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Test Run Of 15 Ton Trackless Transfer Cart To Mexico

Congratulations! We have shipped a 15 ton AQ-BWP trackless transfer cart to Mexico. This machine will be used for transferring steel materials in the customer’s factory. The customer needn’t install the rail on the ground for this kind of transfer cart. If you plan to invest in the machine, please keep reading this post.

AQ-BWP Trackless Transfer Cart
Trackless Transfer Cart For Mexico

15 ton transfer cart
15 Ton Trackless Transfer Cart

Technical Parameters Of Trackless Transfer Cart

Load capacity 2t~100t
Table size can be customized
Wheel base 1080~2000mm
Running speed 0~25m/min
Control mode button / remote control

What Are The Features Of This 15 Ton Trackless Transfer Cart?

  • This trackless transfer flat is powered by battery, and the battery is in the battery box.
  • Our trackless flat cart is equipped with solid PU rubber wheels, which have good mobility and make the machine run directly on the ground.
  • The machine is with many buttons like adjust speed button, and power emergency stop button, etc.
  • The customer can choose remote control and handle control, and the electric flat cart has a handle socket to connect the handle.

Battery Box of the transfer cart
Battery Box

Buttons of the transfer cart

Rubber Wheel of the trackless transfer cart
Rubber Wheel

Test Run Of Trackless Transfer Cart For The Customer From Mexico

Before package and shipment, this transfer cart has passed the test run. The video has been sent to the customer, and the customer was satisfied with the machine. Now, the machine is on the way to Mexico, and it will reach its destination on time.

Other Transfer Carts You May Need

In addition to trackless transfer cart, there are also battery transfer cart, cable drum powered transfer cart, rail powered flat cart, and other special transfer carts for your reference. The following cases are about different transfer carts to other countries. If you have interest in these flat carts, welcome to contact us, and Aicrane project consultants will help you choose the most suitable machine.

Aicrane material transfer cart

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