our hot-sale product.

Anchor Winch: Anchor winch is always applied for making anchoring operation, which can be sorted into anchor rope winch and anchor chain winch. The winch is a good choice to anchor your ship, and it will improve your working efficiency.

Mooring Winch: Mooring winch is used to hold or keep a ship in position on dock without drifting, and it is usually fixed on the shore. You can purchase the winch to make mooring or loading and unloading operations.

Towing Winch: A towing winch is used for tugging boats. This kind of winch can be divided into electric winch and hydraulic winch. You can choose a winch in accordance with your working conditions and your specific needs.

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30 Ton Electric Winch For Sale

Obviously, 30 ton electric winch is powered by electricity. It is our quite popular product due to its compact structure, simple operation, relatively low cost and short delivery time, and stable performance. The electric winch has an extensive range of applications.

It can be used for pulling and lifting small or heavy load onshore, offshore or on the boat. Whether used for construction, mine, marine or other special conditions, electric winch 30 ton is extremely ideal. Furthermore, the high-cost performance and various diameters optional are reasons why it is so hot.

Electric Winch 30T
Electric Winch 30T

30 Ton Hydraulic Winch For Sale

Different from 30 ton electric winch, 30 ton hydraulic winch is powered by hydraulic pump station. This kind of winch has very strong motive power and high efficiency. It is suitable for heavier applications.

Hydraulic winches are generally suitable for marine environments such as decks and docks.  It can also be designed as construction winch according to your specific needs. If you want a strong and durable winch for your project, 30 ton hydraulic winch is a good choice.

Marine hydraulic winch is our hot-sale product, and we have mooring hydraulic winch, anchor hydraulic and towing hydraulic winch for your reference. You can choose an ideal hydraulic winch according to the applications of the winch and your budgets.

Hydraulic Winch 30T
Hydraulic Mooring Winch 30T

JMY Hydraulic Winch
AQ-JMY Hydraulic Winch

Diesel Winch For Sale

Our company can also design and produce diesel winches up to 30 ton. If the electric winch and hydraulic winch is not suitable for your working conditions, you can choose a diesel winch. This kind of winch will meet you specific demands.

Diesel Mooring Winch
Diesel Mooring Winch

JMC Diesel Winch
JMC Diesel Winch

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What kind Of Winch 30 Ton Is Best For Your Business?

This kind of winch belongs to a heavy machine, so choosing an ideal product is vital. If you want to make an investment in the winch, you are supposed to select it in accordance with your working conditions and budges. Our company has various winches for different applications. About construction winch, there are JM slow speed winch, JMM friction winch, JMC diesel winch, etc. About marine winch, we have mooring winch, towing winch and anchor winch for your reference.

In addition, in line with different power system, you can also choose electric, hydraulic and diesel type winch. If you have other requirements, the customized service can be provided. For example, we have delivered a JM towing winch to Nigeria, the winch is a combination winch, which is equipped with a specific motor to suit marine operations.

30T JM Winch For Sale
30T JM Winch For Sale

Winch for sale
Winch 30T

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Before purchasing a 30 ton winch, you had better communicate with our experts deeply. Our skilled staffs will give you some advice. Therefore, the following details you need to consider, if you want to make sure you can get the right type of 30 ton winch for your business.

What kind of power supply do you need? Electric, hydraulic or diesel

What is the working environments the winch will be used? 

Drum numbers you need, single or double drums

Winch speed you required, low speed, high speed or variable speed

Rope or chain you need

30 Ton Winch Price

The price of 30 ton winch is affected by a variety factors. Do you want to choose hydraulic winches, electric winches or diesel winches? Generally speaking, electric winch is with relatively low price. Besides, the price of single drum type winch is also different with double drum winch.

In addition to these internal factors, some external factors can also influence the price of the winch. When the transportation costs change, the price of the product will change as well. What’s more, the price of the winch parts like motor, hydraulic pump station will have an effect on the winch price.

If you need to consider your budges, you can consult our professional staffs, and they maybe help you search for a winch to make you satisfied. The winches from our company all have high quality and reasonable price, which are the top choices for you. If you are planning to buy a cost-effective winch, please contact us.

Why Do You Choose Our Company?

Aicrane Group is a global heavy equipment manufacturer and supplier. Located in Zhengzhou city, the central area in China, we enjoy a very convenient transportation condition. With many years of development, our factory has grown to be a comprehensive entity company, specializing in design, research, manufacture and sell.

There are lots of engineers, professional technicians skill, administrators, skill workers, sales team, after-sales team and other service personnel in our company. As a reliable and responsible company, we aim to build a better life for human society with innovation and service.

Nowadays, our products have been successfully exported to more than 100 countries and regions, such as Italy, Australia, Canada, UK, US, UAE, Indonesia, Nigeria, South Africa, Malaysia, Pakistan, Thailand, and the Philippines, etc.

What Service Can We Offer For You?

Pre-Sale Service:

Patient and reliable products selection instruction

24-hours online service

Welcome to visit our factory at any time

Various types and specifications of quality winch

Our experts strictly control the quality of the winches during production process, and check the winches carefully.

After-Sales Service:

Careful package and storage

Convenient and economical transportation method

Responsible installation, inspection and maintenance instructions

Operators training

We can provide free video installation guidance. If you need our engineers to install your product, you should pay the extra expense.

What Kind Of Certification Have We Passed?

We have ISO quality management system certificate, our products have passed CE certification, our machine can enter the EU market. In addition, we can do third-party inspection or certification according to your request. Marine winch products can do DNV, ABS, BV etc. Classification Society Certification.

Therefore, we can ensure that our winches and other products all have high quality and good performance. If you choose a winch from our company, you will get an excellent product for your business which will improve your working efficiency. Making customers satisfied is our aim, our customers always give positive feedback on our products and service. Looking forward to cooperating with you.

Contact Us And Start Your Business

As one of the heavy equipment suppliers in China, we provide all kinds of material handling machines, such as overhead crane, gantry crane, jib crane, winch, and hoist, etc. All our products are designed and manufactured according to international standard. If you are looking for such an excellent 30 ton winch or other products of us, contact us and start your business.

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