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Long Span Steel Structures

The long span steel structures are construction design that uses steel as the primary material to create large, open spaces without the need for internal columns or supports. These structures are typically used in buildings where a vast, unobstructed interior is essential. This type of construction offers flexibility in architectural design and can be efficiently assembled, often resulting in reduced construction time and costs.

Large Span Steel Structure with Overhead Crane
Large Span Steel Structure

Main Components of Long Span Steel Structures

Cladding and enclosure systems, such as metal panels, curtain walls, or insulated panels, are used to enclose the building envelope and provide thermal insulation, weatherproofing, and aesthetic appeal.

steel structure components
Steel Structure Components

01Main Beams and Columns

Main long span steel beams and columns form the primary load-bearing framework of the structure. Long span steel beams are horizontal members that support the weight of the structure and transfer loads to the columns. Columns are vertical members that provide vertical support and stability to the structure. These components are often made of high-strength steel to withstand heavy loads and span long distances without additional support.

02Secondary Beams

Secondary beams, also known as purlins or girders, are secondary structural members that connect the main long span steel beams and provide additional support to the roof or floor system. They distribute loads evenly across the main long span steel beams and help maintain structural integrity and rigidity.

03Roof and Floor Systems

Long span steel structures feature roof and floor systems that are typically constructed using steel decking supported by the main and secondary long span steel beams. The roof system provides weather protection and insulation, while the floor system supports live loads, equipment, and occupant activities.

04Bracing Systems

Bracing systems, including diagonal bracing, cross-bracing, and portal frames, are essential components that enhance the stability and stiffness of large span steel structure. Braces are installed diagonally or horizontally between long span steel beams and columns to resist lateral forces such as wind and seismic loads, ensuring structural safety and preventing excessive deflection.

05Connections and Joints

Connections and joints play a crucial role in transferring loads between structural components and ensuring structural continuity and integrity. Welded connections, bolted connections, and moment-resisting connections are used to securely join beams, columns, and bracing elements, maintaining structural stability and preventing premature failure.


Foundations provide the base support for long span portal frame, transferring loads from the structure to the ground. Proper foundation design and construction are essential to distribute loads evenly and prevent settlement or structural movement.

07Cladding and Enclosure

Cladding and enclosure systems, such as metal panels, curtain walls, or insulated panels, are used to enclose the building envelope and provide thermal insulation, weatherproofing, and aesthetic appeal.

Application of Long Span Steel Structures

Long span steel structures find application in various sectors due to their ability to provide large open spaces without the need for internal columns. Some common applications of long span steel structures examples include:

  • Warehouses and Logistics Centers: Large span steel structures are ideal for steel structure warehouses and logistics centers that require vast storage areas. They allow for high stacking of goods and efficient movement of equipment, vehicles, and personnel within the facility.
  • Long Span Steel Structure Warehouses
    Long Span Steel Structure Warehouses
  • Aircraft Hangars: Aviation facilities often utilize long span steel framing for aircraft hangars. These steel structure hangars provide ample space for aircraft storage, maintenance, and operations without obstruction, allowing for easy maneuverability of aircraft within the hangar.
  • Portal Steel Structure Hangar
    Long Span Steel Structure Hangar
  • Industrial Facilities: Factories and industrial plants benefit from long span steel construction for their production and storage areas. These steel structure factories can house large machinery, assembly lines, and raw materials, facilitating efficient workflow and logistics.
  • Long Span Steel Structure Factory
    Long Span Steel Structure Factory

Overall, the versatility, strength, and cost-effectiveness of long span steel system make them suitable for a wide range of applications across different industries and sectors.

Customized Combined Long Span Steel Structures Solution

Aicrane provides customization services not only for single product but also for combination of different kinds of heavy lifting equipment. The large span steel structure can be combined with overhead crane and gantry crane. There are also other products that can be used in the long span steel structure construction.

Long Span Steel Structures Combined with Cranes

Aicrane provided several overhead crane and steel structure combined solution for our customer. They can be combine as crane steel structure.

solution of steel structure with overhead cranes
Crane Steel Structure

Aicrane cooperates with many clients around the world. We provide 30 ton overhead crane and steel structure workshop for mining industry in Chile.

30 Ton Overhead Crane Installation On-site
Overhead Crane Installation in Chile

We also provide two single girder overhead crane for manufacturing workshop in Dominica. The overhead crane can be mounted on the steel structure.

Overhead Crane in Long Span Steel Structure Manufacturing Workshop
Overhead Crane in Long Span Steel Structure Manufacturing Workshop

The steel structure can also be combined with semi gantry crane. Only one side of the semi gantry crane has supporting legs, the other side can be mounted on the steel structure. Our engineer can provide customized solution of overhead crane or gantry crane combining with steel structure.

Semi Gantry Crane in Warehouse
Semi Gantry Crane in Warehouse For Heavy Machine
semi gantry crane for sale
Double Beam Semi Gantry Crane

Long Span Steel Structures Combined with Other Products

The overhead crane and gantry crane can be structurally integrated with long span steel structure. These are other heavy lifting products that can also be used in steel structure to transport material. The transfer cart can be mounted on rails to transport material inside or in between long span steel structures. The hydraulic transporter can also be applied in this scenario.

battery powered flat cart
Battery Rail Transfer Cart
DCY1000 Hydraulic Platform Transporter
DCY1000 Hydraulic Platform Transporter

Factors Influencing Long Span Steel Structures Price

Several factors influence the price of long span steel structures, impacting both the initial investment and long-term maintenance costs. Here are some key factors that play a crucial role in determining the price:

01Span Length

The length of the span is the distance between support points, significantly affects the cost of a large span steel structure. Longer spans require more steel materials and specialized engineering to ensure structural integrity, leading to higher costs compared to shorter spans.

02Design Complexity of Long Span Steel Structure

The complexity of the design, including architectural features, curvature, and non-standard shapes, can increase the overall cost. Intricate designs may require custom fabrication, additional detailing, and advanced engineering solutions, adding to the project expenses.

03Steel Material Grade of Long Span Steel Structure

The grade and quality of steel used in the structure impact its price. High-strength steel grades with enhanced mechanical properties are more expensive than standard grades but offer superior performance and durability, making them suitable for long span applications.

04Fabrication and Installation of Long Span Steel Structure

The cost of fabrication, transportation, and on-site installation contributes significantly to the overall price. Factors such as labor costs, access to the construction site, complexity of assembly, and specialized equipment requirements influence these expenses.

05Site Conditions for Long Span Steel Structures Construction

Site-specific factors, such as soil conditions, seismic risk, environmental regulations, and accessibility, can influence the price of a long span portal frame. Projects in challenging locations or regions with stringent building codes may incur additional costs for site preparation and compliance.

06Architectural Finishes

The choice of architectural finishes and cladding materials can impact the overall aesthetics and cost of the structure. High-end finishes, decorative elements, and specialized coatings add to the project’s expenses but enhance the visual appeal and functionality of the building.

07Structural Loads of Long Span Steel Structures

The intended use and design loads, including live loads (e.g., occupancy, equipment), dead loads (e.g., building materials), and environmental loads (e.g., wind, snow), influence the structural design and material requirements, affecting the cost of the structure.

08Engineering and Design Services for Long Span Steel Structures

The complexity of structural analysis, design calculations, and engineering services required for long span steel structures can affect the overall price. Projects with extensive customization, sustainability goals, or innovative design solutions may entail higher design costs.

09Regulatory Compliance

Compliance with building codes, permits, environmental standards, and safety regulations adds to the project’s cost. Investing in quality assurance, testing, and certification processes ensures compliance and long-term performance but may increase upfront expenses.

By considering these factors and conducting thorough planning, budgeting, and procurement strategies, stakeholders can optimize the cost-effectiveness and performance of long span steel structures while meeting project requirements and objectives.

Advantages of Long Span Steel Structures

01Cost-Effectiveness and Lower Total Cost

Long span steel construction offers cost advantages in material procurement, labor efficiency, shorter construction schedules, and reduced maintenance expenses over the building’s lifecycle. According to industry reports by Construction Dive, steel construction can save up to 30% in construction costs compared to traditional materials due to faster assembly, fewer required materials, and lower labor expenses.

02Increased Clear Span and Design Flexibility

Steel’s strength allows for larger clear spans without intermediate supports, creating unobstructed interior spaces for versatile use and layout flexibility. Case studies from the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) demonstrate how steel structures can achieve expansive clear spans of over 100 meters, accommodating diverse architectural designs and functional requirements.

03Improved Safety and Structural Performance

Steel structures are engineered to meet stringent safety standards, including seismic resistance, fire protection, and structural stability, ensuring occupant safety and building longevity. Research studies published in the Journal of Structural Engineering highlight steel’s superior performance in seismic zones, with steel buildings exhibiting minimal damage and rapid recovery after seismic events compared to other materials.

04Adaptability, Durability, and Sustainability

Steel buildings are easily adaptable to future changes, renovations, and expansions due to their modular nature and ease of modification, accommodating evolving business needs and technological advancements. Additionally, certifications such as LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) recognize steel construction’s sustainability and performance standards, providing empirical evidence of its environmental benefits and long-term durability.

steel structure system design
Long Span Steel Structure System

In summary, the integrated advantages of long span steel construction, supported by empirical evidence and industry research, demonstrate its compelling value proposition, making it a preferred choice for modern building projects across diverse sectors.

Aicrane Services

Aicrane offers a comprehensive range of services to meet the diverse needs of its customers. Here’s an introduction to Aicrane’s services:

  • Customization: Aicrane specializes in providing customized solutions tailored to each client’s specific requirements. Whether it’s overhead cranes, gantry cranes, or other lifting equipment, Aicrane works closely with customers to understand their needs and design equipment that meets or exceeds expectations. This customization ensures optimal performance, efficiency, and safety in lifting operations.
  • Transportation: Aicrane provides efficient transportation services for its equipment, ensuring timely delivery to project sites across various locations. With a network of logistics partners and expertise in handling heavy machinery, Aicrane ensures safe and secure transportation, minimizing downtime and disruptions for clients.
  • Loading the Long Span Steel Structures onto Truck before Shipment
    Loading the Steel Structure onto Truck before Shipment
  • Installation: Aicrane’s skilled installation teams are trained to install and commission lifting equipment with precision and adherence to safety standards. From assembling components to testing functionality, Aicrane ensures that equipment is installed correctly and ready for operation, providing peace of mind to clients and ensuring operational excellence.
  • After-sale Service: Aicrane prioritizes customer satisfaction and offers comprehensive after-sale services to support clients throughout the equipment lifecycle. This includes maintenance, repairs, inspections, and technical support to address any issues and maximize equipment uptime. Aicrane’s responsive after-sale service ensures smooth operations and minimizes downtime for clients, enhancing overall productivity and efficiency.
  • Aicrane professional service team
    Aicrane Professional Service Team

In conclusion, Aicrane’s commitment to customization, transportation, installation, and after-sale service reflects its dedication to delivering high-quality lifting solutions and exceptional customer support. Whether it’s meeting unique project requirements, ensuring timely delivery and installation, or providing ongoing maintenance and support, Aicrane strives to exceed customer expectations and build lasting partnerships.

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