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Rail Transfer Cart

Rail transfer cart is an ideal machine for moving heavy materials on the rail. It has the advantages of simple structure, easy operation, high flexibility, and convenient maintenance. The rail transfer trolley can be powered by battery, cable drum and the rail. Besides, customers can use it in manufacturing plant, steel mill, calcium carbide plant, and fabrication workshops, etc.

battery powered rail transfer cart

AQ-KPX Rail Flat Cart

Capacity: 2-150t
  • Table size: can be customized
  • Wheel base: 1200~7000mm
  • Rail inner gauge: 1200~2000mm
  • Battery voltage: 24~72V
  • Running speed: 0~30m/min
  • Control mode: button / remote control

Product Features:

flexible and safe operation

long service life and less maintenance

travel on the rail stably

Rail Transfer Trolley Cases To Different Countries

There are so many Aicrane rail transfer trolleys delivered to different countries. The following contents are about the 20 ton battery transfer cart in Canada, 10 ton cable drum transfer trolley to Uzbekistan, cable drum powered transfer carts in Kazakhstan and Pakistan.

Various Rail Flat Cart Solutions

Aicrane has various types of rail transfer trolleys for sale, such as AQ-KPX battery powered transfer trolley, AQ-KPJ cable drum powered transfer cart, AQ-KPD rail powered flat cart, and other customized modes. These machines can meet different materials moving requirements.


AQ-KPX series transfer cart is powered by the battery, and the battery is put in the battery box. Compared with cable drum powered machine and rail powered machine, this kind of battery powered transfer cart can work more safely and flexibly. The running distance of this flat cart is not limited.


  • There are different types of batteries can be selected – free maintenance battery, lithium battery, explosion-proof battery and anti-high temperature battery, etc.
  • The motor can be DC motor with brush and DC motor brushless.
  • The batteries need maintenance regularly, and the lifetime is about 2.5 years.

battery rail transfer cart
AQ-KPX Battery Transfer Cart

Parameters Of AQ-KPX Transfer Trolley

Load capacity 2t~150t
Table size can be customized
Wheel base 1200~7000mm
Rail inner gauge 1200~2000mm
Battery voltage 24~72V
Running speed 0~30m/min
Control mode button / remote control


AQ-KPJ series transfer cart is powered by the cable drum. The machine can be used in the bad environments like high-temperature and anti-explosion conditions. When the running distance of the flat cart is more than 50m, it should be equipped with cable arranger to arrange the cable.

AQ-KPJ Cable Drum Powered Machine
AQ-KPJ Cable Drum Rail Flat Cart

AQ-KPJ Cable Drum Transfer Cart

Load capacity 2t~150t
Table size can be customized
Wheel base 1200~7000mm
Rail inner gauge 1200~2000mm
Running speed 0~25m/min
Running distance ≤200m
Control mode button / remote control


AQ-KPD series transfer trolley is powered by the rail sliding line. Therefore, it has strict requirements for the construction of the rail. This kind of machine can be with the function of automatic cutting off power on rails, and it can be customized to meet special working environments such as high temperature. You can use the machine for moving materials with heavy load capacity, high using frequency.

rail powered transfer trolley
Rail Powered Transfer Cart

AQ-KPD Rail Powered Flat Cart

Load capacity 2t~150t
Table size can be customized
Wheel base 1200~7000mm
Rail inner gauge 1200~2000mm
Running speed 0~25m/min
Running distance 50~80m
Control mode button / remote control

Other Customized Machines

In addition to the three main rail transfer trolleys, we can also provide customized material transfer carts for customers. For example, the following special transfer carts can be your reference. They will be suitable for different applications. Welcome to contact with our project consultants to know the details.

Explosion Proof Climbing machine
Explosion Proof Climbing Rail Flat Cart

Horizontal Movement flat cart
Horizontal Movement Rail Transfer Cart

Ladle Dumping Flat Cart
Ladle Dumping Transfer Cart

rail flat cart for sale
Hydraulic Rail Transfer Cart

flat cart For Battery Molten Salt Electrolysis
Transfer Cart For Battery Molten Salt Electrolysis

Turnplate Rail Flat Cart
Turnplate Rail Transfer Trolley

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Why Do Customers Purchase Rail Flat Cart?

  • Rail transfer trolley is with stable structure, long service life, flexible operation, and relatively low price.
  • It has two control methods – remote control and handle control. The machine is with handle socket.
  • Our rail transfer cart can be equipped with many protection devices – limit switches device, power emergency stop button, and automatic stop device (when detecting obstacle or person).
  • Aicrane rail transfer cart can be equipped with a PLC control system to achieve complete automatic control.
many flat carts in Aicrane
Aicrane Rail Transfer Trolleys

Structure Of The Rail Transfer Trolleys

  • For the AQ-KPX battery powered transfer cart, it consists of the battery, battery box, reducer, remote control and handle, electrical cabinet, and the charge, etc.
  • For the AQ-KPJ cable drum powered transfer trolley, it is composed of cable drum, motor reducer, cable connector, electrical box, remote control and handle, etc.
  • For the AQ-KPD rail powered flat cart, the machine has remote motor reducer, control and handle, insulated wheels, carbon brush, control cabinet, and electrical box, etc.

Structure Of Battery Transfer Cart

Structure Of Cable Drum Flat Cart

Structure Of Rail Powered Transfer Cart

How To Choose The Ideal Transfer Cart?

Determining the transfer cart solution is an important step during the whole cooperating process. How do customers select the most suitable rail transfer trolley? The following details will guide you. When Aicrane project consultants and technicians know the information, they will provide an ideal rail transfer cart solution for you.

  • During cooperation, we need to know the type of transfer cart you need, the materials the machine will transfer, what else components you need (many protection devices), and the working environment of the transfer cart.
  • In addition, the customer should determine the load capacity, table size, and rail gauge of the transfer trolley. They can be customized according to customers’ needs and actual working conditions.
  • The table of the machine can be U-type design, V-type design, flat table, and other custom shaped table design, which is based on your load requirements.
  • The default color for this device is yellow, and it can be customized if customers have other requirements.
Aicrane transfer trolley
Aicrane Rail Transfer Cart For Sale

Operation Videos Of Rail Transfer Trolley

The following videos are about the operation of a 20 ton cable drum powered flat cart in Kazakhstan and a battery powered transfer cart in Canada. We can see these two machines can transfer loads smoothly in the factories. These videos were sent by our customers, which showed the customers’ satisfaction with our machines.

What Can Aicrane Provide For Customers?

  • Great Transfer Cart: The following pictures are the rail transfer trolley production in our factory. We have specified purchasing department, which can find the high-quality raw materials. What’s more, there are advanced production machines and skilled production team in our factory. Our customers usually receive great machines which have been inspected before shipment.
production of the flat cart
Transfer Cart Production
  • Services Providing: Our customers usually enjoy the one-step service provided by Aicrane. The whole services include fast response, transfer trolley solution offering, production progress updating for customers, shipping and installation management in advance, installation guidance, and maintenance supporting, etc. Welcome to contact us.
  • Machine Warranty: Our transfer carts are all with one-year warranty. If any parts damaged or breakdown caused by quality problems within 1 year, we will provide free replacement parts. Artificial or damage caused by force majeure is not in the scope of our quality assurance.

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