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Two 5 Ton Pillar Jib Cranes Were Delivered To Kazakhstan

Good news! Aicrane has delivered two 5 ton AQ-BZ pillar jib cranes to Kazakhstan. Both of them will be used to lift steel materials in the plant. We also provide the customer with two 5 ton chain hoists, and they will reach their destination on time. The following pictures and description can tell you some crane details.

5 Ton Jib Cranes To Kazakhstan
5 Ton Jib Crane To Kazakhstan

Beam Of Jib Crane
Horizontal Beam

Column Of Jib Crane
Column Of The Crane

Chain Hoist

Parameters Of 5 Ton AQ-BZ Jib Cranes To Kazakhstan

If you are interested in this machine, the following parameters of this kind of crane can be used as reference.

Model AQ-BZ Pillar Jib Crane
Load capacity 5 ton
Lifting Height 3m
Lifting Speed 2.7m/min
Hoist Travelling Speed 11m/min
Motor Power 3.0kW
Rated Voltage 380V

Cooperation Process Of AQ-BZ Pillar Jib Crane To Kazakhstan

How Did The Customer Get To Know Aicrane?

This customer found Aicrane through searching “10 ton overhead crane “at Google, and then he also had interest in Aicrane jib crane. After browsing our website, the customer said he thought that Aicrane was a powerful crane manufacturer.

Knowing Many Requirements Of The Customer From Kazakhstan

The customer said that he needed two 5 ton jib cranes to be mounted on ground. Besides, the crane should be suitable for his plant and loads to be lifted.

Providing Crane Solutions For The Customer

In the communication process, our salesman knew some details of the customer’s project, and advised him to select AQ-BZ pillar jib crane.

Production Of Two 5 Ton Jib Cranes

During production process, we have sent many production pictures to the customer, which could let the customer know the production progress. Such a move also improved the customer’s satisfaction.

Package & Delivery Of Two Pillar Jib Cranes

The chain hoist, electrical devices and other small parts are packed in export standard wooden box, which can reduce the bump action force effectively. About the column and beam, we adopt waterproof color band cloth to pack them. 

Package Of Hoist

Hoist Package
Hoist Package

Jib Crane Delivery
Delivery Of Jib Crane

Delivery Of Jib Crane To Kazakhstan

Installation Of Pillar Jib Cranes

The customer had experience in crane installation, and Aicrane would provide free installation guidance online and some installation videos for him. It is our aim to offer satisfactory service.

3D Video Of Aicrane AQ-BZ Pillar Jib Crane

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Aicrane has so many cranes for sale, such as overhead cranes, gantry cranes, jib cranes, etc. If you place an order from Aicrane, you will not only get the high-quality products but the guaranteed after-sales service. Welcome to contact us for a free quotation.

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