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cable drum powered flat cart

Shipping News Of 10 Ton Transfer Cart To Uzbekistan

Shipping news of 10 ton AQ-KPJ cable drum powered transfer cart to Uzbekistan is coming! This machine will arrive in Uzbekistan on time. The customer will use this flat cart for transferring heavy loads in the factory. The running speed of the machine is 30m/min, and the wheel base is 1525mm. Welcome to keep reading …

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Aicrane AQ-KPX transfer cart

Good Feedback Of 20 Ton Battery Transfer Cart In Canada

Good news, we have received the positive feedback of the 20 ton AQ-KPX battery transfer cart from our customer in Canada. This machine is used for transferring steel plate in the factory. This kind of transfer cart is powered by battery, which has flexible operation and relatively low cost. Case Details Of 20 Ton AQ-KPX …

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15 ton transfer cart

Test Run Of 15 Ton Trackless Transfer Cart To Mexico

Congratulations! We have shipped a 15 ton AQ-BWP trackless transfer cart to Mexico. This machine will be used for transferring steel materials in the customer’s factory. The customer needn’t install the rail on the ground for this kind of transfer cart. If you plan to invest in the machine, please keep reading this post. Technical …

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Aicrane material transfer cart

Aicrane Has Exported A 20T Cable Drum Transfer Cart To Pakistan

Congratulations! The Aicrane 20 ton AQ-KPJ cable drum transfer cart has been exported to Pakistan. This material transfer cart is used in the construction site to transport many construction materials in Pakistan. It has helped the customer improve the working efficiency. Case Details Of 20 Ton Cable Drum Transfer Cart In Pakistan This kind of …

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20 Ton Electric Transfer Cart Was Used Well In Kazakhstan

Good news! Aicrane has exported a 20 ton AQ-KPJ cable drum transfer cart to Kazakhstan. Now, this machine works well in the customer’s steel coils manufacturing plant to transfer steel coils and steel components. Besides, Aicrane also provided a 20 ton AQ-QDX European standard double girder overhead crane for the customer to lift goods.  …

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battery transfer carts for sale

Two Trackless Transfer Carts Were On The Way To The UK

Aicrane has shipped two 10 ton trackless transfer carts to the UK. The customer has a factory producing steel structural components, livestock farm equipment, and barns. These two trackless battery transfer carts are flexible, and they will be applied for moving steel structural components in the customer’s factory. Why The Customer From The UK Selected …

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Aicrane Battery Transfer Cart To The US

Aicrane Delviered Two 10 Ton Battery Transfer Carts To The US

Good news! We have shipped two 10 ton battery transfer carts to the US. They will be used for transferring  granite slabs in the plant. The 10 ton battery transfer carts are operated by remote control according to the customer’s requirements. Please continue to read this post to learn about the machine. Production Of 10 …

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