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Two Trackless Transfer Carts Were On The Way To The UK

Aicrane has shipped two 10 ton trackless transfer carts to the UK. The customer has a factory producing steel structural components, livestock farm equipment, and barns. These two trackless battery transfer carts are flexible, and they will be applied for moving steel structural components in the customer’s factory.

Battery Transfer Carts
Trackless Transfer Carts To The UK

Why The Customer From The UK Selected Trackless Transfer Carts

During the cooperation, the customer said that he needed two transfer carts, which needn’t lay tracks. Besides, after learning the working conditions and application of the machine, our professional engineers advised the customer to select the trackless transfer cart.

  • For this kind of transfer cart to the UK, it is no need to install the rail on the ground. What’s more, it can directly work on flat hard road, cement floor, which adopts solid PU rubber wheel with good mobility.
  • The transfer cart belongs to rubber wheel electric transfer machine, and it is powered by battery, which is installed inside of the cart body.
  • This machine can be driven to start, stop, go forward, back up, turn left, turn right, and adjust speed through the remote controller. In addition, Aicrane trackless transfer cart can also can realize in-situ 360° steering operation, which will improve the working efficiency.
  • Airane can provide customized service. For example, the customer can choose transfer carts with customized dimension, speed, and the table requirements. If you plan to purchase the machine, please tell the details of your business, and our engineers can help you select an ideal equipment.

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10 Ton Transfer Carts To The UK

Battery Transfer Carts To The US
Battery Transfer Carts With Control

Contact Aicrane Advisor For A Suitable Machine

Welcome to consult Aicrane advisor, and they can offer recommendations based on your specific needs. Providing customers with suitable machines and excellent service are our aim. Aicrane has different types of battery transfer carts for your choices. Expect to work with you.

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